Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3206

The battle between the ancestors of Netherworld River and the blind old man Allen gradually moved deeper into the Star Domain.

And the battle between Mitty and Mo Luo, also because of the destruction of lotus seeds, is a bit more intense than the previous medicinal smell.

At this time, Locke, who was holding the ruined lotus seed, also produced some mutations.

Destroy Lotus Seed, as the companion creature of Ten Grade 2 Destroying Black Lotus, it has some attributes to destroy Black Lotus.

Destroying the characteristics of Black Lotus fits perfectly with the state after Locke turned on the Destroyer transformation.

A trace of black air radiates from the destruction of the lotus seeds, which complements the dark inflammation of Locke’s body under Thunder God Armor.

From a distance, Locke is like the source of darkness in this starry sky, which means to swallow all light.

Locke, as the party involved, immediately discovered that the Nine Nether hellfire he absorbed within the body seemed to be the most compatible with the attribute of destroying lotus seeds.

The anomaly that happened in an instant also made the many powerhouses nearby who were watching the game unexpected.

The fairyland powerhouse represented by the ghost face Buddha, Yunxiao, and white eyebrow daoist, looked at the ruined lotus seed in Locke’s hand with envy and jealousy.

And many sixth-level creatures represented by the spiteful queen Andariel, Miller, Moonstone Volta, and the black magician Nigel, pay more attention to the Netherworld River ancestor and the blind old man Allen was in a battle in the distance.

The Rolling Devil Cloud is centered on Locke and accumulates in this Star Domain.

As the owner of the destruction of lotus seeds, Quasi Sage Moluo sees it in his eyes and is anxious in his heart.

He naturally saw that the energy inside the lotus seed was destroyed, and it surged toward Locke within the body like a tide.

Mo Luo had the intention to stop what happened before him, but he was entangled in the sixth powerhouse Mitty of the Holy See and couldn’t get out. (Longitudinal first release)

As the Sect Lord of the Holy See, Mitty has a heart that sees through the nature of human beings while jealous of evil.

Although Locke and Mo Luo are both ‘evil elements’ in her eyes, Locke is undoubtedly a ‘little evil’ while Mo Luo is a ‘big evil’.

Some people may think that, like the White-Bone Taoist, it is already an extremely terrifying demonic cultivator.

That’s why they haven’t seen Mo Luo when he was young.

Celestial Demon World can always be opposed to the Tianshu realm, and has become one of the few demonic path cultivators in Xianyu. It can be said that Mo Luo at least supported half of the sky in it!

Tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of low-level cultivators and ordinary persons have been displaced due to evildoing.

In terms of the degree of disgust by others, Mo Luo is undoubtedly the object of the cultivator hatred by the Xianyu Zhengdao.

As for the ancestors of Netherworld River, although they are also the famous demonic path giants of Xianyu.

But through the fact that the ancestors of Netherworld River can have a lot of friendship with Heavenspan Cult Lord, it can be seen that the ancestors of Netherworld River also have their own connections and corresponding connections in the fairyland.

Being able to make friends with Saint, and the other party is the Third Disciple of Dao Zu Hongjun, it is enough to show that the Netherworld River ancestors and Mo Luo are definitely not at the same level.

“Pu! It’s really maddening me!” A thick purple ink blood spurted out of Mo Luo’s mouth.

Affected by Mitty’s uninterrupted offense and his own internal injury, and Locke was absorbing the energy from the destruction of lotus seeds, Heavenly Dao Alliance Alliance Leader Mo Luo was extremely angry at the same time, he couldn’t help but spout a mouthful of old blood.

Also at this moment, the ghost-faced Buddha, who finally couldn’t stand it, stepped forward in an attempt to prevent this battle from continuing.

On the wizard world side, the spiteful queen Andariel, the moonstone Volta, and the black magician Nigel also flew forward to protect Locke in the middle of the storm.

At any rate, it is a sixth-level creature that forms a community of interests with Locke. Andariel, Volta, Nigel and the others will naturally not sit back and watch Locke’s accident.

The white eyebrow daoist of the fairyland quasi-sage, at this time, it is worthwhile to let Locke put all his energy into saving his illegal child, acacia Young Master.

Although this quasi-sage powerhouse is a member of the fairyland, he is on Locke’s side.

In addition, the Heavenly Dao Alliance Alliance Leader Moluo didn’t deal with him at all, and the white eyebrow daoist was happy to let the other party suffer.

Regarding the battle between Mitty and Mo Luo, the sixth-level powerhouse of the Holy See, after everyone struggled, the two sides were completely separated.

As for the battle between the two sixth-level Peaks between the Netherworld River ancestor and the blind old man Allen, because the fighting energy levels of both parties are too high, in order to avoid accidental injuries, they can only continue to fight.

And from the situation of Netherworld River’s ancestor and Ellen old man the more fights the more brave is, this time the two sides also happened to find an appetite opponent.

Your ancestor of Netherworld River has three world-class secret treasures close to him.

But the extremely low-key Allen old man is not a good crop either. Three long swords of different shapes are released in the battle.

Sure enough, as everyone expected, the three long swords are all world-level artifacts!

Taking the battle between the ancestors of Netherworld River and Ellen old man, from the current point of view, I am afraid that only if there is a close relationship at level 7 or above, it is possible to open the two sides.

It is the abnormal condition that Locke has at this time, which has attracted the attention of many nearby creatures above Level 4 after the battle between Mitty and Mo Luo.

“Return my Secret Treasure!” Mo Luo, who had escaped from the fighting state, did not care about sorting out his injuries, and immediately moved towards Locke and flew away in the storm.

But in front of him, at this time, Andariel, Volta, and Nigel steadily blocked the way.

These three guys, in terms of their appearance and past record, do not seem to be much inferior to Mo Luo.

Andariel itself is the well-known Demon King of the Diablo Star Domain. The cruel and cunning attribute of the Diablo Star Domain Demon King has long been spread in the vicinity of many Star Domains.

Walta and Nigel are the world’s first level six Black Rider and the first level six black magician respectively, and their titles are clearly achieved through real action.

Sure enough, the wicked still need the wicked to grind.

When Mo Luo confronted these three sixth-level creatures, who are also known for evil and by fair means or foul, a mouthful of old blood in his chest almost spurted out again.

Andariel, Nigel and others, like Mitty, will not talk to you about heads-up duels.

Being able to fight in groups is definitely not hard.

These three sixth-level creatures guard Locke like Guardian God, and it is not in vain that Locke has brought them a lot of war income.

What makes Mo Luo even more cold is that the quasi-sage white eyebrow daoist of Tianshu Realm also walked to Locke calmly at this time.

Judging from the actions of white eyebrow daoist, its attitude is obvious!

Mo Luo and white eyebrow daoist are also old rivals. He naturally knows that at the peak period, there is a big gap between himself and the other, even more how is now.

It’s a pity that Mo Luo doesn’t know the nasty point between the white eyebrow daoist and Tian lacking Yin, otherwise according to the Demon Sect identity at this time, Mo Luo will not be so passive.

“You!” Mo Luo was furious.

After experiencing this humiliation and the loss of secret treasures, Mo Luo even deep in one’s heart gave birth to the crazy idea of ​​leading the Demon Sect army to either the fish dies or the net splits!

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