Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3193

Although some people don’t like the battle strength brought by foreign gods such as Black Flood Dragon, Locke didn’t rush people coldly.

Finally, witnessed by a contract with the help of Master Jos, several foreign gods such as Black Flood Dragon signed a 200-year cooperative employment clause with Locke.

As for, why only sign a 200-year contract?

Because most of these foreign gods have heard of the power of the Light God family.

Although Witcher World continues to achieve great victories in the Dark Star Domain and Prisoner Star Domain battlefields, who knows how the future battle will go.

Only signing the 200-year contract is the cautious character of these foreign gods.

After 200 years, the war is still going well, or there is no other major turning point, these foreign gods will naturally renew their contracts with the wizard world.

After sending creatures such as the Black Flood Dragon to Legion, the western archipelago under his command, for dispatch, Locke flew straight to the main plug of Baisha World.

As a six-level powerhouse, even in non-wartime conditions, Locke is a busy man.


The Civilization of Rose Dynasty, Star Domain of Xianmao.

As a subsidiary civilization of the Rose Dynasty civilization, the evil marsh civilization with a medium-sized civilization level has also reached the brink of destruction.

There are more than two hundred planes in the Xie Marsh Star Domain, and there are less than twenty planes in the hands of Xie Marsh Civilization and Rose Dynasty Civilization.

With a plane loss rate of more than 90%, Xanadu Civilization is now called In name only.

One of the two sixth-level evil marsh kings has fallen under the front of the Light God clan angel soldiers.

The only one remaining king of the evil marsh is currently facing the key decision of whether to abandon the mother Star Domain and exile the other Star Domain. (Longitudinal first release)

“There is not much time left for you to think about it. At the latest two months later, Mecha and Legion of the Rose Dynasty civilization will retreat from the Xianmao Star Domain.” Inside a deep red giant Mecha , An old man’s voice came.

This old man is a well-known warlord of the Rose Dynasty civilization. By virtue of his occupation as a Level 6 Mecha Controller and a Level 6 Sentencer, he has a Peak battle strength level comparable to Level 6.

He is also the supreme commander of the Rose Dynasty civilization on the battlefield of Xianmao Star Domain.

In fact, before this, the highest commander of the Star Domain battlefield in Xianmao was the Dragon King of Peak Sixth-level Peak.

However, as the soldiers of the Light God clan formally invaded the homeland of the Rose Dynasty Star Domain, and the medium-sized world, the evil marsh world, also fell, the combat focus of the Rose Dynasty civilization has shifted from the evil marsh Star Domain to the Rose Dynasty civilization Mother Star Domain.

Calista, the seventh-level thoughter, was recalled by the contemporary queen to guard her mother Star Domain as early as when the Rose Dynasty civilization mother Star Domain was invaded.

The commander-in-chief of the battlefield, Dragon King, also led the army to return to aid not long ago.

Today, Legion of the Rose Dynasty, which is still in the Star Domain of Xie Marsh, is left with more than 4 million Mecha Legion and more than 500,000 Nianzhe troops led by the Warlord.

Judging from what the King of War said this time, these few Rose Dynasty civilizations, Legion, are also planning to withdraw soon.

Opposite the giant deep-sky Mecha where the King of War is located, it is a deep green insect monster with a body size of about two hundred meters.

It is said to be an insect monster because it conforms to the signs of an overwhelming majority insect race creature in the star realm: hard scales, several pairs of compound eyes, sharp claws and thin cicada wings.

But the Head Insect monster is not an insect race creature in the full sense, because it is not an egg-born, but a flesh-and-blood creature with a way to breed mammals.

This amazing insect monster is the only remaining six-level evil marsh king in the Star Domain.

By observing the scars and tick and sticky green pollution liquid on its body at this time, it can be seen that the state of the king of evil marsh is not very good.

Faced with the words of the king of war, the king of evil marsh did not answer for a long time.

As a native sixth-level creature of Star Domain, it is obviously not an easy task to let it give up the mother Star Domain on which it depends for survival.

The contradiction between the Xianmao clan and the Light God clan is irreconcilable.

Especially the Lord of Radiance, who is the commander of the Light God clan angel Legion, is not a kind person.

The King of Xianmao can even predict that after this Star Domain is completely ruled and occupied by the Light God clan, it will be a comprehensive ‘purification’.

The so-called ‘purification’ does not mean that the indigenous creatures of the Star Domain are converted to the belief of Light God.

How can these indigenous creatures with foul smells and weird pollutants taint the belief of the great Light God, leaving only death and racial annihilation to the native creatures of Xianmao Star Domain.

As soon as the native creatures of the Star Domain of Xianmao are completely erased, the Light God family will naturally select appropriate rules and complete planes to carry out the immigration work of their followers and citizens.

Of course, the Light God family does not do much of this kind of immigration.

Because of the existence of the will of the plane, it often happens that many low-level creatures do not adapt to the environment of the new plane after immigration.

Or the plane will not cooperate, and directly enter the plane’s rules and collapse, and the process of environmental catastrophe.

So in the case of the overwhelming majority, the Light God tribe directly transforms and enslaves the native creatures who occupy the plane.

And this time, the main power of Radiance will fully purify the Star Domain of the evil marsh, which is enough to prove the hostility and resentment of this seventh-level main god towards the native creatures of the star domain of the evil marsh.

Seeing that the king of the evil marsh did not answer for a long time, the warlord sighed, and then said, “When Sumida was in the world of the evil marsh, he gave you the chance of life and the hope of civilization inheritance.”

“I suggest you think carefully before making a decision.” said the king of war.

Somida is the real name of another sixth-level king of the evil swamp in Star Domain, but he has fallen in the war on the plane of the evil swamp.

Today, 90% of the planes occupied by the Light God clan in the Star Domain of the evil marsh include the medium world level of the evil marsh plane, which is also the top priority for the purification of the Light God family in the next few thousand years. .

These words of the King of War finally touched the King of Evil Marsh.

I saw it trembling a few of its whiskers, dull and replied “Okay, I will lead the people of Xianmao under your command, and follow you to the Rose Dynasty Star Domain.”

I have done the job of the King of Demons. In the giant Deep Mecha, the expression of the King of War has not changed much.

For this war, the Rose Dynasty civilization has paid too much, and even the sons of the war king, two of them have fallen permanently.

On the Mecha screen in front of me, in addition to the army of the Rose Dynasty civilization that is operating and mobilizing, there is also a star map showing another Star Domain not far from the Xianmao Star Domain.

There is not a War Zone between the anti-Light God clan alliance and the Light God clan, but it was the ununified Star Domain when Locke first visited the Rose Dynasty civilization.

The planes of evil beast world, amethyst crystal plane, ring bamboo world, whitebait world, etc. are located in this Star Domain.

At the height of the King of War, with the intelligence-gathering capabilities of the Rose Dynasty civilization, he naturally knew that in the Star Domain, many planes had joined the Wizarding Alliance camp and sent troops to the Dark Star Domain.

Looking at the star map, after the King of War was silent for a long time, he suddenly felt a little emotional.

The rise of the wizarding world seems inevitable? !


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