Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3202

Locke will not care about Mitty’s angry actions at the sixth-level powerhouse of the Holy See.

To tell the truth, this is also Locke’s use of the Holy See Mitty’s hand to beat and beat the bones.

As a demonic cultivator of Xianyu, it is also a foreign aid recruited by the ancestors of Netherworld River.

Although Locke himself has the ability to suppress the bones, it is not convenient for him to do this personally.

Locke didn’t care about Mitty’s shots, but he felt very happy in his heart.

Locke is not a murderous person.

Once upon a time, during the Neptune Realm war, faced with hundreds of millions of low-level Neptune Realm indigenous creatures suffering painful death under the attack of the ‘Black Death Virus’, Locke couldn’t help asking himself and feeling it.

Although in the end he was still an executioner with a cold face, Locke still found the answer to unlocking himself-that is, he was killing purposefully.

The White Bones are different. This guy is killing for the sake of killing.

I don’t know what kind of growth situation it is to make this sixth-level creature develop such an abnormal temperament.

In short, not only Locke doesn’t like the figure of the Bones-Bone Taoist, but he also dislikes the six-level powerhouses of the War Zone in other western archipelagoes.

For example, Andariel, the spiteful queen, had it not been for Locke to mediate, this dark Star Domain native Demon God would have had a fight with the Bones Taoist.

It was also at this time that the Queen of Spitefulness held her arms with a sneer in her expression, watching the Taoist Bones frequently deflate under Mitty’s Judgment Scythe.

Although the battle between Mitty and the Taoist White Bone has just begun, it is obvious that the Taoist White Bone, a well-known demonic cultivator, is not Mitty’s opponent.

“You sneak attack me?!” Amidst surprised and angry, the Bones Taoist wanted to save a bit of his own face.

In fact, Mitina is not a sneak attack at all. The sickle of judgment with such a magnificent energy level can be smashed in the air, even if the response is slow, people can perceive it in time, not to mention the existence of six-level existence like a white bone Taoist.

It is too far-fetched to say that it is a sneak attack. (Longitudinal first release)

Faced with the surprised and angry words of the Taoist Bones, Mitty’s expression remains unmoved.

The sickle in hand turns into several hundred meters long energy illusory shadow, rich holy light energy, as if to light up this dark and suppressed universe!

“Help me!” It was also at this time, the Bones Taoist did not care about the Golden Immortal style, and hurried to fight

Everyone on the edge of the field asked for help.

As a well-known demonic cultivator of Xianyu, it is obvious that the word “fair confrontation” is not in the dictionary.

If you can’t fight, you can fight, if you can’t fight, you can get people to join.

The White Bone Taoist can grow to the Great Principle Golden Immortal realm in the exclusion and oppression of the immortal realm. He is not just a bloodthirsty lunatic.

Faced with the help of the White-Bone Taoist, Locke is naturally indifferent.

What’s the rush?

It won’t be too late to make a move when the Daoist of the Bones reveals an obvious failure, or if there is a real crisis of life!

Even in Locke’s thoughts, he had to see the blood of the bones before he would consider mediating.

Anyway, the battle with the front-line Light God clan has just ended. Watching the confrontation between the Bones Taoist and the sixth-level powerhouse Mitty of the Holy See is an extra show.

Locke and the others do not make a move, it does not mean that others will not make a move.

The White-Bone Daoist is now in the fairyland civilization. He is affiliated with Celestial Demon World number one Sect-Heavenly Dao Alliance, as a foreign affairs Elder of the Heavenly Dao Alliance.

Locke’s acquaintance also has the same status as the White Bone Taoist in the Heavenly Dao Alliance.

The Ghost Face Buddha also looks down on the Bones Taoist. Everyone is a demonic cultivator. At least the Ghost Face Buddha still has its own bottom line.

After all, he was once a monk.

Although he has rebelled from Buddhism, the ghost face Buddha is not like the white bone Taoist, who will satisfy his own abnormal killing**, and perform some indifferent killings to increase his own karma.

The Ghost Face Buddha does not take action. As the Heavenly Dao Alliance Alliance Leader, the Mo Luo cannot sit still.

Celestial Demon World suffered heavy losses in the battle between Xianyu and the Light God clan.

Not only the Blood Fiend Sect of Ranked 2nd with comprehensive strength was completely destroyed, including the Heavenly Dao Alliance and Harmonious Bond Sect that survived the war, but also suffered heavy losses and withered talents.

Today, the Heavenly Dao Alliance has only two Great Principle Golden Immortal pillars except for its own Alliance Leader.

Harmonious Bond Sect is even worse.

Its Sect Master is half dead. Normally, there is only the female stream after the lack of Yin, representing the Harmonious Bond Sect to deal with large and small things inside and outside the sect.

The intervention of Quasi Saint Moluo undoubtedly shocked the crowd watching the battle.

There is no doubt that the demonic cultivator of Xianyu is completely displaying his own bottomless style this time

In front of people.

No matter how bad Mo Luo is, there is also a level six Peak.

Forcibly intervening in the battle between two sixth-level creatures is not only suspected of bullying the least, but also means bully the weak.

Including Locke, many people have already looked towards the Holy See.

Especially the blind allen old man with three long swords hanging around his waist.

Locke and other six-level powerhouses can feel the strength of this deep and unmeasurable, and possess the level of Peak strength.

In the face of this situation, presumably the other party will also take action?

Locke has shown an indifferent attitude from beginning to end, except that he is looking at the bones Taoist and Mo Luo upset, and wants to take the opportunity to beat each other.

There is another intention, which is to force the people of the Holy See to show their true strength.

Only the strong are worthy to negotiate terms with the wizard world.

Don’t look at Locke’s previous promises to Miller and other powerhouses of the Holy See, he was very refreshing and talkative.

The premise of all this is based on the premise that the Holy See itself is extremely mysterious, and there is a large world with unknown strength behind it.

If the Holy See is not as strong as it appears.

When we talk about the conditions in the future, these people in the Holy See will find that the sixth-level Knight Locke that made them feel good is actually not that easy to talk.

In the final analysis, the star within the realm is still respected by strength.

Only with strong strength can we win the recognition of others.

Why the wizard world powerhouse, represented by Locke, will negotiate terms with the Gallente Federation.

And Locke himself has repeatedly refused to contact the people of the Rose Dynasty civilization who has a good relationship with him.

It is not because the civilization of the Rose Dynasty is weak now, and the powerful Gallente Federation still has a deep heritage!

It’s no wonder that Locke is too snobbish.

Pursuing advantages and avoiding disadvantages, bullying the weak with the strong, and annexing the weak, is the eternal truth of the star realm.

On the contrary, it is like the Holy See who is obsessed with helping the weak and small, which is a big exception in the star realm.

However, what made Locke and the others didn’t expect was.

Allen old man, who has the sixth-level Peak strength, did not show the intention to shoot from beginning to end.

It is the other Sect Lord Miller of the Holy See. At this time, he untied the cross behind him, as if to help Mitty.


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