Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3212

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To “Unfortunately, the planes within the Star Domain of Sanoras civilization are mostly barren planes with overexploited resources.”

“Just like this long-lived civilization, it should be in a position to be eliminated by history.” The death angel Gabriel expressed his emotion.

Beside Gabriel, flying with him above the billion-dollar angel Legion is the military angel Solent.

Although the strength of the military angel Solent is the bottom of the five generations of angels, his seniority is higher.

The reason seems to be that when the creation god created them, the military angel Solent was born before Gabriel and Raphael.

The destruction of the Sanoras civilization means that the Light God clan will get out of the deepest war quagmire.

Although there is still a considerable number of resistance wars going on in the Sanoras Star Domain and its nearby Star Domain. But in the eyes of the Light God clan, they all belong to ‘small fights’, and there is no need to worry too much.

The military angel Solent is not as leisurely as Gabriel lamenting whether Sanoras Star Domain is rich or not.

Even if the plane itself is extremely barren, the treasury and resource reserves established by the Sanoras civilization on each plane are enough for the Light God family to make a fortune.

Compared with some secular resource wealth, the Light God family values ​​the population and intelligent biological groups living in this vast Star Domain more.

At the time when they chose to attack the Sanoras civilization, the Light God clan also had a consideration, which is more suitable for them to spread their beliefs. (Longitudinal first release)

In contrast, the Gallente Commonwealth and the Rose Dynasty civilization have made significant developments in the technological system, and the underlying creatures have a sense of identity with atheism.

Even if the two world civilizations are laid down, the Light God clan will take at least one or two epochs to reform the faith of the indigenous creatures and civilizations of the two Star Domains.

Not long after, Solent and Gabriel flew to the front of the Eternal Lord.

The remaining resistance and the fugitives of Sanoras will naturally be dealt with by those eight-winged and ordinary ten-winged angels.

The appearance of these two generations of angels is to prepare for the next move of the main force of the Sanoras Star Domain angel army.

“Do you have any suggestions?” The Lord’s face at this time is full of exhaustion that cannot be concealed.

The seventh-level burner of the Sanoras civilization exploded with astonishing power before he died, giving him such an eighth-level lifeform a big impact.

As for the Lord of Dawn, who was also involved in the siege, he had already withdrawn from the Light God world after the war.

Unlike the Lord of Yonghui and the Lord of Yanyang, who can hold their injuries and fight in the Dark Star Domain, the Lord of Dawn has completely bid farewell to the war.

According to the severity of the opponent’s injury, it will not be possible to engage in a real battle for at least ten thousand years.

“I suggest to fully support the dark Star Domain battlefield where the three main gods of the Lord of Radiance, the Lord of the Sun, and the Lord of Yonghui are located, and give the latest up-and-coming wizard world civilization and the pioneer troops of the fairyland who have left the chaos to deal heavy damage. “The military angel Solent said solemnly.

The suggestion of the military angel Solent, let the Eternal Lord nodded.

“Then you and Gabriel will each lead an angel Legion main force, and first support them, the glorious Lord of Dark Star Domain.”

“I will be there later.” The Lord said to the two generations of angels before him.

With the scale of Angel Legion gathered in Sanoras Star Domain, the number of angels led by military angels and death angels is at least ‘billion’.

The military angel Solent and the death angel Gabriel, who were instructed by the Eternal Lord, left immediately. It is not a small project to mobilize the angel Legion on such a scale. They need a lot of preparation.

However, if nothing else, within three years at the earliest, this number of terrorist angel Legion starting from Sanoras Star Domain will arrive at the dark Star Domain battlefield one after another.

After the military angel Solent and the death angel Gabriel left, the Eternal Lord teleported to the southwest of Sanoras Star Domain.

An area in the southwest of Sanoras Star Domain is the site of the top civilization site Atdis civilization.

As a top civilization site, the Atdis civilization site owned by the Sanoras civilization is not comprehensive, because the other half of this top civilization site is occupying the Star Domain within the Light God clan.

Although there are only half the buildings of the top civilization sites, the Sanoras civilization is very lucky to occupy the ruins of Divine City in the Attis civilization.

Attis civilization, a brilliant civilization without a mother plane, or transforming the mother plane into a giant exaggerated Divine City.

Regarding the history of the destruction of the Attis civilization, according to the speculation of the Light God family, it was destroyed by the civil war.

And after completely taking down the Sanoras civilization and reaping the other half of the remains that the Sanoras civilization has mastered.

The Light God family can remove the word ‘guess’ because this is the fact.

The Attis civilization was indeed destroyed by internal conflicts and wars, and the Sanoras civilization was originally formed by some surviving descendants of the Attis civilization.

This also explains why there are half the ruins of Attis civilization located in the territory of Sanoras Star Domain.

In the previous war, the reason why the seventh-level Burner was able to defeat the Eternal Lord for a short time and severely damage the Lord of the Dawn before his death was also because he had mastered a civilization Supreme from the Attis civilization Treasure fragments.

After half a month, the Eternal Lord appeared in a slightly desolate and deserted Star Domain southwest of Sanoras Star Domain.

The Sanoras Star Domain is a huge Star Domain with an unusually large number of Fire Attribute planes, which is also determined by the characteristics of the Sanoras.

Because they are Fire Attribute creatures, they will transform the plane of the overwhelming majority rule into a world suitable for their lives as much as possible.

Even the semi-planes or broken planes with incomplete rules, the former Sanoras were keen to transform them into stars.

But the strange thing is that the Eternal Lord is in the Star Domain at this time, and at a glance, there is no star nearby.

The dark and depressing environment makes people wonder that this is coming to the dark Star Domain.

A strange-shaped polygonal crystal quietly emerged from the hands of the Lord of Eternity, emitting a faint blue light, providing one of the few brilliance for this dark and silent Star Domain.

This blue polygonal crystal is one of the greatest gains of the Eternal Lord in Sanoras Star Domain-the civilization Supreme Treasure fragments captured from the seventh-level burner.

Don’t look at the shape of this thing as a strange crystal, but the Lord proved in actual combat that it is actually a weapon component of the civilization Supreme Treasure.

The palm-size crystal is not its full picture. Driven by a sufficiently high energy, this crystal can instantly expand to several thousand meters in size.

And, this does not seem to be its limit.


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