Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3196

Regarding the top civilization, the wizarding world is no longer in a strange and ignorant state as it was thousands of years ago.

Whether it is the Light God clan or the fairyland civilization, the strength of these two top civilizations has given the wizard world a general understanding of this civilization that is more powerful than the large world civilization.

And the wizard world also believes in the boundless star within the realm, it is impossible that there are only two top civilizations, the Light God family and the fairyland.

Whether it is the Attis civilization proposed by the mocking wind at this time, or the Death State civilization discovered by the wizard world in the Sea of ​​Silence, they are all top civilizations that have been destroyed in the long river of history.

The emergence of these two civilized sites means that the Boundless Star within the realm still has prosperity and magnificence far beyond the imagination of the wizarding world.

Similarly, the emergence of top civilization sites also means that even top civilizations are not strong enough to be defeated.

Otherwise, how did those civilization sites come from?

Facing the question raised by Star Beast Laughing Wind, after a brief moment of silence from the wizard world leaders present, it was the Silver Dragon General Nelson of the Albarut Empire that broke the calm first.

“If we are interested in this Sanoras survivor, how will your Aliba Chamber of Commerce help us, and what price should we pay?” Nelson asked.

Nelson represents the Aibarut Empire. After the Belem Empire launched the world-class Secret War Horn, the Aibarut Empire, the biggest competitor of the Belem Empire, was a bit embarrassed.

Although they also have a world-class treasure Saiyan fitting earrings, this thing is like a tasteless thing for the Albarut Empire.

If you just merge into a Fifth Level Peak Saiyan fighter, the impact on the battle pattern of the plane can be described as small and small.

Kakarot, the only super Saiyan who can transform into a sixth-level fighter, is also a loyal slave of the sixth-level Knight Locke in the Western Islands.

You can’t always go to the western islands to borrow before every time you use fit earrings?

Since this tribe of Thanoras possesses part of the information about the Atdis civilization site, the wizard world can indeed make plans if conditions permit.

As one of the top civilizations, there are definitely a lot of world-class secret treasures.

As for the Supreme Treasure of civilization, the level of treasure is too high, and it is definitely not something the wizard world can look at at this stage.

An innocent man treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime. Think about the ending of Divine King Zeus in the journey of the fairyland, and you can know how dark this starland is.

In addition to attacks from frontal enemies, you have to be careful about your friends’ secret calculations.

Don’t look at the wizarding world nowadays, both sides have a good relationship with the fairyland, and an ambiguous relationship with the anti-Light God clan alliance, and now they are cooperating with Alibaba Chamber of Commerce.

Once they have treasures beyond their status, it is bound to usher in a crisis of extinction.

Since the spellcasters of Wizard World are known for their rationality, they will naturally not make such low-level mistakes.

Even if the wizard world is really allowed to discover any clues about the Supreme Treasure civilization at the Attis civilization site in the end, the spellcasters of the wizard world will definitely put this hot potato directly at the right time throw it out.

Except for the Abalut Empire represented by Silver Dragon General Nelson, he has a slight interest in the Attis civilization site.

Many Fifth Level powerhouses in the Conference Hall, including the White Yarn Queen and the representatives of the Knight Alliance of Yili, also showed strong interest.

Also the sixth-level witch Vivian did not attend this meeting, otherwise there will be one more six-level existence who is interested in the Atdis civilization site.

Faced with the question raised by General Silver Dragon Nelson, mocking wind replied “We, Alibaba Chamber of Commerce, can provide the wizard world with an escape route for the tribe of Sanoras.”

“Apart from this, Wan Beast Star Domain has many Beastmasters who are closely related to our Chamber of Commerce. As long as they can afford the price, those Beastmasters will be happy to help the wizard world once. Our Aliba Chamber of Commerce can do it for you Contact.”

“Also, if the wizard world intends to send troops directly, I can also provide some help within my capacity in the development of the space channel.” Xiaofeng replied.

The mocking answer is obviously very sincere.

As for how they knew the specific escape route of the Sanoras survivor, Locke could roughly guess some even if he didn’t ask.

Betrayal and selling are all based on a reasonable price range.

Obviously, the leaders of the Chamber of Commerce, such as Laughing Feng, have given up the Sanoras survivor and turned to the Wizarding Alliance.

This time, Locke and other senior leaders of the Wizarding World gave corresponding answers without long discussions.

The news of top civilization sites still attracts wizards to the world.

Of course, at the moment when the dark Star Domain war is fierce, the wizard world is also impossible to draw too much power, and go all the way to the Star Domain to intercept people.

Except for those Beastmasters who asked Aliba Chamber of Commerce to contact the Star Domain of Ten Thousand Beasts, the highest battle strength sent by Wizard World this time is just Fifth Level creatures.

The time for the meeting with Liaofeng and other Alibaba Chamber of Commerce executives only lasted two months.

During the period, the Wizarding World also exchanged some materials with the planetary fortress brought by Laughing Wind and the others on a large scale.

Because I knew that the wizard world was fighting in the Neptune world before, and several brother sisters such as Javier, Prison Niu, and Pujao have been in the wizard world, so mocking the wind will ultimately benefit the wizard world’s war in the Neptune world. There is a clearer understanding.

In private, Xiaofeng once approached Locke for a trial and asked if Wizard World had the idea of ​​selling that world-class secret treasure, the Sea King Rod.

Locke’s answer is of course no.

Regarding the ownership of the Sea King Rod, Wizard World has not yet reached an accurate conclusion.

The Sea Clan wants it, the Aibarut Empire wants it, and other large and medium-sized forces in the wizard world want it.

Among these power groups, undoubtedly the most suitable as the users of the sea king rod is the native sea clan of the wizard world.

Unfortunately, the notion that the Hai Clan is weak has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

For example, this time in Annihilation World, we received a meeting of Alibaba Chamber of Commerce executives such as Liaofeng.

The Sea Clan clearly has the ancient giant Ao, the sixth-level creature sitting in the town, and there are tens of millions of low-level Sea Clan participating in the war, but they have not been notified to attend this meeting.

And the Sea King Rod itself is not an ordinary world-level artifact, it is the unicorn of the Overlord level Sea King Okanagan.

Only the power of raw materials has the world-class secret treasure level.

If it is strengthened and transformed again and made into a treasure similar to the Eternal Law rod or Thor’s Spear, wouldn’t its performance and formidable power be even more amazing?

It is precisely because of this that Locke will persuade the ridicule to dispel this idea as soon as possible.

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