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To On destructiveness, the Life Source Spirit Treasure of Mozu Luohu, Divine spear, is the only existence in Great Desolate World that can compete with Immortal Beheading Four Swords.

Netherworld River’s ancestors’ two world-class secret treasures Yuantu and Abi, although they are also killing Supreme Treasure, they are still inferior to the divine spear.

Simultaneously killing the divine spear and the ten Grade 2 destroying Black Lotus. Looking at the Great Desolate World back then, it is true that no one can compare with Luo Hu except Dao Zu Hongjun.

Because the battle between Daozu Hongjun and Mozu Luohu happened before the Dragon and Han catastrophe.

At that time, Xianyu didn’t have the Six Saints, and Hongjun didn’t even fit his body.

The age is too old, so the whereabouts of the killing of the divine spear and the destruction of Black Lotus by Grade 2 have become a pending case in Great Desolate World.

Maybe Dao Zu Hongjun knew where they were.

But Hongjun does not say that other people in the fairyland can only aimlessly find the corresponding opportunities and clues.

Nachengxiang, one of the lotus seeds that destroyed the Black Lotus will appear in the hands of Heavenly Dao Alliance Alliance Leader Mo Luo!

Does this mean that the Heavenly Dao Alliance Alliance Leader also received corresponding information regarding the destruction of Black Lotus and the whereabouts of the divine spear?

Not to mention the imagination and shock of the people in other immortal realms. After the Heavenly Dao Alliance Alliance Leader Mura received the blessing of Destroy Lotus Seed, the imposing manner suddenly ushered in a wave of improvement.

The boundless darkness and the destructive energy that is suppressed to the extreme, centered on Mura, burst into all directions.

When facing the giant sickle illusory shadow of Mitty’s light and dark body, there was no wind for a while.

“I’m here to help the Alliance Leader.” At the same time, the Bones Taoist also reacted quickly.

In the contemptuous eyes of many wizards of the world and powerhouse, violent rises to kill Mitty from the other direction. (Longitudinal first release)

Countless souls poured in like a tide in the sleeves of the Bones Taoist. With the hideous and strange appearance of the Bones Taoist at this time, it really deserves the well-known demonic cultivator in the fairyland.

In fact, the reason why the bone-bone Taoist kills in many worlds is that besides the extremely distorted and perverted character of this guy, there is another factor to collect a lot of grievances, resentment, and fear.

The special cultivation technique of the White Bone Taoist can be regarded as the emotional power of the fairyland version.

However, because Xianyu generally suppresses Demon Sect more seriously, there is no outstanding existence in Demon Dao Cultivation Art so far.

There are big flaws and loopholes in the emotional power of Daoists.

At least affect the user’s mind. If the holder of the cultivation technique is catalyzed into a bloodthirsty person in unnoticeable influence, it will not be accepted by Locke.

Faced with the shot of the Taoist Bones, there is no change in the expression of Mitty in the sky.

While swinging a huge sickle illusory shadow in the front to deal with the impact of Mo Luo destroying lotus seeds, a wide range of pitch black areas spread to all sides with Mitty as the center.

With the emergence of this domain, many attribute energy particles in the surrounding starry sky are gradually being swallowed and absorbed.

In addition to the scattered free energy particles, the energy absorbed in the field of Mitty’s pitch black also includes the boundless tide of souls released by the Taoist Bones.

I saw these ferocious, whistled past ghosts, and their speed dropped significantly after stepping into the realm of Mitty. In addition, their bodies are also flickering and dimming, and it seems that they may be sucked up by this pitch black area at any time.

“I was deceived. In fact, Holy Light Power is not what she is good at. The true source of this woman’s power should be Power of Darkness.” Beside Locke, white eyebrow daoist exclaimed.

Only his level 6 Peak powerhouse can clearly see the other side’s details while Mitty exerts his full strength.

At this time, Locke’s mind was mostly attracted by the destruction of lotus seeds in Mo Luo’s hands.

But after hearing the sigh of white eyebrow daoist, Locke couldn’t help but look towards Mitty’s location, and asked aloud, “Dare to ask daoist, is there also a person of light and dark in the fairyland?”

People with the same body of light and darkness, and the existence of the wizard world on the path of Dual Cultivation are almost a level of genius.

Since the development of Wizard World, only the fluorite general of the Belém Empire, Selena, arrived at Fifth Level Life Level on the way of Mowu Dual Cultivation.

It is precisely by virtue of her Knight and magician professions having reached Fifth Level that Selena was able to defeat the sixth-level deep sea frogman in the Battle of the Sea Kings.

Xianyu vast territory and abundant resources, and its development time is much longer than that of wizard world.

Locke has this question, and he is also curious about whether there are such geniuses in the fairyland.

Faced with Locke’s inquiry, the white eyebrow daoist appeared for a moment and pondered, seeming to be considering whether to tell Locke.

I immediately thought of the friendly relationship between Locke and the ancestors of Netherworld River. In fact, there are many fairyland civilizations.

The high-level powerhouse as everyone knows is not a secret, and there is no need to hide it from Locke.

So white eyebrow daoist took a deep breath, replied “My Master masters the Taiji Dao, which is in harmony with the art of Yin and Yang. It can be regarded as the same body of light and dark as your wizard world understands.”

Locke didn’t know that white eyebrow daoist was taught by Saint Laozi. He only knew that the person in front of him was the founder and Old Ancestor of Shushan Sword Sect.

Regarding the contradiction between Saint Laozi and the Junior Brother Heavenspan Cult Lord, after the white eyebrow daoist and other Shushan Sword Sect cultivators arrived at the Dark Star Domain battlefield, naturally no one would have nothing to explain to him.

Randomly discussing Saint is taboo in Xianyu civilization.

Although I don’t know these details, it must be a Saint and his ilk to be the Master of the quasi-Saint white eyebrow daoist.

At present, the wizard world Saints Locke has come into contact with include Heavenspan Cult Lord, Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning and Buddhism quasi mention Saint.

The cultivation technique used by white eyebrow daoist and the creation of Sect obviously have nothing to do with another Buddhist Saint in Xianyu.

Re-contacting Shushan Sword Sect has always been famous in the fairyland for ‘cut down Monsters, eliminate Demons’, and I have nothing to do with Saint Nuwa.

Looking at it this way, only through the elimination method, Locke is also likely to determine who the master of the white eyebrow daoist is.

Through Nezha’s introduction back then, Locke knew that the one who could defeat the Eternal Lord was a genuine eighth-level creature.

I think again that the other party has the Yin-Yang Mutual Aid’s Tai Chi Dao. If you want to come to the eighth level creature, you are not weak.

It is no wonder that the immortals and demons were able to suppress the eternal main battle in the tribulation.

Just when Locke lamented that the vast territory and abundant resources of the fairyland, there were countless capable people powerhouses bred, the battle situation on the scene changed again.

Regardless of whether Mitty is better at Power of Darkness, or whether she has the ability to combine light and darkness, today’s battle has allowed her to completely demonstrate her strength and style on behalf of the Holy See.

The boundless Power of Darkness envelops the power of holy light, and gives baptism of the two heavenly baptisms to the bones of Taoist and Mo Luo.

Mo Luo is better, after all, he is a quasi-sage powerhouse, and there is a ruined lotus.

The White Bone Taoist is miserable. Millions of people who have been wronged were wiped out one third in an instant.

And this well-known demonic cultivator of the fairyland is now in a panic in the sickle of Mitty’s trial.


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