Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3077

The Light God family, the brilliant Star Domain.

As the Star Domain conquered and occupied by the Lord of Brilliance, these Star Domains are collectively referred to as the Brilliant Star Domain.

And if you add thousands of years ago, the Lord of Radiance obtained the Star Domain from the ancient tree Star Domain, the dark Star Domain and the prisoner Star Domain, the total number of planes of faith owned by this seventh-level Lord God Already close to nine hundred.

Nine hundred planes with complete rules are already an amazing number for a master god like the Lord of Radiance who has not been promoted to the seventh level.

You must know that, as the old opponent of the Lord of Radiance, the Lord of Radiance can only have more than 800 planes under his rule.

This is why, as the battle of the ancient tree Star Domain comes to an end, the overall ranking of the Lord of Radiance in the Light God family should surpass the Lord of Radiance.

At this time, a message from the Light God world slowly opened the eyes of the Shining Lord, who is near the border of the Shining Star Domain front, who is in the tide of faith of hundreds of millions of believers and perceives power.

Because the Lord of Radiance has forged ahead in the past tens of thousands of years, while a large number of faith planes have been conquered by him, it has also led to more and more borders between her subordinates and the anti-Light God tribe alliance civilization.

The Dark Star Domain is the main fire zone between the wizarding world civilization and the Light God clan. The wizarding world attaches great importance to this, and even dispatched a large number of Knights, magician Legions, and dozens of space fortresses throughout the year.

However, for the shining lord of the Light God clan, that’s all that’s one of her contact areas with foreign civilizations.

Even because of the thousands of years of peace in the dark Star Domain, this alien civilization at the deflection angle of the Glory Star Domain is no longer being valued by the Lord of Glory.

On the contrary, it is the Sanoras Burner civilization that the Lord of Radiance has devoted most of his energy to attacking, and the rose dynasty civilization that borders on the flanks, which makes this seventh-level god pay more attention. (Longitudinal first release)

There are also those medium-sized world civilizations bordered by the anti-Light God clan alliance, which are more important to the Lord of Light than the wizarding world civilization of the Dark Star Domain.

“What can I do?” In the bright image supported by pure strength of Faith, the majestic face of the Lord of the Rising Sun is projected.

As the most promising existence of the Light God clan in the past 100,000 years to be promoted to the eighth level of the main god, the qualifications of the Lord of the Rising Sun are much older than the Lord of Glory.

However, the relationship between the Lord of Radiance and the Lord of the Rising Sun can only be said to be ordinary.

The reason is that the Lord of the Rising Sun and the Lord of Radiance are very close, and the contradiction between the Lord of Radiance and the Lord of Radiance is almost well known in the Light God clan.

At this time, the Lord of Radiance leans his body against the golden divine throne behind him, his face full of laziness.

In addition to the slightly exhausted cultivation that has just ended, the more reason is that in the last few thousand years, he has participated in the war in the fairyland and provoked a full-line war against the anti-Light God clan alliance.

Even a seven-level master god like the Lord of Radiance can’t help feeling tired,

Needless to say, this seventh-level lord god also joined forces with the lord of the stars fifteen years ago to secretly sneak attack a seven-level existence of the Sanoras Burner civilization.

There was an eighth-level master, the Lord of the Stars, who personally took action. Although the seven-level existence of the Sanoras Burner civilization finally escaped by chance, it also suffered a serious injury and near death.

It was the heavy damage to the death of the seven-level existence of the Sanoras Burner civilization that prompted the Light God tribe to shine in the Sanoras Star Domain war, which not only smoothly advanced the war map to Sanora Within the Star Domain, it gradually occupied the territory of almost one third west of Sanoras Star Domain.

It was the steadily retreat of the Sanoras Burner civilization that made Xiaofeng and a few senior members of the Aliba Chamber of Commerce determined to leave Sanoras Star Domain.

Although only assisting the Lord of the Stars to take action, the Lord of Radiance is also very tired.

She has cultivated in her main temple for more than ten years, and the front-line warfare of the Glory Star Domain was all taken care of by the military angel Solent and other ten-winged archangels during this period.

This proactive contact of the Lord of the Rising Sun has disturbed the Lord of Radiance’s repairs.

“Did you have contact with a wizarding world civilization under your rule of Star Domain?” asked the Lord of the Rising Sun straight to the point.

The ten-winged archangel Lunjiana returned from a severe injury. Although only half of the planned destruction plan was completed, Lunjiana brought back more important information.

“Wizard world civilization? I seem to have some impressions.” said frowns, Lord of Radiance.

Just released from the cultivation state, the Lord of Radiance still has countless murmurs of devout believers in his mind.

She seemed to have heard of this wizard world from somewhere, but for a while she wanted to do not raise.

So, with the construction of another strength of Faith Hongqiao, the military angel Solent, who was on the front line commanding operations, was contacted by him.

“Wizard world civilization?!”

“Two Lords of the Lord, this is the Star Domain in the Darkness Star Domain, the Prisoner Star Domain is the Chaos Sea Star Domain, and the alien civilization that had war with my Light God clan!” The military angel Solent has no glory. The lord was so confused, he immediately revealed the origin of the wizard world and the origin of the Light God family.

At the same time, a vast star map appeared in front of the Lord of Radiance. This star chart records the entire occupation of the Star Domain by the Light God clan, as well as other foreign civilization Star Domains that have had contact with it.

This star map is the real priceless treasure. I am afraid that someone will exchange it for a world-class artifact. The Light God family also impossible agree.

On this star map, the most eye-catching and dazzling is no different from the fairyland civilization located at the farthest position of the star map.

Next, there are five large world civilizations in order: Demon Realm, Hell, Gallente Federation, Sanoras Burner civilization, and Rose Dynasty civilization.

After that, it will be the Light God clan who have come into contact with and understood those small and medium world civilizations for countless years.

At the unremarkable position at the bottom of this star map, the Diablo Star Domain, the Prisoner Star Domain and the Chaos Sea Star Domain are marked.

It is interesting that the not at all wizard world civilization is marked on the star map.

Also, the several contacts between the wizard world civilization and the Light God clan have not overly exposed their identity and the location of their mother plane.

The limited understanding of the wizarding world civilization and the Light God clan is only the collision of the military angel Solent and the others with the wizarding world civilization in the Dark Star Domain, the Prisoner Star Domain, and the Chaos Sea Star Domain.

In the collision of these Star Domains, the wizarding world civilization did not reveal its mother plane, and even the seventh-level wizard Douglas, the core battle strength of the wizarding world, did not appear again after being promoted to the seventh level.

When it was only the sixth peak stage, I had a brief contact with the Light God clan in the Dark Star Domain with Death God.

Compared with Douglas, who was a little low-key at the time, it was obviously the Death God who was extremely ostentatious and domineering, which attracted the attention of the Light God family.

“Oh, I remember, it was Death God, the wandering seventh-level lord god, who once haunted the Star Domain, right?” The Lord of Radiance asked in hindsight.

“Yes, in addition to Death God with a seven-level Life Level, the wizarding world civilization is also very likely to be a large world civilization that is not valued by us.”

“Because I was in the Chaos Sea Star Domain back then, I once felt an extraordinary power wave!” Army angel Solent added.


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