Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3219

The dark Star Domain battlefield.

In recent years, the Light God clan has continued to increase its troops continuously, so that the once-dominant wizarding world army and salted fish coalition forces have had to delay their offensive pace.

Tens of millions of angel Legions reinforce the Dark Star Domain. With such a sustained and efficient increase in troops, no one knows how many Legions the Light God family has prepared.

In the previous dark Star Domain battlefield, the advantage that Wizard World achieved came from the underlying Legion.

Now with the arrival of so many angel Legion reinforcements, the advantages accumulated in the early stage of the wizard world are gradually being smoothed by the Light God family.

Fortunately, the wizard world is sufficiently prepared for this.

There are tens of millions of angel Legion in the Light God clan who continue to reinforce, and the slave creature army of the wizard world also continues to follow up from the enslavement plane from the rear without delay.

Someone commented that Wizard World is an advanced civilization full of reason and wisdom.

But before calling it rational and advanced, please don’t forget the wizard world, but there is also the title of ‘slave master’.

In terms of controlling the plane of slavery, the Knights and magicians of the Wizarding World can be said to have used them to the extreme.

Members who have joined the Wizarding League such as Divine Race, Norman Federation, Namek, Dead Spirit Realm, etc. are actually good.

If it is those weak planes that are not even qualified to join the Wizarding Alliance, then what awaits them is the ruthless and powerful wizard world, draining their last drop of value.

Although the follow-up alliance slave creature Legion continues to be supplemented, in the face of more and more Light God clan angel Legion, the sixth-level Knight like Locke also feels a little pressure. (First issue in latitude and longitude)

Not to mention, in addition to the massive bottom slave creature Legion, the eight-wing and ten-wing angels in these angels are no longer in the minority.

Originally, thanks to the help of foreign aid from the fairyland civilization, the six-level biological advantage that Wizard World achieved in the early and mid-term of the war was gradually equalized by the Light God family, and even overtaken.

After all, it is part of the main force of the Light God family that arrived at the Dark Star Domain, and the support for the wizard world is only the cultivator of Demon Sect and Section Cult.

The second main battlefield of the Dark Star Domain, the War Zone is in charge of the sixth-level Knight Locke of the Western Islands.

Facing the dead angel Gabriel who suddenly came to this War Zone.

On the premise that the call to the ancestors of Netherworld River was fruitless, fortunately, the sixth-level Peak powerhouse Allen of the Holy See did not make this War Zone wizard world appear obvious decline.

Although the death angel Gabriel is controlled by the Holy See powerhouse Allen, the other eight-wing and ten-wing archangels of the Light God clan supporting this War Zone have become a problem.

In fact, it is not only the main battlefield that Locke is in charge of, but also other battlefields in the dark Star Domain. Similar situations need to be resolved.

The reinforcements of the Light God clan are coming fiercely, and they have a breath of convincing the wizard world and the immortal alliance army.

In this case, in addition to the actual pressure on the battlefield, many senior wizards in the world are also under psychological pressure.

This is the first time the Wizarding World has publicly started a war against the Light God clan. This battle is a win or a loss, and the final impact and significance must be completely different.

The stored energy of Thunder God Armor is less than 60%, which means that Locke has just ended a battle.

Even War Zone leaders like him need to go to battle in person, which is enough to see the heavy pressure given by the Light God clan in recent years.

However, compared to the slight fatigue he felt in the war, Locke’s more headache is the situation he will face next.

“Are you really leaving this War Zone?” In the main control room of the Space Fortress, Locke couldn’t help asking San Xiao in front of him again.

“My elder brother was hit hard in another War Zone and his life or death is uncertain. My sisters and I will definitely go to help.” Sanxiao eldest sister Yunxiao said.

Section Cult Sanxiao is the most handy powerhouse in the War Zone controlled by Locke.

Different from other fairyland powerhouses, which are more or less arrogant, in Section Cult Three Xiaos, except for the youngest Bi Xiao, who is a bit difficult to deal with, the other two Yun Xiao and Qiong Xiao, but until now, Locke There is no difference in combat assignments.

Just like their original intention when they left the immortal domain with the Master, Sanxiao arrived in the Dark Star Domain not for breakthrough matters, nor for the profit of the rich plane war. It was entirely due to the command of the teacher.

If there is a little more, then it may have to rise to represent the immortal domain to avenge the invasion of the Light God clan.

In other words, Sanxiao left Xianyu and joined the dark Star Domain battlefield without any selfish desires.

Therefore, they will

There is not much objection to the war assignment of Locke, the wizard world powerhouse.

But today, San Xiao will lead their sect members and disciple to leave this War Zone and go to another main battlefield in the Dark Star Domain.

This has to be said to be a loss for Locke.

Fortunately, Sanxiao’s departure is only the three of their sisters, and some of their Direct Disciple.

It does not mean that Section Cult 10 Heavenly Monarch and other Section Cult cultivators are also leaving.

Otherwise, Locke can consider giving up the current front and choosing to withdraw strategically.

Locke does not have much binding force on the disciplines of Section Cult. After all, both parties are not a powerhouse of world civilization.

In the face of Sanxiao’s insistence to leave, Locke can only nodded and said, “Well, I will greet you other wizards who are passing through the War Zone world powerhouse and provide you with convenience.”

“If you have anything else that needs my help, please mention it.” Locke said.

“many thanks Locke Knight.” Yunxiao didn’t have the shelf of a quasi-sage powerhouse, leaned slightly, holding a whisk, and queried to Locke.

After sending away Section Cult Sanxiao and its sect members and disciple, Locke couldn’t help but grow sighed.

The departure of Sanxiao means more than just a sudden pressure on the main battlefield that Locke is responsible for.

It also means that there is another main battlefield where creatures of level 7 or above are fighting, and something has changed.

Maybe others don’t know it, but as one of the wizards’ high-level powerhouses in the world, Locke, who is always paying attention to the battle of Saint, knows that Zhao Gongming, a well-known quasi-Saint of Section Cult, assisted Heavenspan Cult Lord to maintain Immortal Beheading Sword Formation. Important quasi-sage battle strength.

Even Zhao Gongming, who was holding one of the Immortal Beheading Four Swords, was severely injured. Doesn’t it mean that Immortal Beheading Sword Formation also has corresponding problems?

The dark Star Domain battlefield can maintain the current situation, and a large part of it depends on the Heavenspan Cult Lord one against two, which is against the two Light God gods, the Lord of Yonghui and the Lord of Yanyang.

If Heavenspan Cult Lord’s repressive power ceases, it will inevitably affect the entire war.

Also in this brief moment, Locke felt a sense of powerlessness after a long absence.

Sure enough, relying on others is not a right move. Only if you are strong can you deal with crises from any aspect.