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To Of course, the battle between the White-Bone Daoist, Mo Luo and Mi Di was characterized as ‘discussions’ from beginning to end.

Locke impossible sits and stares at the White-Bone Taoist, Mo Luo or Mi Di, and falls here.

Not only Locke will not sit back and watch this situation, Miller, blind old man Allen, and the ancestors of Netherworld River who are always paying attention here, will not sit back and watch this happen.

So, don’t look at the starry sky in front of you, the three parties are fighting fiercely.

In fact, the wizards around the world, the fairyland, the Holy See of Irvine, the Star Spirit Race, the Dark Clan and even the powerhouses above Level 4 of the Titan Divine Race, watched in a quite relaxed mood.

Especially the dark people, the dark Demon Kings represented by the spiteful queen Andariel, watched the white bones fleeing and avoiding under the power of Mitty’s Judgment Scythe, which was quite pleasant.

Locke is watching motionlessly at the ruined lotus seed in Mo Luo’s hand, while turning his head to ask the white eyebrow daoist nearest to him “daoist, look at this battle, who will win in the end?”


The battle between level six creatures has always been ten or even a hundred years.

Now that the major enemy of the Light God family is currently, it is naturally impossible to have so much time for them to fight slowly.

Therefore, it is more realistic to predict the direction of the outcome of the war.

White eyebrow daoist frowned, to be honest, this battle is really unpredictable.

If it is one-on-one, Mitty will undoubtedly have the strength better than either of the Bones Taoist or the Mo Luo.

But if the battle continues indefinitely, the advantage of two against one will continue to expand.

But when the white eyebrow daoist once again noticed the Darkness Domain under Mitty’s feet and the special environment of the dark Star Domain they are now in.

The quasi-sage powerhouse sighed gave Locke an unexpected answer.

“I guess it should be that woman who will win the final victory.”

The conversation between white eyebrow daoist and Locke is only known to them. (First issue in Horizon)

At this moment, the overwhelming majority Level 4 and above powerhouses in the starry sky are all attracted by this spectacular battle.

However, even if it is a great battle, it will eventually come to an end.

Two months later, along with an arm of the White-Bone Taoist was cut off by Mitty, and the quasi-sage powerhouse Mo Luo had no face to continue fighting and chose to retreat. This ‘discussion’ was finally coming to an end.

It was also when this competition was about to end, another mutation happened!

The Destroy Lotus Seed was originally received by Mo Luo, but when Mo Luo kept retreating, this lotus seed suddenly dropped out of Mo Luo’s hands.

Its flying target is Mitty on the opposite side!

From the perspective of outsiders, it seems that Mitty, the sixth-level powerhouse of the Holy See, wants to win the Supreme Treasure of Mo Luo.

But Mitty, as the person involved, did not know this.

And the sixth-level powerhouse of the Holy See, seeing the destruction of lotus seeds flying towards him, the first thing he thought was not to reach out and grab it into his arms, but to shake the scythe of judgment in his hand, as if he was going to destroy it directly Lotus seed divided into two!

“Stop it!”


“Return me!”

Three voices echoed this time. The first two were from the ancestors of Netherworld River and Locke, and the last one was naturally from the person involved, Human Demon Luo.

The first to arrive at the accident point and take the shot directly is this War Zone wizard world and the fairyland party number one expert-the ancestor of Netherworld River.

The one who flashed to Ruin Lianzi immediately afterwards was Locke wearing Thunder God Armor.

Mo Luo is the slowest. This quasi-saint-level demonic path giant doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on. Destroy Lotus leaves in the blink of an eye and is facing a crisis of destruction. This Heavenly Dao Alliance Alliance Leader’s mind is still dumb.

When the ancestors of Netherworld River moved, as the strongest and lowest-key Allen old man on the side of the Holy See, he naturally moved with it.

A moment ago, this old man was still wandering outside the battlefield. The next moment, he appeared in front of the ancestors of Netherworld River and steadily blocked the way of the ancestors of Netherworld River.

In terms of speed, it even surpasses Locke with Thunder God Armor’s jumping engine!

Allen old man’s move was naturally to prevent the ancestors of Netherworld River from being unfavorable to Mitty.

Mitti is strong, but the two months of fierce battles consume a lot of energy and energy.

In addition, the ancestors of Netherworld River are not Mo Luo, and the bones and Taoists can match.

This existence is the same as the Death God back then. It has infinitely touched the seventh-level threshold, and it is possible to break through at any time!

There are three world-class secret treasures of Yuantu, Abi, and Ten Grade 2 with the title of ‘Number One Person under Saint’.

The appearance of Ellen’s old man made the ancestors of Netherworld River stagnate.

On all the level 6 Peak creatures on the dark Star Domain battlefield, apart from the Jacques who have never been shot, only this sudden appearance of Ellen old man can arouse the vigilance and attention of the ancestors of Netherworld River.

As for the Light God clan, the ten-winged blood angel is stronger than that, but the opponent obviously hasn’t fully controlled his own power, and is not the opponent of the Netherworld River ancestors.

This is also the main reason why Locke is commanding the War Zone of the Western Archipelago, and has always maintained a steady rate of advancement toward the occupied area of ​​the Light God tribe.

“Do you want to fight with me?” Netherworld River ancestor red’s hair and whiskers stretched out to all directions, matching the ten Grade 2 Karma red lotus that he was stepping on at the sole of his feet. The power is quite amazing.

Faced with the question of the ancestors of Netherworld River, there was a “click”, and there were three long swords of different shapes hanging diagonally from Alan old man’s waist. One of them suddenly extended out of the scabbard.

It was a long sword with a white body and a dark star Domain that was clearly suppressed in pitch black, but at this moment, the light exposed by the sword seemed to become eternal.

There is no doubt that this unsheathed long sword is also a world-class secret treasure!

Considering that the blind old man Allen still has two long swords not unsheathed on his waist, could it not be those two long swords, which are also world-level artifacts?

With this confidence and strength, you can indeed fight the Netherworld River ancestors!

Facing the blind old man Allen’s answer, the ancestors of Netherworld River couldn’t help laughing heartily twice.

After smiling, he took the initiative to fly to the Star Domain in the sky farther away.

With the sixth Peak energy level and powerful battle strength of the two, this venue is no longer suitable for them to fight.

The ancestors of Netherworld River originally came to the Dark Star Domain to participate in the battlefield, just to break through themselves.

He doesn’t have much vengeful hatred of the Light God family.

This time I finally found an existence that can rival him, why not see others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again.

Perhaps, Netherworld River’s ancestors breakthrough’s seventh-level opportunity is not necessarily in this battle!

Looking at the other side, when Locke and Mo Luo appeared in front of Mitty’s Judgment Scythe one after another, trying to save the ruined lotus seed that was about to be destroyed.

As the manipulator of Judgment Scythe, I saw Mitty’s brows raised slightly, and immediately let go of Locke, who had already held the Destroy Lotus Seed in his hands, and instead slashed the giant sickle’s edge to the complexion greatly changed Mo Luo.


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