Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3099

The transformation of Xinggang into a constant star war fortress similar to the Gallente Federation is also another breakthrough for Locke’s construction of Xinggang.

Integrating foreign wars, economic development, and trade cooperation, the new model of Locke Starport will also be of reference significance for other Starport constructions in the entire wizarding world.

After hearing Eric’s answer, Locke was satisfied and nodded, and said, “When you return to the wizard world this time, you will be in charge of the reconstruction and construction of Xinggang.”

In addition to appointing Eric, Locke has not forgotten the Tesla Heavy Industries Laboratory, which he invested heavily in Sky City.

After all, the Wizarding World is a large-scale world dominated by magic, Battle Qi, and alchemical civilization. The construction of Locke Starport is naturally impossible to copy the war fortress of the Gallente Federation.

In addition to certain technological civilization, there must be a large number of magical cheats used in it.

The Old Guy of Tesla swallowed the research funding of Locke 20 million magic coins. If he wants to get a magic coin from Locke, he must show his value like Locke.

Just to help Locke complete the modification and enhancement of the space fortresses he ordered?

This is not enough!

“Master Locke, if we can get some more information about the structure of the planet war fortress, our Xinggang transformation will be smoother.” At this time, Eric added.

Eric is also smart. He knows that the information of the constant star war fortress is not so easy to obtain. The fire source can obtain 17% of the data without the Gallente Federation not aware of it, which is already very big. Composition of luck.

And this kind of good thing is generally not a second time, so Eric stepped back and hoped to get some data information about the planet war fortress, so that he can transform Xinggang in the future.

After all, for the Gallente Federation, it is with the construction experience of the planetary war fortress that they later created the constant star war fortress.

There is already great interoperability and compatibility between the two.

“Well, I will think of a way.” Locke nodded and said, at this time he thought of Star Beast Laughing Wind and Alibaba Chamber of Commerce behind it.

The planetary fortress of the Chamber of Commerce in Aliba was originally a fake through the design of the galente federal planetary war fortress.

Since the ridicule has decided to break away from the main body of Alibaba Chamber of Commerce, then the design drawing of the star war fortress must be

It was also brought out by it.

After spending some time in Paradise Lost, in addition to discussing the feasibility of Starport’s transformation with Huo Seed Source and Eric, Locke also inspected the batch of slave creatures and Level 4 gods under his command.

Elune, the god of elves, undoubtedly likes the high-concentration life force environment in Lost Paradise, but the few gods represented by the orc god Campas are not accustomed to the environment here. After the injury has almost recovered, they Actively request to leave Paradise Lost temporarily and get some air outside.


After walking out of Paradise Lost, on the one hand, Locke waited for a reply from the senior officials of the Gallente Federation, and on the other hand, he actively contacted the wizard world through Vivian.

The wizard world has already prepared for Locke and the others to attack the Light God family in the Gallente Federation.

It is another message from the wizard world, which makes Locke quite restless. ——The invading army composed of five forces including the Belem Empire, the Union of Mamets, the Western Islands, the Desert Kingdom Jahana, and the Sea Clan, was defeated in the Neptunus Realm!

Neptune Realm.

The raging dark dark sea water constantly washes the beaches and reefs.

This is one of the outposts and transmission nodes set up by Wizard World in the Neptune Realm.

It is really not easy to find a piece of land in the Sea Territory, which covers 86% of the area.

With the official opening of the war between the wizard world and the Neptunus world, this huge and medium-sized water world that was originally slightly mysterious to the wizard world has gradually lifted its mysterious veil.

Facts have proved that the wizard world Early-Stage has a great deviation from the intelligence information collected by the Neptune Realm.

First of all, Neptune Realm is not a pure water plane.

In addition to the vast ocean, it also has about 14% of the land area.

Only this part of the land, the overwhelming majority appear on the ice ocean in the northern part of the Neptune Kingdom in the form of ice fields and frozen soil, and only a very small part is scattered in various areas of the Neptune Kingdom in the form of islands and open reefs.

The wizarding world civilization is a human civilization. Although the powerful Knights and magicians above Level 1 can adapt to the war in the harsh environment of the overwhelming majority, the land environment is still their appropriate and yearning place.

Therefore, the wizarding world army that invaded the Neptune Realm, the overwhelming majority stationed fortresses and teleportation nodes were all set up on the islands that were discovered.

This is one of the frontline fortresses belonging to the Western Islands. All around the shining magical brilliance, hundreds of tall magic towers, and the three space fortresses hovering in the sky above, are given to those who are stationed here Nearly 150,000 Knight and magician with infinite sense of security.

At a magic tower in the center of the fortress, Level 4 Peak Knight Zekley is full of strong blue and purple lightning factors.

If Locke, who is no stranger to this situation, appears here, it must be concluded that Zekley will enter the Fifth Level Knight realm soon!

But the joy of being promoted to Fifth Level, not at all, is on Zekerei’s face. There is even a scary scar from the pinna to the chin, making Zekley’s imposing manner quite fierce at this time.

In the magic tower, standing side by side with Zekley is the Level 4 magician Brand, behind them, there is also the silhouette of Level 4 Knight Azir.

At this time, in the magic light screen in front of Zekerei, there was an image of Fifth Level magician Panama.

Although he has joined Locke’s command and recognized Locke’s dominance in the Western Islands, Zekerley is still used to discussing with the Panamanian master in advance.

This is like a large power, there will always be various small circles.

Panama, Zekre and the others are mutual aid groups that belong to the same small circle.

“Setti has fallen, and his space fortress crashed into the Sea Territory of Gusdu Sea State.” Zekerei said solemnly.

It can be found that when Zekerley said this, he, Brand on his side, Azir behind him, and even Panama on the opposite side of the magic light screen, all of them were not looking good.

“How is your side?” Zekerei asked after a moment of silence.

“I’m okay, that is, Wu Ketong and Argus have suffered serious injuries and need to recuperate for some time. The slave creature Legion below urgently needs to be refilled from the wizard world before proceeding to the next move.” Panama replied .

“Where are the sacred towers and Lord Locke directly under Legion?” Zekerei asked.

“The situation on their side is better, but a few people were slightly injured.”

“With the help of the sixth-level star beast and the care of Master Sarafa, their loss is the least.” Panama replied.


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