Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3216

In addition to his contributions to the Illobas-class Titans and Conqueror-class Titans, Paplov also led his research team to complete breakthrough research progress in many cutting-edge areas of the Federation.

For example, at this time, the constant star war fortress where President Jack Rodden was in, the various research results on energy loops and weapon carrying systems were completed by Paplov himself.

This is a true genius. The emergence of Paplov has at least taken off the development of the Gallente Federation, shortening the time of two epochs.

With the federal breakthrough in the genetic field, more and more high-level important individuals can have thousands of lifespans over 10,000 years, and Paplov will also bring greater and longer life to the Gallente Federation Contribution.

Pavlov’s age is much older than that of President Jack Rodden, and his position in the Gallente Federation, even people like the President need to make an appointment in advance if they want to see him.

Inside and outside this office, in addition to the normal presidential bodyguards and the soldiers on duty inside the constant star war fortress, at least two special personnel dedicated to protecting Paplov are hidden in the dark.

These ‘special personnel’ President Jack Rodden also understands, and he can certainly apply for it.

According to the energy level of the living organisms divided by the stars within the realm, the two special personnel who protect Pavlov have all have Life Levels above Level 4.

In the Gallente Federation, this means that they have the strength of a human fleet.

Faced with such a Zhou State treasure, President Jack Rodden also constrained his so-called presidential imposing manner.

Like a respectful junior, President Rodden used as much as possible a calm tone to ask Paplov about the questions he was most interested in.

“Pavlov Scholar, what I want to know is, through the collection of data from this war, whether our Gallente Federation has the ability to build a second Conqueror Titan ship.” President Roden asked.

He not at all asked too professional scientific research questions, he just wanted to know the results.

Pavlov obviously also knows that it is extremely stupid to talk to a president about the current technical difficulties, so he is also willing to talk to the president in a more direct way.

“It’s not working for the time being, we don’t at all get enough perfect crystals.” Paplov said, shaking his head.

‘Perfect Crystal’, the Gallente Federation’s definition of a top energy crystal.

To call it perfect, it means it

The structure and energy components have reached the Peak level known in the astral world.

In fact, this crystal will not have any world or plane conceived, it is a synthetic creation.

In the Gallente Federation, it is Paplov’s mentor who is called the ‘father of perfect crystals’ or the ‘founders of perfect crystals’.

This is a product accidentally produced by Pavlov’s mentor in an experimental accident.

And “Perfect Crystal” is also the main source of energy for the Illobas-class and Conqueror-class Titans.

Only such a “perfect crystallization” can support the Illobas-class Titans and the Conqueror-class Titans, which are comparable to the terror energy output of the seventh and eighth biological battle strengths respectively.

As for the synthesis method of perfect crystallization, in addition to many rare top resources in the star realm, it also needs to be supplemented by the plane Star Core or the energy core of the sixth-level Peak creature as the main material.

The plane Star Core is a regular and complete plane, a treasure that can be nurtured by collecting all the essence of the plane.

Once the Star Core of the plane is taken, the will of this plane will die, and the plane will fall into a process of collapse and disintegration.

The spellcasters of the wizard world call this thing the ‘heart of the plane’.

However, since wizards do not need the mind of the plane when they are world overwhelming majority, they pay more attention to the value of the plane itself, so it is almost impossible to do such things.

Since the Gallente Federation possesses the transformation technology of the artificial colonization planet, it does not pay much attention to whether the will and the rules of the plane will collapse.

This is the difference caused by the completely different development systems of the two world civilizations, which are different from the road of civilization promotion.

There are not many planes with complete rules in the star realm. The Gallente Federation has no extra energy to conquer those weak worlds and civilizations under the prerequisite of the pressure of such great enemies as the Light God clan outside.

Compared with the Light God family only spreading faith, the Gallente Federation’s move to directly seize the Star Core plane in order to obtain perfect crystals is undoubtedly more thorough.

This is almost ruining a future.

After all, not all worlds follow the same path of technological development as the Gallente Federation.

Not all planes have the transformation technology of artificial colonization planet.

Being in the big family of the anti-Light God tribe alliance, the Gallente Federation cannot extend the greedy sharp claw to the weak planets and civilizations around it too much.

The place

In the nearly 100,000 years of development of the Federation, the overwhelming majority is the result of a war with the Light God clan and the capture of the sixth-level Peak Angel core.

The biggest difference between the sixth-level Peak creatures and the sixth-level creatures is that they touch a barrier that is only available to the seventh-level creatures.

Just like Half-God Level creatures, although Life Level is still at Level 3, they can use some of the Law Power that Level 4 creatures have.

The main material of the perfect crystal can only be replaced by the energy core of the plane Star Core and the sixth-level Peak creature!

Of course, if it is the heart core of level seven creatures, the effect is even better.

Now the only one conqueror-class Titan ship in the Gallente Federation is the perfect crystallization of its energy supply. Its main material comes from the heart core of a Light God family that has fallen to the seventh-level main god.

In the history of the anti-Light God clan alliance, there has been a record of killing the seventh-level main god of the Light God clan.

At that time, in the distribution of the spoils, the Gallente Federation only took away the heart core of the main god of light. As for other materials, they belonged to several other large and medium world civilizations.

It was the contribution of the Lord of Light that allowed the Gallente Federation to have a more formidable power conqueror-class Titan.

President Jack Rodden, who got the answer from Pavlov, showed obvious disappointment on his face.

This time, the Light God tribe’s Lord of the Rising Sun was hit hard, and the Conqueror-class Titan was exposed.

After this battle is over, the attention and hostility of the Light God family will inevitably be ushered in.

In the face of this situation, if the Gallente Federation can rebuild a conqueror-class Titan ship, it will surely be able to stabilize the situation and even bring it up a level.

After noticing the disappointment that appeared on President Roden’s face, Paplov sorted out the language, and then said, “Although it is not enough to build a new Conqueror-class Titan, but in this war The gains and the accumulation of the Federation over the past tens of thousands of years are enough for us to build a new Titan fleet under the premise of supplementing the current consumption of Titans.”

This remark of Paplov finally made President Jack Roden’s face a lot better,


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