Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3194

The dark Star Domain, the white sand plane.

In the golden time period when the Light God tribe and the Wizarding Alliance truce temporarily, the Wizarding Alliance welcomed a group of unexpected guests.

“I need to go to the Desolation World, do any of you want to be with me?” Inside the Space Fortress, Locke said to the women in the laboratory.

At this time, the women are dissect, studying a precious specimen of an eight-winged angel, which is also one of the spoils of the Western Archipelago Coalition before and during the Dark Star Domain War.

This eight-winged angel was not killed by Locke himself, but his body fell into Locke’s hands.

This shows that after you have reached a certain level of power, you don’t need to do anything by yourself. Naturally, others will offer you what you want.

In addition to the two women Keira and Angelina, there are three women in the laboratory, Ashar, Qiao Jin, and Christine.

It is not to say that only light elementalists are interested in the corpse specimens of eight-winged angels. This kind of rare sixth-level biological specimens is not so easy to come across.

Faced with Locke’s inquiry, Ashar did not respond, and he still lowered his head to study something.

It was Angelina and Qiao Jin who hesitated for a while before finally shook the head.

The two of them have a relatively weak foundation, and now is the time to absorb as much knowledge as possible.

There are two ‘Senior’ spellcasters, Ashar and Kayla, who lead the research on angel specimens, and they will grow much faster.

Kayla will naturally not go. The war between the dark Star Domain and the Light God clan, among all the women in Locke, Sarafa and Kayla should have the greatest benefits.

As a sixth-level light caster, Master Shalafa is also the Alliance Leader of the Mamete Alliance. Naturally, there are resources provided by the Mamete Alliance for improvement. There is no need for Locke to worry about it. . (Longitudinal first release)

Kayla, who is only Level 4 Life Level, needs Locke to think about it.

The corpse specimen of this eight-winged angel is undoubtedly a heavy gift.

If nothing else, after this dark Star Domain war is over, Kayla will follow the steps of her elder sister Ashar and promote to Fifth Level Light Elementalist.

In the end, Christine was the only one who happily followed Locke to destroy the world.

The temperament of this little girl is too detached and it is not suitable for some laboratory research work.

And because of the Knight career, Christine has more room for growth, and it is still in the battle with powerful enemies during the war.

In addition to Christine, Locke’s other Knight wife, Rafi, also went with him to the Desolation World.

Locke and the others This trip to Destroy the world is not a tourist, but a group of special guests, who need high-level leaders from various forces in the wizarding world to respond.

Destroy the world.

Different from the Baisha World Rule, it is peaceful and there is a certain amount of sunshine.

The Dark World is a completely dark Dark World that is often accompanied by fierce tornado violence.

An unusually bright tower is very eye-catching on the eastern coast of Desolation World.

Here is the temporary meeting point set up by the Wizarding Alliance.

In addition to the six-level powerhouses including Locke, Sharapa, Syfiel, Nelson, etc., the dragon mother Daenerys and the White Silk Queen who were fighting in the prisoner Star Domain also sent themselves Avatar is here.

“This guy, the extravagance is quite big.” Locke muttered.

As one of the participants of the meeting, he naturally knows who will be coming.

“Vivian can’t come over for the time being, the Northland Witch is on the front line, and a small-scale conflict with the Light God clan broke out.”

“It seems that there are eight-winged angels in the battle, so Vivienne has to sit there.” Before the meeting, Sarafa sat on the Locke side and whispered to Locke sound transmission.

This kind of information sharing is very common between the Western Archipelago under the command of Locke and the Mamet Union under the leadership of Sharapa.

Even because of the neighboring relationship between the two War Zones, Locke has mobilized his battle strength to help in the War Zone of the Mamet United Alliance in the previous hundreds of wars.

After all, as the other main battlefield of the Dark Star Domain, there are more than ten powerhouses above level 6, and as many as four powerhouses at the quasi-sage level.

If you count the star beasts such as Javier who have not participated in the war, but are likely to join the battlefield at any time, Locke’s War Zone is so powerful that the several major War Zones in the vicinity are unstoppable.

It’s a pity that the Northland Witch is located in the War Zone, too far away from the Baisha world where Locke’s current main force is located.

Even if Locke wants to help, it is beyond reach.

Speaking of Vivienne, Locke couldn’t help but think of the seventh witch Alice who looked very similar to Vivienne.

I don’t know how Little Lass experienced during the Dark Star Domain War, but Locke knew that she was the best friend of his daughter Beve.

Not long after, another wave of the main leaders of this meeting finally arrived.

From outside the Conference Hall, it is the mocking wind, Volibear, the sun fairy Mankari, and Insect King who are transformed into human forms.

These four people, as the senior executives of the new Alibaba Chamber of Commerce, are discussing cooperation with Wizard World and Wizard Alliance.

Why do you call it ‘New Aliba Chamber of Commerce’?

Because the current original Aliba Chamber of Commerce not at all has completely perished.

The home planet of the Sanoras Burner civilization is still undergoing the final resistance, where Alibaba Chamber of Commerce has nearly 30% of the wealth and a larger number of high-level battle strengths.

Apart from this, before the old Alibaba Chamber of Commerce did not completely fall, the commercial channel network established by the Alibaba Chamber of Commerce in multiple Star Domains could not be used directly.

Most of those channel networks have rules and contracts.

As a group of interstellar merchants, the original Aliba Chamber of Commerce naturally knows how to set up the cost of betrayal.

Only to wait for this rich old Aliba Chamber of Commerce with a long history to be destroyed in the war along with the Sanoras civilization.

The new Aliba Chamber of Commerce built by the wind and the others can be reborn from the ashes.

Relying on the legacy of the old Aliba Chamber of Commerce, re-establish a larger and prosperous interstellar Chamber of Commerce.

Although there is no way to directly use Alibaba Chamber of Commerce’s original commercial trade channels and influence in various Star Domains for the time being, but the ridicule and the others can already negotiate with the wizard world by virtue of their early preparations Certainly cooperate.

Any business negotiation is from small to large.

The new Alibaba Chamber of Commerce needs partners. Looking at the Star World that has been in contact so far, the most suitable partner for the new Alibaba Chamber of Commerce is the powerful and amazing wizard world!

In addition to the Wizarding World and Wizarding Alliance, the senior officials of the new Alibaba Chamber of Commerce, such as Xiaofeng, also looked towards the more distant fairyland.

For Liaofeng himself, it was originally from Xianyu. Xianyu has a not very good memory for it.

But as one of the top executives of the new Alibaba Chamber of Commerce, it is undeniable that the rich wealth and developability of the fairyland civilization is a golden mountain that the Alibaba Chamber of Commerce cannot ignore.

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