Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3203

“No need!” In the dark starry sky, Mitty, who was like a holy light incarnation, said to Miller who was outside the battlefield.

Good fellow!

Is this going to be one against two, and one of them is still a quasi-saint powerhouse with great strength?

Is it self-confidence, arrogant, or stupid?

In short, Mitty shocked a group of onlookers.

Also manifested as a great shock, there is also the Heavenly Dao Alliance Alliance Leader Mo Luo, one of Mitty’s opponents!

At any rate, he is also a quasi-sage figure, although within the body his injuries have not fully recovered, he can only show 50% of his strength.

Is it trifling a Great Principle Golden Immortal woman who can trample on her dignity wantonly?

The billowing demon flames emerge from the surface of the demon, and the boned Taoist accompanied by a boneless soul, one left and one right.

In a stubborn situation, it presses Mount Tai in an imposing manner against Mitty.

This is a contest between righteousness and evil. Locke, who was on the edge of the battlefield, couldn’t help but have such thoughts in his heart.

It was also at this time that Locke took a look at the Holy See’s sixth-level powerhouse Mitigao in the center of the battlefield.

Regardless of whether she has the strength of one against two, or whether she can achieve skipping grades to challenge, at least this courage and courage is worthy of recognition.

Thunder God Armor quietly appeared on Locke’s body. He was ready to wait for Mitty to show up, or when he was about to lose, to start Space Jump to pull the opponent out of the center of the battlefield.

With the world-class secret treasure level of Thunder God Armor, it is not a problem to rescue Mitty from the battle group. The huge amount of energy consumed will make Locke feel distressed for a while.

However, Locke’s plan seems to be lost.

Mitty really intends to one against two, and she does have the strength and confidence! (Longitudinal first release)

In the endless dark starry sky, in addition to the pure, majestic and extreme Holy Light Power, there is also an incomparably powerful Power of Darkness gathering in the hands of Mitty.

Have both the power of holy light and darkness!

Such a contradictory element actually appeared in a person, I really don’t know whether it is a miracle of the astral world or a miracle of Mitty!

There is a Level 4 magician in the western archipelago, named Brand, which has the title of “Ice Fire Demon Flame”.

It is precisely by mastering the two opposite attribute elements of ice and fire that Brand has become famous at the level 4 caster level

With the improvement of strength and the continuous acquisition of knowledge, although Brand is still at the level 4 caster level, he has gradually approached the ability of Fifth Level casters by virtue of the methods used by the ice and fire.

Simultaneous control of the energy of opposing elements often represents a great unstable factor.

Taking the Ice Fire Demon Flame Brand as an example, this Level 4 spellcaster tried to transform his body as early as the Level 2 magician stage in order to make himself a further study in the Ice Fire Element.

And when Brand became a Level 3 magician, he even had an extremely rare body of ice and fire.

The journey of studying magic elements is boring and dangerous.

If Brand hadn’t directly transformed himself into a body of ice and fire, I am afraid that he would have completely fallen in an experimental accident before he touched the real mystery of the ice Fire Element.

Even Ice and Fire Strength, which has a relatively low collision energy level, has such terrifying consequences.

I don’t know how the Holy See powerhouse Mitty, the sixth-level powerhouse of the Holy See, took it into one’s body.

(ps: Higher collision energy level than Ice and Fire Strength is the power of water and fire. However, with Brand’s Heaven Warping Genius, there is no way to stabilize the water Fire Element at a relative equilibrium point. Secondly, I choose Ice and Fire Strength as my research direction.)

The light and dark abilities demonstrated by Mitty at this time are no longer inferior to the unique ‘Dual Cultivation Profession’ of the wizard world and the way of combining Mecha and the mind of the Rose Dynasty civilization.

It is no wonder that the sixth-level powerhouse of the Holy See dared to one against two, and even achieved skipping grades to challenge.

It turns out that they are not arrogant, but have such arrogant confidence!

Holy light and Power of Darkness slowly converge in the illusory shadow of the giant sickle in Mitty’s hand.

Violent elemental fluctuations and energy hedging phenomena have already appeared in this void battlefield.

Countless Space Cracks have also appeared in many corners of the battlefield at the same time.

Now not only Locke is shocked, but several other people are secretly watching the six-level Peak powerhouse here, and they can’t help but have a huge touch.

At this moment, the Heavenly Dao Alliance Alliance Leader Moluo, at the core of the storm, has also lost its arrogance at first.

As for another Great Principle Golden Immortal-level demonic cultivator, the white bone Taoist is more like an eggplant beaten by frost, how can there be a domineering attitude before

When holy light and Power of Darkness are swung down at the same time, the terrifying energy contained in the sickle, even the sixth-level Peak creatures must not underestimate its sharpness.

It may be that Mitty’s power of light and darkness caused an internal injury on the chest.

Mo Luo’s imposing manner condensed and sent out a request for help from the ancestors of Netherworld River who was on the battlefield.

This time, the demonic cultivator headed by Bones Taoist and Mo Luo has lost all of their skin!

Even if it’s two hits one, you still have to ask someone for help?

What the ancestors of Netherworld River said is also a well-known power that has been famous for a long time. Although he is also a famous demonic path giant, he really can’t get involved in this battle.

Three hits one, to deal with a female doll who is less than hundred thousand years old?

Netherworld River’s ancestors are not that thick yet!

The silence of the ancestors of Netherworld River made Mo Luo’s face darker again.

Now, he can only brace oneself.

A pitch black lotus seed appeared on top of Mo Luo’s head.

When this lotus seed appears, the boundless darkness of the strength of Element around it all flows towards its center.

In addition to Power of Darkness, this black lotus seed also has a strong destructive factor.

It was also at the moment when this lotus seed appeared, countless well-known cultivators in the fairyland couldn’t help being attracted by it.

“Destroy the lotus seed? How could it be with him!” At this moment, not far from Locke, Zhun Sheng Yunxiao couldn’t help but whisper.

Yunxiao is a generation younger than the ancestors of Netherworld River.

When the ancestors of Netherworld River, Heavenspan Cult Lord and other great powers listened to the preaching of Taoist ancestors in Purple Heaven Palace, the three sisters Yunxiao and their big brother Zhao Gongming still did not know where they were silently closed-door cultivation.

Although the generation is relatively small, but because there is a Saint Master, many secrets have been heard.

Nowadays in the wild land, the overwhelming majority cultivator only knows the ten Grade 2 industry fire red lotus and the Buddhist merit Golden Lotus.

Few people know that in addition to these two top lotus stands, there is another Ten Grade 2 that destroys the Black Lotus.

It’s just that the Ten Grade 2 Destroy Black Lotus has disappeared from Great Desolate World after being killed by Dao Zu Hongjun following the ancestor Luohu.

The one that disappeared with one of them, there is another world-class secret treasure of the demon ancestor Luo Hu-Divine spear.


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