Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3208

3208 Hiding the knife in the smile

Although it is a good thing to advance quickly, it also has many disadvantages.

The most obvious point is that Locke does not have a long lifespan of more than 100,000 years for an ordinary sixth-level creature, which means that he has no corresponding foundation and accumulation.

Fortunately, Locke has had good luck. Over the years, he has been cautious and supplemented with certain opportunities, and he still has a good deal.

Three world-class secret treasures are nearby, enough for Locke to deal with threats from any powerhouse and civilization level six.

Of course, these world-class artifacts can only be counted as the blessing of Locke’s external force at best.

If you put aside the blessings of the three world-level artifacts, and only in terms of your own strength, Locke is not conspicuous among the six-level powerhouses.

Even because Locke’s promotion to Level 6 is too short, in terms of hole cards and weird methods, it is far inferior to those old monsters.

It is the power of emotion and the transformation of the destroyer, which is Locke’s unique method which is different from other sixth-level creatures.

In Locke’s original development plan for himself, in the next few thousand years, he also intends to delve into something in the power of emotion.

If there is an opportunity, Locke still wants to go to Demon Realm for a tour.

Since the top Demon Races of Demon Realm are all experts who use emotional power, maybe Locke will have some reference.

As for Demon Realm’s unique racial abilities and energy use methods, will it be difficult for the Knight of Locke, a wizard world, to learn?


With the magician’s spirit of exploring the truth and all things in the world, as well as the Dissection experiment on the essence of research, Locke has not found a problem that the wizards of the world cannot overcome.

If so, the group of spellcasters who believe in the wizard world will be more excited and crazier than Locke.

Sometimes, it’s so convenient to rely on a powerful world and civilization. (First issue in latitude and longitude)

In the face of Mo Luo’s questioning, Locke first revealed a pondering look and then said, “Your Excellency Mo Luo, you have also seen it. It was not that I took the initiative to absorb it, but the strange lotus seed flew to me within the body. Fuse together with me.”

“However, since I am the beneficiary of this accident, I will inevitably give you an explanation to Lord Mo Luo.”

“Energy spar, special materials, or magic coins, as long as you ask, I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer.” Locke said sincerely.

Locke’s shameless face was not only shocked by Mo Luo, but even the white eyebrow daoist and ghost face buddha who secretly supported him before turned their heads sideways.

What initiative to fuse together with him?

You are a six-level powerhouse, comparable to those of the Great Principle Golden Immortal level. Can’t it prevent the invasion of alien energy?

Obviously, seeing the benefits of destroying the lotus seeds, it took advantage of the trend to promote the lotus seeds to fuse together with themselves.

And the best thing Locke has done is that he did not leave the destruction of lotus seeds to Mo Luo.

Mo Luo, who lost his Supreme Treasure, pointed to Locke and wanted to curse something, but he couldn’t say what he said.

Xianyu demonic cultivator is indeed known for do as one pleases and extremely evil.

But the demons and ghosts, who really have no brains, have either been killed by the cultivator or locked in the Demon Tower in the Tianshu realm for retirement.

As the leader of the Celestial Demon World Heavenly Dao Alliance, Mo Luo is naturally a capable generation.

Others may not know yet, but the well-informed Mo Luo has already received the news that Locke seems to be about to become the grandson-in-law of the ancestor of the quasi-sage Netherworld River.

They are also quasi-sages. The ancestors of Netherworld River are only one step away from the seventh level, but Mo Luo is ranked bottom among the quasi-sages, and even due to the relationship within the body internal injury, he is now half disabled .

Don’t say whether the ancestors of Netherworld River will intervene, just Locke holding Thor’s suit, and then bringing Kakarot, Andariel and other thugs, is enough to make Mo Luo unable to eat good fruit.

Being able to create the largest Demon Sect in Three Thousand Worlds, Mo Luo has the skill of ‘forbearance’ in addition to cruel and ruthless means.

In the face of Locke’s forced palace at this time, Mo Luo finally suppressed his anger, and then said with a sneer “Since Locke Knight said so, the compensation will be discussed later.”

“I will give Locke Knight a specific value after careful consideration.”

Mo Luo agreed to exchange resources for the destruction of lotus seeds that he had lost. From the eyes of everyone around, it was a happy event.

At least both parties have obtained answers that satisfy them, and there will be no negative impact on the relationship between the two parties.

But Locke, as one of the parties involved, was smiling at the same time, but his heart was cold.

Few people know that Locke can have a more accurate perception of the emotional fluctuations of organisms close to him.

At this moment, although Mo Luo in front of Locke is smiling, Locke can feel the anger and killing intent that this guy has suppressed to the extreme.

Moruo’s killing intent is not only for Locke, but also for the sixth powerhouse of the Holy See, Mitty, white eyebrow daoist, the quasi-sage white eyebrow daoist, the spiteful queen Andariel, Volta, Nigel, and…the White Bone Taoist.

Mo Luo even has a killing intent to the Bones!

This is actually not difficult to understand. After all, Mo Luo was humiliated by this, and even his treasure, Destroy Lotus Seed, was also lost. The reason is not the ghost of the Mourning Sect star.

If he is not in the rogue world, he will naturally not arouse the anger of Mitty, the sixth-level powerhouse of the Holy See, and this unwarranted disaster will not happen suddenly.

Therefore, the source of everything is actually in the bones.

The Daoist White is obviously still not clear about the Alliance Leader at this time. Mo Luo has already angered him, a white Daoist with an empty arm. At this time, not at all concealing his bitter gaze, still staring at the Holy See not far away with hatred. Six-level powerhouse Mitty.

Compared to Mo Luo’s tolerance and falsehood, it is obvious that talents with bones are synonymous with their own ways.

I don’t know how this guy can mix in the fairyland for so long and has not been killed yet.

The scrophularia daoist and centipede demon Purdue Cihang and others whom Locke had contacted before are not good people, but they are obviously more disguised than the white bones.

Especially Purdue Cihang, who almost escaped into Buddhism, backed by the mountain of Buddhism.

Of course, compared to Mo Luo’s ruthless character who hides a knife in a smile, Locke feels that he is a wicked and unabashed guy like the White-Bone Taoist, and is more ‘cute’.

All the people present also saw the malice shown by the White-Bone Taoist towards the sixth-level powerhouse Mitty of the Holy See.

However, these six-level powerhouses from different forces and civilizations are not very optimistic about the success of the white bones.

tentatively does not mention whether the Taoist Bones has the opportunity to act secretly, even if he finally finds a chance to attack Mitty, the one to emerge victorious is still unknown.

People of the same light and dark, hmph hmph hmph!

If Mitty kills the Bones Taoist, it can be regarded as an indirect damage to the fairyland civilization.


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