Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3214

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To Like a purgatory on earth, the main battlefield of the Gallente Federation is synonymous with ‘dead silence’ at this time.

On the edge of the main battlefield, in the constant star war fortress, Jack Rodden, then the president of the Federation, was looking at the war damage report with solemnity.

“Where is General Kadiga Gaius, the five-star general, now?” After reading the heavy battle damage report, the president forced himself not to think about the long list of deaths and injuries, and asked instead Another thing.

“General Gaius and his fleet are now at the center of the doomsday weapon explosion, and there is no new news yet.” A federal secretary reported in a timely manner.

In addition to being the secretary of the president, he also serves as a part of the military.

This is the case in the federal government system. In addition to the secretary in front of him, President Jack Rodden also has 11 other secretaries.

They are responsible for helping the president deal with political, economic, cultural, social issues, and educational development. Even President Roden has two life secretaries.

The secretary’s answer caused President Rodden to fall into silence for a while.

Five-star Admiral Kadiga Gaius is his friend, the kind of friend who really makes friends.

Both of them graduated from Zhou State Capital University.

Although the two are not in the same grade, their pursuits and aspirations are extremely similar.

Because of their ideals, they become close friends.

Roden can become the president, 30% comes from self-struggle, 20% comes from luck, 40% comes from the support of many chaebols behind him, and 10% comes from the five-star general Kadiga Gai Uth’s support.

Similarly, Kadiga Gaius was able to top an Old Senior in the military and become the youngest five-star general. It also came from the strong support of President Jack Rodden.

He is also the only five-star general during the tenure of President Jack Rodden.

As for the other two five-star generals in the Federation, they were accompanied by many presidents in power long before Jack Rodden took over as president.

Among them, General Trichy Pan Baeza is the oldest. (First issue in latitude and longitude)

Because of his junior qualifications, Kadiga Gaius took the initiative to seduce the enemy to the President and Cabinet in order to gain his right to speak in the military.

Yes, to lure the enemy. Using an Olobas-class fleet as a bait, lure the Lord of the Rising Sun, the seventh-level main god of the Light God clan, to personally take action to prepare for the long-range energy-storing strike of the Conqueror-class super Titan.

The Olobas-class Titan ship is recognized by the Gallente Federation as a top fleet with a strength comparable to the seventh-level biological battle strength.

The doomsday weapons it carries, the instrument of the aurora and the guillotine kinetic energy Reaper, all have seven levels of biological attack power.

The difference is that the instrument of Aurora is a single attack, while the guillotine kinetic energy Reaper is a full coverage attack.

When Locke first came to the Gallente Federation that year, he was fortunate to have seen the guillotine kinetic energy Reaper, this doomsday weapon greatly showing divine might.

Although the Illobas-class fleet as a whole has a combat energy level comparable to that of the seventh-level creatures, it is after all a fleet with thousands of giant battleships, and it cannot be as flexible as a single seventh-level creature.

In a large-scale Legion battle, the Gallente Federation can take advantage of its fleet advantage.

But once the battlefield is subdivided, the bloated characteristics of the fleet as a whole become apparent.

Faced with a seventh-level Lord God of the Light God family who is ready to fight and go, the Gallente Federation has never been able to find a suitable way to deal with it.

It is also in this context that the war plan for the ‘battle of luring the enemy’ is presented to the president, cabinet and military.

The Lord of the Rising Sun is not a simple Lord of Light. He has the strength of Level 7 Peak. It is considered to be the most likely to be promoted to Level 8 in the past tens of thousands of years. Conventional methods of attack are very effective for this Lord of Light. micro.

The ‘conventional strike method’ mentioned here refers to the two doomsday weapons of the Aurora and the guillotine kinetic energy Reaper.

Since it is difficult for the Illobas-class Titans to effectively attack the Lord of the Rising Sun, it is necessary for the Gallente Federation to consider releasing their final weapon-the Conqueror-class Titans.

The Conqueror-class Titan has always been a ‘mystery’ in the Star Domain where the Gallente Federation is located.

Many well-known federal military strategists and politicians. Everyone has questioned the existence of conqueror-class Titans.

Because although the conqueror-class Titans shouted loudly, they have not yet shown their true appearance to hundreds of millions of people in the Federation.

Even the anti-Light God clan alliance, which is an ally of the Gallente Federation, and the Light God clan as their opponents, is not clear whether the Gallente Federation really has a battle strength comparable to that of level eight creatures.

In terms of confidentiality, the Gallente Federation is undoubtedly the best.

Today, the Gallente Federation used facts to prove that they do have Conqueror-class Titans comparable to Tier 8 creatures!

At this time, it is the five-star Admiral Trichy Pan Baeza who is driving and commanding the Conqueror-class Titan.

The reason why the main battlefield is reduced to ruins and a deadly scene is also due to the doomsday weapons carried by the Conqueror-class Titans.

In addition to the enhanced version of the Aurora and Guillotine Reaper, the Conqueror-class Titans also have a new type of doomsday weapon-the black hole maker.

Black hole maker: project a beam of energy beams, forcibly destroying the nearby spatial structure, causing it to create a black hole and suck all the enemies around.

At this time, the periphery of the main battlefield is in chaos, but if you put your eyes on the main battlefield Core Zone, you will find that there is nothing nearby except for a suppressed vortex black hole!

Countless federal battleships, angel Legion, artificial satellites, and planetary fortresses are all drawn into the black hole.

Like a never-ending window of devouring, the “black hole” created by the Gallente Federal Doomsday Weapon will become a man-made rule in this Star Domain that can be extremely threatening to the seventh-level creatures. phenomenon.

With the Gallente Federation’s understanding of black holes, it is natural to create a short-term refuge for the five-star Admiral Kadiga Gaius and his fleet.

This also uses the technological means of Subspace and Dimensional Space Domain.

The reason why the five-star Admiral Kadiga Gaius and his fleet could not be contacted at this time was also because there was a space-time barrier that was difficult to break through in a short time inside a different space.

In addition, the alien space is still located near the black hole, which interferes with the constant star war fortress of the Gallente Federation, and the message delivered to the five-star general Kadiga Gaius.

Although I was still a little worried about the safety of the five-star Admiral Kadiga Gaius and his fleet, President Jacques Rodden still turned his head and asked what was the outcome of this “battle of luring the enemy”.

“How is it, did the group of scientists in the military department discuss the results? Is the Lord of Light dead?” Jack Rodden asked his side secretary.