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To With the appearance of the polygonal crystal, along with the blue shimmer light it emits all around, layer upon layer of spatial turbulence is immediately generated in this dark Star Domain.

The crystal in the hands of the Lord of Eternity is not only a fragment of the Supreme Treasure of Attis civilization, but also the ‘key’ to enter the Attis civilization site.

Few people know that the Attis civilization site is actually located in this desolate and silent subspace of the Star Domain.

In the field of achievements in space science, Attis civilization has undoubtedly come to the forefront of many civilizations in the star realm.

Subspace expansion technology is one of the highest achievements of Attis civilization.

When the powerhouse of other civilizations can only open up a small space ranging from a few hundred or a few thousand square meters in the subspace at best, the Attis civilization can already move the entire mother plane into it.

Not long after, an oval-shaped swallowing hole, drawn by the crystal energy in the hands of the Eternal Lord, appeared before the Eternal Lord.

This is an energy channel full of illusory colors. Standing here, the Eternal Lord can even see the majestic Divine City ruins and the golden buildings on the other side of the energy channel through the energy channel.

“According to the intelligence information held by our Light God clan, the Divine City of Attis civilization is actually their civilization Supreme Treasure.”

“I don’t know if this is enough time for me to find the Divine City control core of the Attis civilization.” The Eternal Lord squeezed the polygonal crystal in his hand and muttered to himself.

Immediately, the Lord of Eternity plunged into it.

The ruins of a top civilization site are naturally full of danger and unknown. (Longitudinal first release)

But with the eighth Life Level owned by the Eternal Lord, even if the Divine City of Attis civilization is in normal operation, he has enough strength to enter and exit, not to mention that this Divine City is still disabled at this time status.

The only thing that bothers the Eternal Lord is probably only a matter of time.

The subspace created by Attis civilization is far from the normal velocity of the star realm.

If the Eternal Lord is not deeply trapped in it, I am afraid that when he comes out again, hundreds of thousands of years have passed since the outer star realm.

So this exploration is more of a trial entry.

From the time point of view of the outer star realm, only three years are left for the Lord of Eternity to explore the ruins.

Three years later, he will also command the angel army to the dark Star Domain.

“Well, the peculiar energy position fluctuates, and there really is a very strong Light Attribute energy in it.” When the Eternal Lord stepped into the entry channel of the subspace, he couldn’t help but speak out about the regular environment and energy position in this subspace Exclaimed.

Compared to the other top-level civilization relics discovered by the Light God clan, the civilization relics of Obliteration Devourer.

Although the strength of the Attis civilization in historical records is weaker than that of the Annihilation Devourer, it is even weaker than the Light God clan at this time.

But it is undeniable that the legacy of this top civilization is most suitable to be inherited and absorbed by the Light God family.

As the Eternal Lord stepped into the subspace of Divine City, the site of Attis civilization, the space channel inspired by polygonal crystals was also closed.

The exploration of civilized sites cannot be completed by one or two people.

The Eternal Lord this can be considered Early-Stage alone to explore the way. After the Light God family vacates their hands, there will naturally be a large number of Angel Legion stationed in it.


Three years later.

When the Eternal Lord appears again in this silent void without warning, it means that his journey of exploring Divine City has temporarily come to an end.

“Didn’t expect that after so long, those puppet guards in the depths of Divine City of Attis civilization can still function.” The Eternal Lord at this time, compared to when he first entered three years ago, The breath is slightly disordered.

As a guard of the Divine City core area of ​​Attis civilization, those puppets have at least Level 4 strength.

With the strength of the Eternal Lord, although the eternal lord can sweep a whole area, the number of opponents is not cheap.

And because it is located in the Divine City core area, in addition to the energy naturally absorbed, the puppet guards can also get the energy emitted from the Divine City core.

Facing the powerful ‘invader’ of the Eternal Lord, the puppet guard of Attis civilization, who has been silent for many epochs, can even burst out a lot of resistance battle strength.

The Light God clan has always given people despair with the endless angel Legion. Didn’t expect the eternal lord to suffer the same dark loss this time.

As expected, if we want to fully explore the Atdis civilization site, we need to support massive angel Legion to settle in it.

“How long has it been in the past, how is the transfer of the angel army done?” The Eternal Lord immediately held a light curtain and asked a ten-winged archangel in the Star Domain of Sanoras.

Although the status of this ten-winged archangel is not comparable to that of the military angel Solent and the death angel Gabriel, he is also a direct line of the Eternal Lord, and an old subordinate who has followed him for many years.

“Three years and 54 days have passed. The military angel Solent and the death angel Gabriel have respectively led a group of pioneer angels, Legion, to the dark Star Domain.”

“I and the other ten-winged angels are about to lead the remaining angel Legion to the dark Star Domain in accordance with the instructions left by the military angel Solent.” In the light curtain, this ten-winged archangel replied.

“Is the Time Flow Speed ​​six times the difference? It is almost close to the effect of time and space exile in the super long-distance space channel.” The Eternal Lord bowed his head in thought.

In his ontological perception, it took only half a year to enter the Divine City site of Attis civilization.

However, three years have passed since the outside world, and the six times the Time Flow Speed ​​gap will inevitably bring great inconvenience to the Light God tribe’s exploration of this Divine City.

As for the definition of the space-time exile effect of the super long-distance space channel recognized by the star realm, it is between eight and fifteen times the Time Flow Speed.

For example, when Locke was in the old tree Star Domain, or the space channel when he went to the fairyland, the Time Flow Speed ​​during the time was almost ten times that of the higher energy level Time and Space Rule.

Just as the Eternal Lord has just finished pondering, he is ready to lead the angel Legion under his command to follow the angels of army and death to the dark Star Domain.

A signal for help from other Star Domain fronts suddenly disrupted the deployment of the Lord.

This time, the one who asked the Eternal Lord for help was the Lord of the Rising Sun in the Gallente Federation War Zone!


The main battlefield of the Gallente Federation.

The blazing battleship group and damaged all-metal satellites can be seen everywhere in the huge main battlefield here.

In addition to these unusually obvious technological creations, inside and outside the damaged battleship groups and metal satellites, the corpses of Light God angels can also be seen.