Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3192

It is such a tyrannical existence who can be one against two. When I hear that the One-Eyed God and the Hundred Arms God have been promoted to the sixth level, he is still standing in place, how can he stand it.

The King of Purple Lingjing doesn’t know that the Divine and Hundred Arms Divine Ability are enough to advance to the sixth level. A large part of the reason is that during the journey to the fairyland, each of the Ginseng Fruit harvested happened to solve their life. The problem of force exhaustion.

This allowed the two ancient Titan gods to work together to advance to level 6.

I don’t know the details of the inside story. I only think that the One-Eyed God and the Hundred Arms God are breaking through the shackles in the endless war and are promoted to the sixth level.

The physique is exaggerated and possesses a savvy king of Amethyst Crystal. This time, he also led the Amethyst Clan under his command to participate in the Dark Star Domain battlefield.

The participation of Evil Beast World and Amethyst World is just the beginning.

With the deliberate promotion and publicity of the Wizarding World, more and more members of the Wizarding Alliance have begun to join the feast of sharing the proceeds of the war.


Baisha world, in the dark Star Domain, belongs to the rule peace world as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

With the light source support provided by two faint stars, the Baisha world is not like other dark worlds, which is always dark and cold.

This World is also the Low Plane that has been transformed and influenced the most among all the planes occupied by the Light God clan.

Countless indigenous creatures on the Plane of White Sands no longer worship the Dark Demon King, and instead turn to the belief barrier of Light God.

As one of the worlds recaptured by the Dark Demon Kings not long ago, Baisha World is currently undergoing a ‘Great Purge’ sweeping the entire world.

Regarding the correction of the belief and belonging of the indigenous creatures of the Baisha world, it is the main consideration for the dark Demon Kings.

Today, this rule is more peaceful, and the environment makes Locke and other wizards world powerhouses more satisfied with the Low Plane. Locke met with some powerhouses from the members of the wizarding alliance. (Longitudinal first release)

The evil beast world Fifth Level creature Black Flood Dragon, Locke did not expect that this guy had not accepted the assignment from the Wizarding Alliance, but instead insisted on following him.

“Why did you reject the proposal of the Wizarding League?” In an unusually spacious hall, Locke looked at the Black Flood Dragon in front of him.

This is a huge temple that has been abandoned. As for the reason for its failure,

Probably it came from the center of the temple, that is a huge Light God statue with a height of close to 100 meters.

Now that the ownership of the white yarn plane has been determined, the mark of belonging to the Light God family will naturally disappear.

The dark Demon Kings represented by Andariel, the Queen of Spite, even intend to directly destroy the two rays of light faint stars outside the Low Plane, so as to facilitate this low-level world to return to absolute darkness.

The huge temple marks the change in the beliefs of this low-level dark world during the years when it was ruled by the Light God clan.

But it is also such a huge temple that it can hold the powerhouse of several wizards above Level 4 represented by Black Flood Dragon.

The Black Flood Dragon does not have the ability to transform into a human form. Under normal circumstances, it has a body size of 1000 meters, and even a huge body size of up to several 1000 meters in wartime. After compressing its body as much as possible, it barely maintains several dozen meters. Body type.

Like a pocket version of the Black Flood Dragon, the Black Flood Dragon that appeared in the huge temple at this time has shrunk dozens of times, but it still gives people a sense of self-prestige.

The King of Amethyst Crystal, who is also a well-known Fifth Level creature in the Wizarding League and stronger than the Black Flood Dragon, has recently been dispatched by the Wizarding League to go to the Prisoner Star Domain to support the Dragon Vein Warlock family and Jia Hana King ** group.

The original deployment plan for the Black Flood Dragon was to send it to the War Zone of the Aibarut Empire.

The Belém Empire is in charge of triumphant progress in the War Zone. The Abalut Empire, which has always been in competition with the Belém Empire, is naturally not far behind.

The powerful Fifth Level Peak creatures like the Black Flood Dragon have always been eagerly sought after by various forces in the wizard world.

When the overwhelming majority wizarding world is still pursuing the effectiveness of Fifth Level creatures such as Black Flood Dragon, Locke has jumped out of their level.

Let’s take a look at what exists in the current coordinated war with the Western Islands.

Andariel, the Queen of Spite, Section Cult famous Golden Immortal, Associate Saint, Netherworld River patriarch and his Asura tribe, Shushan Sword Sect, Star Spirit Race…

It is no wonder that the War Zone of the Western Archipelago under Locke will become one of the three main battlefields of the Dark Star Domain and the Prisoner Star Domain.

Even at the level of high-level battle strength and Legion battle scale, the second only to Saint battle is on the battlefield.

With such strength and confidence, to be honest, Locke doesn’t like Black Flood Dragon anymore.

The domain is clear.

Faced with the inquiry of Level 6 Knight Locke, Black Flood Dragon assumed a lower posture than during the Savage Wilderness World group war, and replied respectfully, “You are a wise Knight. We think that only Master Locke is you In order to obtain the most lucrative fruits of war victory.”

At this time, Locke still maintains the size and height of his own human Knight. In order to avoid the difference in body size between the two sides, the Black Flood Dragon does not make any inappropriate overstepping, so that it keeps its head down from start to finish Speaker.

There are also six Level 4 creatures that appear in this huge abandoned temple like the Black Flood Dragon.

Except for the familiar face of the wild bear beast, the other five Level 4 creatures were inspired or suggested by the Black Flood Dragon, and they made a special trip to show Locke’s sincerity to the exotic Level 4 gods.

None of those who are allowed to participate in the Diablo Star Domain war dividends feast are members of the Wizarding League.

In this regard, the wizards of the world reached an agreement without much discussion.

Only members of the Wizarding Alliance are allowed to join this battlefield.

Since other planes and civilizations have not joined the Wizarding Alliance, they are only envious of them.

The 4th Wizards League Conference will be held soon.

Although the specific date has not been set yet, it is generally determined that it will be after the end of the war between the Dark Star Domain and the Prisoner Star Domain.

Every convening of the Wizarding Alliance Conference is a grand event for the Wizarding World to show their strength and expand the influence of the Alliance.

Last time, more than 1,600 Powerhouses with Level 4 and above participated in the grand event, which shocked many people.

I don’t know how many gods of Level 4 or above will participate in the Fourth Wizarding Alliance Conference, and how many foreign gods will join the entire Wizarding Alliance.

Facing the respectful attitude and low tone of Black Flood Dragon, Locke chuckled lightly.

Although this guy is known for his hatred and cunning, he is quite honest in front of Locke.

Only with Locke can we get the richest fruits of war victory?

The implication is that the Black Flood Dragon does not want to follow the Aibarut Empire and that’s all.

As for the reason why Black Flood Dragon had this idea, it actually originated from the unsatisfactory cooperation with the Abbarut Empire during the Savage Wilderness World group war.


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