Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3195

The content of the meeting mainly revolves around several points.

The Star Domain, which is radiated and influenced by the new Alibaba Chamber of Commerce, such as Laughing Wind, currently only stays in the Star Domain of Ten Thousand Beasts, Star Domain of Dragon Skeletons and several small Star Domains around them.

So the cooperation content they can provide is mostly related to these Star Domains.

Either the interstellar mercenary intermediary negotiation.

Either it is the sale of specific precious resources.

Compared to the original Alibaba Chamber of Commerce, this new Alibaba Chamber of Commerce, which currently has only four six-level powerhouses, seems to have much less energy.

Although the energy is small, the wizard world also values ​​the potential of this interstellar Chamber of Commerce that has not yet fully grown up.

Investing before the other party has fully grown up is undoubtedly the transaction with the highest rate of return.

Therefore, the cooperation between Alibaba Chamber of Commerce and Wizard World represented by the mocking wind is a mutually beneficial and win-win situation.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the sale and purchase of resources and mercenaries, Laughing Wind and the others also sold it to Wizard World as a gift-drawing more complete Star Domain star maps.

These star maps are important guarantees for Alibaba Chamber of Commerce to walk among many Star Domains.

In addition to the miniature, low-level and even medium-sized planes marked out one by one, there are also many rare natural disasters in the star realm and areas where weird regular phenomena are located in the star map.

The most dangerous zone is the rash approach of level six organisms, and there is also a certain risk of falling.

Therefore, the star realm is so large that no one knows how dangerous and terrifying it contains.

Of course, in addition to dangers, there are also many opportunities. (Longitudinal first release)

For example, in a weird area named ‘time and space vortex’, in the past 100,000 years, a total of several powerhouses above Level 4 have passed through this area and disappeared.

Only one lucky guy got out of trouble after about 20,000 years and was carrying a large amount of extra money.

It even includes unusually rare time attribute materials.

Alibaba Chamber of Commerce can know so clearly because they have acquired a spar with a time attribute from the lucky one.

Although the spar grade is not high, it is rare in the attribute, and it was still sold at a sky-high price.

For these star maps, Wizard World eventually paid Laughing Wind and the others the equivalent energy spar of about 200 million magic coins.

As the interstellar Chamber of Commerce that also plays with immense wealth, Alibaba Chamber of Commerce will not be stupid enough to accept magic coins as the currency for both parties’ transactions.

Although this thing is under the control of the Wizarding World Star Domain, its usability can be guaranteed.

But out of the scope of influence of the Wizarding Alliance, who would recognize these low-value metal currencies?

Only real energy spar, or soul, or other advanced materials are the universal currency in the astral world!

Alibaba Chamber of Commerce merchants have been cheating others for so long, but they have not been cheated by others a few times.

The trading of several star maps has made the atmosphere of both parties in the Conference Hall much more harmonious.

Although the senior leaders of the Wizarding World represented by Locke know that the Alibaba Chamber of Commerce has more than that.

And the coordinates of the star maps are all far away from the wizard world, and the Star Domain a little bit closer is a little farther than the Dragon Skeleton Star Domain that Locke has visited the farthest.

It is obvious that Alibaba Chamber of Commerce is also guarding the wizard world.

A large world with amazing potential is the high-quality goal of the new Alibaba Chamber of Commerce’s choice of cooperation.

But a large world that is growing too fast is not necessarily beneficial to Alibaba Chamber of Commerce.

Maybe a little careless, the wizard world, a huge monster whose development cannot be contained, will swallow them too!

On the whole, the content of the meeting is boring.

Except for a few wizard world executives who are interested in the interstellar mercenaries provided by Alibaba Chamber of Commerce, Locke and other wizard world level five and six powerhouses just bought some poles from Laughing Wind and the others. Featured precious materials near the Dragon Skeleton Star Domain and Wan Beast Star Domain.

In the middle and later part of the meeting, towards the end of the meeting, Laughing Wind and other star beasts threw out another message that was of some interest to the wizard world powerhouses.

“The new powerhouse of Sanoras civilization, leading several elite troops to break through from the Burning Star in different directions.”

“Among them, the overwhelming majority have been intercepted and wiped out by the previously expected Light God clan. Only two troops were killed from the siege, and one of them contained the Sanoras royal bloodline.”

“However, there may be a divergence of consciousness. The two prominent Sanoras survivors did not choose to converge, but continued to flee into the depths of the starry sky in different directions.”

“The one that owns the royal bloodline, the escape direction is Star Domain.”

“I wonder if your wizard world is interested in this tribe of Sanoras who fled to the Star Domain of the beasts?” said Xiaofeng.

Upon hearing this, Locke asked with interest, “Is there anything special about the Sanoras survivors? Do they carry a lot of civilization wealth?”

Locke’s question is also an issue of interest to other wizarding world leaders present.

If it is the legacy of a large-scale world civilization with a long history, no matter how much it exists, it is enough to fascinate people.

Unfortunately, Locke’s abacus is empty.

I saw Xiaofeng shaking his head and said, “Although this survivor has the royal bloodline, it is the poorest and weakest of the two survivors who have fled.”

“They can successfully break through the encirclement of the Light God clan, which is very important for Great Accomplishment, and it is because the Light God clan initially did not pay attention to them.”

Subsequently, the ridicule seemed to say with a sneer “The resentment of the new Sanoras civilization towards the royal family is well known. How can they send enough power to protect the safety of the remaining royal family members.”

“For the Sanoras civilization, the survivors who have no royal family members and are more powerful and contain more civilization wealth are the hope for their future re-emergence.”

The ridiculous answer gave Locke and other wizards world powerhouse a general understanding of the old and new conflicts in the Sanoras Burner civilization.

Immediately afterwards, Locke asked curiously, “Then you said, that Sanoras survivor, what is worthy of our wizard world’s attention?”

Hearing this, mocking wind took a deep breath and said, “According to our guess, the only remaining member of the Sanoras royal family should be holding part of the information about the top civilization Attis civilization site.”


The ridicule was over, and the Conference Hall fell silent for a short time.

It is the Atdis civilization again.

This is not the first time the wizard world has heard of this, a top civilization that has been destroyed in the long river of history.

Last time, the Rose Dynasty Civilization sent an envoy to the wizard world, hoping that the wizard world will send troops as soon as possible.

Among the conditions they set out, there is some information about the top civilization Attis civilization site.

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