Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3222

After dealing with the things at hand, before Locke could catch his breath, the frontline once again applied for support.

This time, the one who needs to go to support is the sixth-level powerhouse, because a new eight-winged angel appeared in the target area.

During a round of inquiries, I found that the sixth-level powerhouse on his side was either in a state of fighting, or had just been withdrawn from the front line and needed a temporary rest.

Locke, which no one can send, can only hold on to his body in the end, and move on to the top.

Locke will voluntarily voluntarily. There is also a reason. The place that needs to support the War Zone is not regarded as the main battlefield where the high-level powerhouses of both sides frequently exchange fires. The risk factor will be much lower.

The reason for being so cautious is that a year and a half ago, many eight-winged angels of the Light God family suddenly implemented a beheading plan on Locke without warning.

At that time, Locke was also personally supporting a battle zone close to the core area of ​​the battlefield.

But when Locke arrived, the eight-winged angels all around the battlefield immediately gave up on their opponents, and all killed Locke.

If it weren’t for Locke’s Thor suit, it was strong enough.

If it weren’t for the nearby battlefields of Andariel, Section Cult Golden Immortal, and Star Spirit Race’s six-level powerhouse, Zeratul would provide timely support.

It is really possible for Locke to fall in the sewer.

Of course, Locke was able to retreat from the biggest factor at the time.

It came from Mitty, the sixth-level powerhouse of the Holy See, who restrained a ten-winged archangel nearby for him.

Otherwise, Locke’s ending is really hard to say.

The Light God family, who has never played any crafty plots and machinations, has always been crushed head-on. Now they will implement the beheading plan?

This aspect shows that the Light God family is not as dead-headed as other people think.

On the other hand, it also shows from the side that the Alliance of Wizarding World and Immortal Territory has indeed brought great pressure to the Light God family, which led to their attack on Locke, the War Zone commander. (Longitudinal first release)

With the speed blessing of Thunder God Armor’s Hefeng Attribute Law, Locke arrived at the target battlefield soon.

This is the War Zone responsible for the army of the Dark Creature Army and the members of the Wizard Alliance.

In addition to millions of dark creatures, Legion, and a few different types of alien creatures forming a mixed Legion, Locke also saw this battlefield as the commander in command

A Fifth Level dark Demon King, and his old acquaintance Fifth Level evil beast Black Flood Dragon.

At this time, the situation of the Fifth Level Dark Demon King and Black Flood Dragon is very bad. Facing a bright divine might of an eight-winged angel of the Light God clan, they are being crushed from beginning to end.

Fifth Level Dark Demon King is a weird creature with pitch black eyeballs. Its name is Demon King.

Although it is not a direct line of Andariel, it is also considered a veteran Demon King in the Diablo Star Domain, with Fifth Level late-stage strength.

Facing the invasion of the eight-winged angels of the Light God clan, this dead-eyed Demon King was covered in pitch black epidermis with thick sores, and countless rot dripped dripping.

Like ice cubes that dissolve in the sun, if Locke does not arrive in time, perhaps the next moment, this guy will melt directly in the bright holy flame of the eight-winged angel.

The situation of the Fifth Level evil beast Black Flood Dragon is better. Its strength is much stronger than that of the Demon King, and because it is taking the route of passive evolution and fighting physique, when facing a more powerhouse, Can hold on for a while.

And the deeper reason this guy can maintain a good relationship is that most of the pressure to resist the Light God clan eight-winged angels was thrown to the dead eye Demon King, and he runs the fastest.

Of course, this approach of Black Flood Dragon just allows one to persist longer that’s all.

As long as the eight-winged angel solves the dead-eyed Demon King, and then comes to find its trouble, Black Flood Dragon is cunning, it is difficult to get out of the pursuit of a sixth-level powerhouse.

The timely appearance of Locke made the Black Flood Dragon who was constantly retreating and fleeing overjoyed.

It also knows the temper of the wizard’s world sixth-level powerhouse. Now that Locke has arrived, Black Flood Dragon has no reason to continue to flee.

With a roar, along with the rolling Dragon’s Might, the Black Flood Dragon turned his head and moved towards the eight-winged angel backhanded.

Faced with the sudden uprising of the Black Flood Dragon, the eight-winged angel who is pushing the dead-eyed Demon King into a desperate situation, was a little surprised for a while.

But the eight-winged angel is more concerned about Locke, who has already rushed to the battlefield.

A Thor suit, plus the dark flame wings of pitch black and the hideous, sharp bone spurs, there is no doubt about the identity of the person here.

After being maliciously encircled and suppressed last time, Locke knew that he was definitely registered on the Light God clan.

In fact, it is not just Locke. As the military angel Solent arrived on the dark Star Domain battlefield, overwhelming majority witch

The powerhouses of level 6 or above that appeared in the division world and the immortal coalition forces have all been paid attention to by the Light God family, and targeted responses.

The reason why the quasi-sage Zhao Gongming had an accident on the other main battlefield of the Dark Star Domain was the work of the army angel Solent.

The Dead Eye Demon King also broke out his last remaining energy at this time. He knows that the arrival of the sixth-level Knight Locke actually means that his life is safe.

As much as possible to hold down the opponent, there is also the idea of ​​dragging this eight-winged angel into the water.

The fellow Black Flood Dragon just wanted to come to the Dark Star Domain to make a difference. As the native Demon King of the Dark Star Domain, the Dead Eye Demon King witnessed the death of Demon God Mephisto, which he followed. It is conceivable that the Demon King hated the Light God clan in the late Fifth Level.

Numerous drops of black liquid on the floor table gathered around the Dead Eye Demon King. Locke had always thought that this guy was attacked by the Light Power of the Eight Winged Angels. Now it is actually the Dead Eye Demon King’s. A means of self-protection, it used to show weakness to the eight-winged angel in order to reduce the other’s guard.

The corrosive black liquid that has gathered is complete, and along with the dead eye Demon King’s center of the eye, a deep red pupil slowly opens.

The repressive and terrifying negative energy gathered into a line and shot straight towards the chest cavity of the Eight Winged Angel.

Fighting with the Light God clan for so long, the dark creatures have already figured out the bright jade in the angel’s chest, which is their real life gate.

The Eight Winged Angel did not expect that the Dead Eye Demon King could explode with such extra power.

In normal times, according to the strength and reaction ability of the Eight Winged Angel, it is naturally difficult to be succeeded by the Dead Eye Demon King.

But at this time, Locke first attracted his mind, and then the Dead Eye Demon King intentionally showed weakness to reduce his guard, and the distance between the two parties was so short, it made the Dead Eye Demon King a hit!

The dark gray energy ray hits the eight-winged angel’s chest, causing this powerful angel with a sixth-level Life Level to stagger in an instant.

Although it will not achieve the effect of severe damage, the Demon King’s desperate counterattack still caused considerable damage to the eight-winged angel.

After arriving on the battlefield, Locke, who witnessed this scene throughout, naturally will not let go of this great opportunity.

The “crackle” lightning lingered, Locke, holding Thor’s gun, went straight to the eight-winged angel.