Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3081

“I just asked about the work progress of the laboratory.”

“Your Thunder God Armor is expected to be reorganized and upgraded in another 3 months and 21 days, 17 hours, 8 minutes and 4 seconds.” Samsung Admiral Claire said.

Accurate the time of upgrading and reorganization to the unit of ‘second’. As expected, the technological level of the Gallente Federation is very different from the magical alchemy of the Wizarding World.

“Trouble with General Claire.” Locke said with a slight smile.

“Because the Thunder God Armor you provided not only contains the magical alchemy technology unique to your civilization, but also the composition of some outer alloys in our Gallente Federation.”

“So the improvement and upgrade of this Thunder God Armor has also received the attention of Paplov scientists.”

“Pavlov scientists personally lead the development of part of the system and the design of a few parts.”

“If nothing else, your Thunder God Armor, after the reorganization is complete, will have the level of the’world level’ artifact level recognized by the astral world.” Claire’s words added a hint of envy. Tao.

After listening to Claire’s words, Locke’s expression was obviously moved instead of the polite smile before.

After pondering for a moment, Locke immediately took out a fairy apricot, a flat peach, two silver apples and several top grade tree hearts from the Lost Paradise.

“General Claire, please be sure to deliver these things to the Paplov scientist. This is my gratitude to him.” Locke said very sincerely.

In fact, there are a lot of bright jade and energy spar in Locke Paradise Lost, but they may not be appreciated, but this kind of rare spirit material will attract the attention of the scientific giant. (Longitudinal first release)

Claire can naturally see that the things Locke has taken out are of great value, but she does not have the qualifications to see Paplov, and she has no authority to accept these gifts on her behalf.

After struggling for a while, seeing that Locke didn’t intend to stop, Claire could only say that she would try.

As for whether Paplov wants or not, and the Gallente Federal executives do not care, it is not Claire’s control.

“I have to trouble General Claire again.” Locke said.


It was also when Locke visited and browsed all the way in the Gallente Federation and waited for the completion of his Thunder God Armor by the way, new news from the wizard world finally came. In the “Thousands of Beasts” caused by the Sea King Rod, the wizard world invaded Legion and ushered in its first defeat.

The beheading action led by Emperor Belen, Syfiel, once again ended in failure!

It is the emergence of two Overlord level sea kings again, indicating that the sea king world is not as simple as previously estimated by forces such as the Belém Empire.

Especially one of the elderly Overlord level sea kings has a life energy level of up to six Peak, which is beyond the reach of the Belém Empire and other forces.

This is a powerful Great World that must be united with several other forces in the wizard world to conquer and carve up together.

It was also after a lucky break through, led by the Shalafa master of the Mamete Alliance and the White Silk Queen of the Jahana Kingdom, the Belem Empire and other forces began to cooperate with the Dragon Vein warlock family on the west coast and Yili Several forces including the Knight Alliance talked and negotiated.

As for why it was led by the master Sharapa and the Queen of White yarn, instead of the emperor Seifir of Belém, it is because in this breakout battle, the emperor Seifir himself has been hit hard, even once In a state of dying.

If it weren’t for a dark summon division to arrive in time like a divine soldier, I’m afraid that Syfiel himself will not be able to escape the doom, and the elite battle strength of Legion’s major battles in the empire will also become Nothing.


Haiwangjie, the corner of the watch.

This is a large island at the southernmost tip of the Neptune Realm, and it is also the front line of the wizarding world united army.

Since Syfiel’s last beheading operation failed, the wizards of the world are forced to retreat.

It has already occupied 3% of the territory from the original, and it has dropped to less than 1% at present!

Standing on the top peak of Watcher’s Corner, looking southwest, you can even see a huge gate of time and space that connects the sky and the earth, standing on the sea horizon in the distance.

There is the Space Crack connecting the wizard world Sea King World, which was later reinforced by two Guardians and a group of wizards world Level 4 or above into the gate of time and space.

The line has been pushed here, and it was almost beaten back directly. It is enough to see how terribly the wizarding world army has suffered two defeats in this medium-sized water world!

Thousands of towering magic towers stand here along the mainland coast of the Horn of Watch.

As the front-line position of the wizarding world united army, in the deep ocean beneath these magic towers, there are many dead sea warriors and giant sea kings.

In order to drive these invaders out of the mother plane in one effort, the Guardian of the Sea King has no idea how many full-scale attacks have been organized.

But they were all blocked by the wizard world.

Don’t look at the bright sun and a gentle breeze above the sea level of the Cape of Watch. In fact, the real battlefield is still under the deep ocean.

There is the home ground of the aboriginal creatures of the Neptune Realm. In order to block the counterattacks of these ferocious aboriginal creatures, Wizard World has also paid tens of thousands of slave creature cannon fodder and the lives of native marine creatures.

“It really didn’t expect. I haven’t seen you for more than three thousand years. You have also entered the sixth level.” in the sky, Sarah, wearing a white mage robe, came to wear a black magic dress Lilith sighed beside him.

In the old tree Star Domain back then, Lilith was led by Death God Avatar and she didn’t know where to go.

If it is not for Lilith’s ability and Death God’s ability to have enough trust, I am afraid that the Mamet United Alliance can directly announce their Fifth Army leader’s obituary.

It is precisely the trust in Lilith’s strength. I believe she will not fall so easily. After more than three thousand years, the position of Corps Head of the Fifth Army of the Mamet United Alliance did not change.

At this time, the head of the Fifth Army also has the title of ‘agent’ in front of him.

“In the sea of ​​silence, where death is everywhere, I can follow in the footsteps of Death God and understand the Profound Truth of death.”

“If we didn’t just feel the elemental tide of our wizard world here, I wouldn’t take a look at it.” Lilith said with a slight smile.

Because Sarafa has always reserved the position of Corps Head of the Fifth Army for her, although Lilith is not greedy for power, she is touched by this.

The reason why she was able to arrive at the Neptune Realm in time and rescue Syfiel and the others who were trapped in a desperate situation was that the sea of ​​silence where Lilith lived in the cultivation was actually located in the starry sky coordinates of the Neptune Realm. Not far away.

In other words, the Sea King Realm is currently located on the edge of the Sea of ​​Silence Star Domain!


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