Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3215

The president’s question made the secretary feel nervous.

Although President Jacks Rodden’s life energy level is only Demi-God level, because he stands on the top of the power of a large world civilization, the imposing manner and oppression force owned by President Jacks Rodden, Not even worse than the fourth and fifth level creatures in those star realms.

The Gallente Federation paid such a heavy price this time, and even sacrificed six Federation Level 1 war fleets even with an Olobas-class Titan fleet as a bait.

If you can’t get an answer that satisfies the president, the president will go crazy.

The answer given by the secretary at last made President Jack Roden sighed in relief, but at the same time it was accompanied by deep regrets and regrets.

“Many military scholars represented by Paplov scientists believe that the main god of light must be severely injured under the invasion of the black hole maker.”

“As for whether to die, it will take some time to study and calculate.”

“However, what scientists such as Papulov can be sure of is that even if the opponent is not directly killed, the severe trauma he suffered will inevitably prevent the Lord of Light from participating in the war.” The secretary replied.

The secretary’s answer can only be regarded as a more qualified answer that’s all in the ears of President Jack Rodden.

In fact, among the motions proposed by the military at that time, there was a more radical bill.

That is to directly give up an Illobas-class Titan ship, and use the Illobas-class Titan fleet collective Self-destruction power, with the long-range strike power of the Conqueror-class Titan ship, which will inevitably make the opponent The Light God has fallen.

However, this extremely radical motion has ushered in a severe veto by a majority of cabinet members and the president himself. (Longitudinal first release)

How expensive the creation and maintenance of an Olobas-class Titan ship is, the group of soldiers in the military department may not be clear, because they only need to enjoy the highest priority of the federal fiscal appropriation with peace of mind.

But the president and cabinet members know it, even the top chaebols who maintain the overwhelming majority of the federal business system!

According to the current financial resources of the Gallente Federation, it is only enough to supply the service of three Olopas-class Titan ships and one Conqueror-class Titan ship, which is enough to prove that these steel giants with doomsday weapons Beasts, how much money is burning.

The power class of the Gallente Federation is impossible to sit by and watch an Olobas-class Titan ship take suicide attacks in the war.

They can accept the destruction of six federal Level 1 war fleets, and they cannot withstand the destruction of an Olobas-class Titan ship.

Compared to the Gallente Federation, the Olopas-class Titans are equivalent to the seventh-level creatures. Compared with the wizarding world, they are both indispensable for suppressing civilization.

In addition to the above reasons, the Gallente Federation did not take the most radical way to kill the seventh-level Lord of the Sun. In fact, there is a more hidden reason, that is, the Gallente Federation does not intend to face a After losing the seventh-level main god, the Light God clan was completely plunged into rage and revenge.

Of course, this hidden reason will not be announced to the public by the Gallente Federation.

Those high-level federal officials are also impossible to speak out in this regard.

Regarding the conflict with the Light God clan, the Gallente Federation hopes to maintain a balance as much as possible.

The destruction of the large-scale world Sanoras Burner civilization has sounded a wake-up call to the Gallente Federation of technological civilizations.

They have to show part of their strength and avoid their opponents from thinking of themselves as soft persimmons.

They can’t be too tyrannical, so that the Light God clan always thinks of dealing with them first.

Among the Big Three in the old anti-Light God clan alliance, the civilization of the Rose Dynasty was so soft that the Light God clan never took the other party seriously.

If it weren’t for the wizarding world to make trouble in the dark Star Domain, the civilization of the Rose Dynasty may not be long before it will follow the footsteps of the Sanoras civilization.

The extinct Sanoras civilization is too detached.

During the time when the Light God clan sent troops to the fairyland, the Sanoras Burner civilization can be described as the most dynamic civilization behind the Light God clan. During that time, they also captured the light god clan’s most faith Plane.

It is precisely because of this that the Sanoras civilization has brought itself the danger of killing and the destruction of civilization.

Compared with these two allies, the Gallente Federation will be much smarter.

They entangled the Lord of the Rising Sun with the strongest strength among the seven Lord Gods of the Light God family. But they didn’t escape like the Sanoras Burner civilization from beginning to end.

After the destruction of the Sanoras Burner civilization, the Gallente Federation, which felt a certain crisis, showed its own Conqueror-class Titan at the right time. This is the ‘bright muscle’.

In the Light God tribe and the anti-Light God tribe alliance have gone through more then 2000 years of fierce fierce battle, under the premise that the war potential has been exhausted one after another, what the Gallente Federation does will inevitably make them welcome in the future A longer period of recuperation and development.

Because it is as strong as the Light God family, if you want to move the Gallente Federation again, you have to weigh the opponent’s weight.

As for the fact that the Gallente Federation clearly has stronger hole cards, why not support the burning civilization that is about to fall.

This can only be explained as that in the face of civilization’s survival and self-interest, everyone is selfish.

The resoluteness and intensity of this retaliatory war of the Light God clan against the anti-Light God clan alliance, as early as the beginning of the war between the two sides, the federal military scholars gave corresponding answers.

The Sanoras Burner civilization is bound to be destroyed, and their destruction will extinguish part of the vengeance flame of the Light God family.

Perhaps even the Sanoras Burner civilization itself didn’t expect. In fact, as early as the beginning of the war, the Gallente Federation, as their allies, had actually planned to abandon them.

“Since it has been determined that the Lord Guangming has been severely injured, then notify the military department to immediately clean up the battlefield and search and rescue the surviving Federation soldiers.”

“Also, as soon as there is news about the five-star Admiral Kadiga Gaius and his fleet, please notify me immediately.”

“Finally, bring the Paplov scientist to my office, and I have something to ask him.” President Jack Rodden demanded.

Soon after, an old Scholar with thinning hair but still handsome in spirit appeared in the temporary office of the president specially set up inside the Hengxing Star War Fort.

Paplov scientists are the national treasure of the entire Gallente Federation.

His mentor laid the theoretical foundation for the research and development of the Illobath-class Titan ship, and Pavlov himself and his research team supported the improvement and upgrading of the Illobath-class Titan ship. , And the development of the main weapon part of the Conqueror-class Titan ship.