Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3080

“What?! Xiaoxue has been given by her father…” Beve also made an extremely shocked expression in time.

Actually, there are surprises.

After all, Befu has been on mission to the anti-Light God clan alliance all these years, and he doesn’t know the affairs of his romantic father.

But shock is still out of the question.

Although Locke does not have many wives, they are definitely not many.

Beve, who has had several moms since childhood, doesn’t care much about his father having one or two more women.

This is also a social custom unique to the wizarding world. Even the nobles in the secular world can legally have a dozen or more wives.

As the sixth-level Knight Locke of the Western Island Lords, it is enough to destroy the existence of a plane and a weak civilization. What about a woman with a warmer?

Beev’s shock was also specially made and pretended to be seen by Alice.

In terms of safeguarding the sovereignty of the father, the two sisters cooperate seamlessly.

“What about Xiaoyue? Isn’t Xiaoyue…” Beaver asked.

The two Monster Kings, Xiaoxue and Xiaoyue, have always been one.

In Beev’s cognition, if Xiaoxue has been attacked by his father, I am afraid Xiaoyue will not escape.

It’s a pity that Beve guessed wrong this time. Lisa shook the head and said, “Satsuki is not there yet, but I don’t think it can escape.”

“It is now cultivating in a place called Tianyi Palace in Qingyang Realm, but I heard that my father was in the fairyland civilization this time, but I got to know many beautiful female cultivators in the fairyland…” I gave the second girl an expression you know.

Lisa’s words really aroused the endless reverie of the two daughters.

Beve is a little bit slanderous about his father’s carelessness, but Alice’s reaction is really strange.

“But…” Alice frowned slightly, pondered then said.

“But what?” Lisa asked.

“However, as far as I know, it is normal for the Knights of our wizard world to have dozens or even hundreds of wives?” Alice asked with her innocent eyes open. (Longitudinal first release)

There is also Knight in the Northland Witch, but there is no male wizard that’s all there.

The witches of the North also need the help of the Knights when it comes to launching a plane war externally and ruling an ordinary person internally.

Alice is not a little white who has never been in contact with Knight before. She knows a lot about Knight.

What’s more, not all the Northland Witch Organizations adhere to the dogma like the witch leader Vivienne, but quite a few witches will choose to combine with the opposite sex.

There are some witches among them, and in the end they married some Knights.

The Wimbledon family, such as the Wimbledon family, which has established a stable medium-sized power in the wizarding world, is the representative of the active marriage of the witch community.

Witches alone cannot create a strong family.

In addition to Vivian, you can see which wizards exist above world Level 4, who have bred offspring with such a special technique.

If Vivian, the witch leader of the Northland, really follows the example of being single for a lifetime, then the witch lineage will almost be extinct in ten thousand years.

Regarding Alice’s innocent answer, Lisa couldn’t help but touch her forehead. It seems that it is not easy to fool others, she is far from her father…

Locke naturally didn’t know the abdomen of several Little Lass behind her about her romantic affairs, nor did she know how a pure and paper-like Level 4 little witch was defending herself in disguise.

At this time, Locke is under the leadership of Samsung Admiral Claire, and is full of curiosity to visit the Paplov laboratory.

Papulov is one of the most outstanding scientists in the Gallente Federation for nearly 100,000 years.

His mentor was the pioneer who designed the Olobas-class Titan ship, and Paplov himself is the student surpasses the master after his mentor.

The design drawing of the constant star war fortress, the improvement and strengthening of doomsday weapons, the outstanding achievements in genetic modification…

Papulov is not only knowledgeable in various scientific fields, but also has extremely valuable achievements.

The Gallente Federation finally became the scientific research team represented by Paplov, and even set up several planet laboratories in the Wigwendau Star Domain to support these scientists who are the most precious wealth of the Federation to display their talent Stage.

At this time, the Star Domain where Locke and the others are located is the Vigwendor Star Domain of the Gallente Federation.

It has been half a year since they left the home planet of the Gallente Federation.

This is the No. 4 scientific research planet of Wigwendor Star Domain. There are seven similar scientific research planets.

Although the laboratory that Locke and the others visited at this time is called ‘Pavlov’s laboratory’, Pavlov is not here.

As for where the greatest scientist of the Federation is, the Gallente Federation did not say, nor did Locke ask.

This kind of national treasure-level scientist is even more important to the Gallente Federation than the president.

Even if the current Federal President Jack Rodden wants to see Paplov himself, he has to report in advance and complete a series of confidentiality and investigation work.

There is no other reason, but it is all to protect this ‘giant’ in the federal technology field.

And once the scientific research team led by Paplov completes the research breakthrough on the’Conquest-Class Super Titanship’, it will be a new stage of the Gallente Federation’s blowout of strength and technological explosion.

The’Conquest-Class Super Titan Ship’ is currently the top secret of the Federation, and even the three-star Admiral Claire on the side of Locke does not know it.

In addition to the three five-star generals and a few high-level leaders such as the president and the speaker, there are also a few four-star generals with very old military qualifications.

“Locke Knight, your Thunder God Armor is currently being modified and upgraded in the A701T003 laboratory. Would you like to see it?” asked Claire, a short-haired, valiant and formidable looking Samsung general.

As the ex-girlfriend of the contemporary president, Claire is able to reach this step today. Apart from the support behind President Jack Rodden, her own abilities are beyond doubt.

The Missouri Fleet led by her was also the first Federal Fleet to arrive in the capital of Haring Star Domain and rescue Beve and other wizards from the world envoy.

Therefore, Locke also has a good impression of this Federal General whose Life Level is only Half-God Level.

“Okay.” Locke said with a slight smile.

Led by Samsung Admiral Claire, the Locke entire group then came to the translucent laboratory window.

This is a fully mechanical and intelligent laboratory. Unlike the alchemy laboratory of wizards and world magicians, the casters need to experiment by themselves.

In this translucent intelligent laboratory, Locke can clearly see that his Thunder God Armor has been disassembled from the outer armor. Then, with the cooperation of countless micro-manipulators and nano-scale pocket robots, Locke Complete reorganization in a way that cannot be understood.

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