Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3221

There is no doubt about Mrs. Gila’s care and love for Beev.

If Sarafa is her daughter, then Beve is regarded as a granddaughter.

Many spellcasters in Wizard World have no partners. Unlike Knight, who must rely on bloodline as an inheritance, spellcasters are generally relatively indifferent to the issue of childbirth.

(ps: Locke’s women are more concerned because Locke is a Knight.)

In the absence of a direct bloodline, as the apprentices of the casters’ will inheritance, they become the offspring in the eyes of the casters.

Under the unique mentorship system of the Wizarding World, Revered Master emphasizes the importance of becoming a quality that must be kept in mind by generations of spellcasters.

With the help of Beve, Locke finally got rid of Mrs. Gila’s dissatisfaction.

Locke also felt a touch of warmth when seeing the old man constantly taking out the medicine from his arms and stuffing Beve’s hands, or asking if he needed other magic materials.

Without mentioning the follow-up matters of Mrs. Gila’s arrival at this main battlefield, Locke hurried back to the Space Fortress main control room after welcoming the two.

After hundreds of years of war, Locke’s command of the Western Islands is not without damage.

Two years ago, a space fortress under Locke’s name exploded directly. This was originally Locke’s gift to Qiao Jin’s holy tower.

Fortunately, the last time Locke ordered enough space fortresses from the business alliance Capecchi, the crash of a space fortress was nothing.

In addition to the loss of the space fortress, Level 4 Knight Eugen fell.

This should be the first native Level 4 Knight that has fallen in the Western Islands.

Level 4 Knight Eugen did not at all build the Knight Hall, or he originally planned to build it, but before the Knight Hall was built, he ushered in fate.

Eugen is an ‘old man’ from the western archipelago a little older than Locke. It is the same era as the bronze man Argus and the Maskless Jos.

The death of this Level 4 Knight is still not very embarrassing.

Fortunately, Eugen’s fall is just an example.

Locke is in charge of the main battlefield, and most of the cultivators from the fairyland civilization are the cultivators of the fairyland civilization, and the few are the local Level 4 Demon Kings of the Dark Star Domain.

With the special care of Locke, the commander-in-chief of the War Zone, the damage to the local strength of the western archipelago is controlled

At its smallest.

A slap stretched out has lengths and weaknesses. Who doesn’t protect the shortcomings?

Locke’s move is also such is human nature.

Other alien creatures who participated in the war met, and they only envied the Knights and magicians of the western islands.

In addition to the fall of Level 4 Knight Eugen, the level 6 Black Rider Volta also lost two Level 4 Black Riders, one of whom was even Volta’s lieutenant.

Locke can take care of his own people, but for the Black Rider group under Volta, he doesn’t have that much energy.

Besides, the main reason why two Level 4 Black Riders have fallen is to blame the group of Black Riders for their greed.

In the plane war with the Light God clan, the profits from the early and mid-term wars have made overwhelming majority participants earn a lot of money.

But there are still some people who are not satisfied, they want more.

Lucky people will naturally retreat.

People with a little bit of bad luck, only death greets them.

After all, the Light God family is not a persimmon.

It is the black magician group led by Nigel, and the damage interval is all below Level 4.

As for the black magicians above Level 4, none of them have fallen. This is a miracle of neither too big nor too small.

None of the black magicians above Level 4 have fallen, thanks to the group of black magicians who are cautious and cunning like ghosts.

The really mindless black magician has been eliminated by the powerhouse of the same level as early as the fierce competition in the dark continent, and has become a stepping stone for others to advance to a higher level.

The black magician who survived and was promoted to Level 4 in the black domain, which one is not a human spirit?

Today, the black magician group has very cleverly chosen to drink soup behind the tens of millions of dark creatures Legion on the battlefield.

In terms of status, although these dark magicians have been ostracized in the wizarding world, they are out of the wizarding world. Their status as spellcasters in the wizarding world is naturally noble than the dark creatures.

Even some dark Demon Kings who don’t know much about the internal development of the wizard world will be deceived by these black magicians above Level 4, and are willing to be used by these black magicians.

For this scenario, Locke can only say that knowledge and wisdom are also important components of a person’s strength.

The main control room of Space Fortress.

Locke first glanced at the loss data of Knight and magician Legion in the western archipelago, and then immediately processed the request for help from the Demon Path Sect faction.

This is a request for help from Soul Sect.

Animal husbandry Soul Sect is only a medium-sized Sect attached to the Heavenly Dao Alliance and is a member of the Heavenly Dao Alliance.

The most powerful house in its sect is two Fifth Level ghost repairers. On this main battlefield, it can also be regarded as a middle and upper level battle strength.

Mu Soul Sect’s request for help caused Locke’s brows to be raised slightly. He remembered that he had only sent corresponding support for battle strength not long ago.

But now we are in a fierce battle, leaving Locke not much time to think about these things.

After a few more questions, I learned that the venomous Demon King of the Dark Star Domain has just been withdrawn from the battlefield and has the ability to support.

So he immediately contacted the Baleful Queen Andariel, asking him to dispatch the venomous Demon King as soon as possible to support the War Zone where Soul Sect is located.

In addition to handling requests for assistance from Soul Sect, Locke also started to handle multiple resource scheduling issues for the Western Group Island Lord War Zone.

It is worth mentioning that due to the surge in the pressure of the Dark Star Domain war, the Light God clan cut off the secret space channel between the Wizarding World and the Gallente Federation, and the anti-Light God clan alliance will pay a large sum to the Wizarding World Military expenditures for subsequent wars were temporarily shelved.

Fortunately, the anti-Light God family alliance has also quickly made a solution.

The war supplies that support the wizard world will be the responsibility of the Rose Dynasty civilization.

Don’t think that the military expenses that Wizard World received were paid by the Gallente Federation or the Rose Dynasty civilization.

They are not so noble!

The anti-Light God tribe alliance is a big collective.

In this collective, there are world civilizations, including the Gallente Federation, the Rose Dynasty civilization, and the evil marsh civilization, which directly fought with the Light God clan angel army.

Naturally, there are also world civilizations that are behind the battlefield and do not directly border the War Zone of the Light God clan.

In this case, it is natural that some people will be able to contribute.

Many civilizations understand the truth about the death of lips and teeth.

The Wizard World does not care whether those world civilizations are voluntary or forced to join the anti-Light God alliance.

Knights and magicians represented by Locke only care about when their next batch of war supplies will arrive.