Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3197

Laughing Feng wanted to buy the world-class secret treasure Sea King Rod, not because it wanted to use it, but because it wanted to take the opportunity to establish an auction to expand the influence of the new Alibaba Chamber of Commerce.

In the history of Alibaba Chamber of Commerce, there is a record of auctions of world-class treasures.

And every time a world-level artifact appears in auction, it will inevitably cause more than a dozen nearby Star Domain powerhouses above Level 4 to look and pay attention.

That is also a shortcut for Alibaba Chamber of Commerce to expand its own silhouette and move to a higher level.

Don’t look at the world-class secret treasures that Wizard World currently possesses. Locke himself has three world-class secret treasures.

But for overwhelming majority Star Domain and powerhouses above Level 4, world-level artifacts are still elusive treasures.

Not even the sixth-level creatures, even the sixth-level Peak creatures, there are many without a world-level secret treasure.

Is Xianyu rich enough?

Actually, Xianyu also has many Great Principle Golden Immortal and Quasi-sages, and their lives are miserable.

You can’t just focus on the ancestors of Netherworld River, or the numerous cultivators of Section Cult, these cultivators with background or backstage.

Kunpeng, another well-known quasi-sage powerhouse demon master in Xianyu, is a great power at the same level as the ancestor of Netherworld River.

This person who has lived in the bitter North Sea all the year round, there is no world-class secret treasure beside him, which is extremely shabby.

With the demon master Kunpeng as a typical example, we can know why Divine King Zeus ushered in a killing disaster during his trip to the fairyland.

It is also thanks to the great power and face of the wizard world that he can retrieve the world-class artifact from the hands of Buddhism.

If you change to a weak Small World or civilization, this dumb loss can only swallow it back.

Similarly, Locke is the same. Latitude and longitude debut

With the powerful wizard world as the backing and endorsement, he can hold three world-class secret treasures and live very well.

If there is no wizard world behind, but just as a wandering god, even if he has a sixth life level, he has to act low-key in the star realm.

Unless you reach the sixth level of Peak Realm and have the same level as the original Death God and the ancestors of Netherworld River at this time, if you swagger through the market with that many treasure, that is to make a clear look.

After chatting with the ridicule, it didn’t take long for Locke and Christine to return to the White Sands World War Zone.

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It was also when he returned to the world of Baisha, Locke received the news that he was going to the Star Domain Wizarding Alliance troops this time, and there was a fellow like Benjamin.

As the Fifth Level Fire Element elementalist of the wizarding world, Benjamin also has a wife from the Sanoras civilization. This is something Benjamin must face up to anyway.

This time I went to Wan Beast Star Domain, presumably Benjamin also wanted to take the opportunity to make a break.


On the dark Star Domain battlefield, the truce between the wizard world and the Light God clan, not at all, lasted too long.

Also after a 14-year intermission.

When the wizard world received a large sum of war military expenditures worth billions of magic coins from the anti-Light God alliance represented by the Gallente Federation and the Rose Dynasty civilization, the wizard world and the fairyland alliance once again The Light God tribe army entrenched in the Dark Star Domain launched an offensive.

This attack is more powerful and broader than before.

Judging from the unmatched posture shown by the wizard world at first, there is quite a plan to end the dark Star Domain war.

It is also in this situation that the conflict between the wizard world and the Light God clan has become more intense.

Purple Soul world.

As one of the front-line battle planes of the Wizarding World and the Light God clan on the dark Star Domain battlefield, this miniature world is unremarkable.

Because there is no level 4 creature get involved, the war in the purple soul world, from the perspective of a real high-level creature, is a bit of a small fight.

But today, a group of powerhouses from not far away from Star Domain arrived here quietly where neither the wizard world nor the Light God clan had noticed.

“Is this the Star Domain where the Wizarding Alliance and the Light God clan are at war? It is said that another top civilization called Xianyu is also involved.” A woman wearing a scythe appeared outside the Purple Soul world. In the starry sky, he looked at the miniature plane not far away, and said.

This woman has level 6 strength. There are also a middle-aged man carrying a cross and an old man who is low in height and blind in both eyes.

If Locke appeared here, the three of them would be no strangers.

The female with strong costume is Mitty, who attended the third-level Wizards League conference. The middle-aged man is Miller who has been in contact with Locke Level 4 before, and the blind old man is the guide Over

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Locke was promoted to Allen on Fifth Level.

These three powerhouses undoubtedly have six Life Levels.

Especially the blind old man Ellen, the former Locke still can’t see the details of the other party, but if Locke is allowed to see at this time, the other party will undoubtedly have the sixth peak level!

And because of his deep interest-gathering skills, Alan’s old man’s strength is probably still even a little stronger than imagined.

Unlike Mitty carrying a sickle, Miller uses a cross as a weapon. Allen’s old man’s weapon is three peculiar long swords of different lengths diagonally across his waist.

This is the first time Allen old man has shown his weapons. Whether it was Locke’s journey through Irvine or the third Wizarding League conference, Old Blind never revealed his weapons.

In addition to the three powerhouses from Irvine Mainland, behind them, a complete Legion with a scale of about 2,000,000 appeared quietly from in the sky.

Powerful space utilization method!

There are few energy use skills that leak energy!

No one knows why these Legions from Irvine land came to the dark Star Domain battlefield.

Nearly 10,000 small metal devices similar to technological civilization drones are flying at the forefront of these forces.

By observing the dark muzzles extending from the front of these metal equipment, it is easy to know that they are not as harmless as their body shape.

“This is undoubtedly a civilization full of predatory and intrusive nature. I really can’t figure out why you chose to travel in the wizarding world and even helped them during the war.” Mitty was rude to him. Miller said with a peaceful face beside him.

“The spirit of the wizard world spellcasters chasing the Profound Truth, and the hope of individual spellcasters to unlock the truth of all things in the astral world, once touched me a lot.”

“Although their cruel way of conquering the weak is contrary to our Holy See principles, it does not prevent us from trying to understand and contact this civilization.” Miller said indifferently.

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