Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3078

The wizarding world civilization that suddenly emerged has attracted the attention of the two main gods.

Especially the wizarding world civilization can also be related to the wandering god Death God.

In addition, this is very likely to be the existence of a large-scale world civilization, and it has also appeared in Xianyu and the Gallente Federation one after another, which has attracted the infinite reverie of the two seventh-level gods in the main temple.

It’s a pity that at present, the Light God clan has to lick the wounds in the fairyland war, and must also gather heavy forces to suppress the anti-Light God clan alliance. Demon Realm and hell cannot be taken lightly.

There is no good way to deal with this unfamiliar large-scale world civilization that is a great threat to the Light God clan, as strong as the Light God clan.

Thinking of this, the Lord of the Rising Sun couldn’t help being lightly sighed.

Longer lifespan and experience allow the Lord of the Rising Sun to grasp more powerful power while not entering like the Lord of Radiance.

He has passed the age when he likes to fight and kill and want to conquer. In terms of personal emotion and personality, the character of the Lord of the Rising Sun is closer to the Eternal Lord.

This is also the reason why the relationship between the Lord of the Rising Sun and the Lord of the Eternal among the three eighth-level gods of the Light God family is closer.

Since there is no way to directly conquer and destroy, then facing the provocative attack that wizard world civilization may launch, the Light God family must also be fully prepared.

At least the dark Star Domain and the prisoner Star Domain will either simply withdraw directly or continue to increase their defenses.

However, according to the character of the Lord of Radiance, it is not easy for her to give up the benefits of the plane she has obtained.

“The war should continue for 1100 years. Our Early Stage plan is to destroy the Rose Dynasty civilization and the Thanoras Burner civilization in the anti-Light God alliance.”

“Even if the actual situation of the war is biased against our plan, we must ensure that the Big Three of the anti-Light God clan alliance fall down one of them.”

“Compared with the weaker Rose Dynasty civilization, the Thanoras Burner civilization has been declining Western Mountain through the last sneak attack between you and Lord Eternal.”

“The destruction of the Burner civilization of Sanoras is of great significance for our Light God clan to consolidate the surrounding beliefs in the Star Domain and expand the radiation map of our civilization.”

“So the battle situation on the side of the Sanoras Burner civilization, and this new wizard world civilization, you need to trouble you a lot.” The Lord of the Sun said solemnly. (Longitudinal first release)

On the battlefront against the civilization of the Burner of Sanoras, in addition to the eighth-level main god, the Eternal Lord himself, there are also the seventh-level main gods: the Lord of Dawn and the Lord of Radiance.

Originally, in terms of the number of main gods, the Light God family had a three-on-two advantage, not to mention the eight-level existence of the Eternal Lord.

From this aspect, we can also see the determination of the Light God tribe to destroy the Burner civilization of Sanoras.

It is undoubtedly a wise move to ridicule and the others from Sanoras Star Domain early.

The Lord of the Rising Sun does not have the slightest command in his words. Instead, he talks with the Lord of Radiance in the tone of ‘request’ or ‘discussing’, which makes the Lord of Radiance very useful.

There is no distinction between the main gods of the Light God clan. The status of all the main gods is the same, but because of the competitiveness of Divine Race, there will be a ranking of the main gods.

Including the most powerful Supreme God, he also has no right to order any seventh-level main god to force him to do what he does not want to do.

Not only the wizarding world civilization, but also many other top worlds that have developed to a certain level, dictatorships are impossible.

Because a civilization is constantly evolving and growing, not only its plane level and strength are improved, but also the plane system and social system become more mature.

Including the imperial Rose Dynasty civilization.

Although the Queen’s right is Supreme, and even has the right to order the 7th level of this civilization, can the Queen really achieve dictatorship in the Rose Dynasty civilization?

I’m afraid it won’t work!

It is Your Majesty, the noble and civilized queen of the Rose Dynasty. There are also such and other powers or institutions that restrict her rights.

“Well, I see.” The Lord of Radiance faces the Lord of the Rising Sun in the divine force nodded.

Regarding the degree of fatigue, the Lord of the sun before her eyes is much more tired than herself.

After all, the Lord of the Rising Sun is facing the Gallente Federation with the strongest strength in the heretical alliance of the anti-Light God family.

On the frontline battlefield of the Gallente Federation, there are a total of two Olobas-class Titan fleets.

Judging from the strength of an Olobas-class Titan fleet comparable to that of the seventh-level creatures, having two such fleets in charge means that the Lord of the Sun is actually facing two seventh-tier creatures at the same time.

In addition, on the Gallente Federal Front, the endless angel Legion that the Light God family has always been proud of has also been offset by the Gallente Federal fighters and fleet.

From this perspective, among the several battle lines that the Light God family is responsible for, the Lord of the Rising Sun is undoubtedly responsible for the most pressure on the battle line.

Not long ago, the formulation of a surprise attack on Haring Star Domain and Ketra Star Domain was a means by the Lord of the Rising Sun to try to distract the Gallente Federation from the battlefield behind enemy lines.

Otherwise, according to the historical war style of the Light God clan, wouldn’t it be incredibly popular to push directly from the front?

With the terrifying power of the Light God clan, when do we need to engage in these “cooked ways” to win the frontal battlefield.

So, don’t look at the Gallente Federation’s severe damage in Haring Star Domain and Ketra Star Domain.

This is actually from the other side, reflecting the fact that the Light God clan who is facing them is already in a poor position.

This is also more than a thousand years ago, when the Light God clan launched a war against the Light God clan alliance, they never thought about the reason for the complete destruction of the Gallente Federation.

Instead, choose to attack the weaker and weaker Rose Dynasty civilization or the Thanoras Burner civilization.

The divine force projection of the Lord of the Rising Sun does not exist for too long.

After ending the dialogue with the Lord of the Rising Sun, the Lord of Radiance, at the suggestion of the military angel Solent, increased his troops to the Dark Star Domain and the Prisoner Star Domain by 500,000.

An increase of 500,000 troops means that the Lord of Radiance does not intend to easily give up the vested interests already obtained in the Dark Star Domain and the Prisoner Star Domain.

It is only an increase of 500,000 troops. Compared with the Light God clan, which used to dispatch millions of angels at every turn, Legion, it seems a bit ‘small family’.

It can also be seen from this that the source of troops under the hands of the shining master is not very abundant.

“I hope this wizarding world civilization will not have any changes in this juncture.” The beautiful eyes like stars slowly closed, and after a sigh, the Lord of Radiance once again plunged into the tide of faith to feel the power.


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