Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3223

During the pre- and mid-stage war of the Dark Star Domain, there were not many opportunities for Locke to take action.

As one of the top powerhouses in the wizarding world, he is responsible for the main battlefield scheduling of the Dark Star Domain second only to Saint battle under the circumstances.

Compared to fighting at the level of a six-level powerhouse, Locke’s more important responsibility and mission is to command the overall situation.

But long-term command of the overall situation does not mean that Locke has neglected to improve the battle.

In addition to Locke, who often sharpens himself in field warfare, the departure of cultivators such as Section Cult Sanxiao also forced Locke to appear on the battlefield many times.

One and a half years ago, he was almost besieged by the Light God clan. It was because Locke got into the battlefield too much, and the Light God clan found the law.

Taking advantage of the eight-winged angel being counterattacked by the dead eye Demon King Danger Land, and staggering into a stiff gap, Locke, holding the Thor’s spear, slew to the eight-winged angel.

Thousands of years of use has already made Locke the highest proficiency in Thor’s Gun.

A power grid appeared in Locke’s waving, accompanied by Locke’s own Wind Element Rule Power and Thunder Law bred by the Thor’s Spear, like a Thunder Tribulation from the sky, smashing the eight-winged angel’s forehead.

Thor’s Gun is a world-class treasure, and there is no doubt about the blessing of Locke.

Although these eight-winged angels are not weak, they have no world-class secret treasures. When facing Locke with Thor’s suit, they are naturally at a disadvantage.

And Locke’s state at this time is much better than this eight-winged angel. If the battle continues, there is no need to mention the result.

Although the angels of the Light God clan are extremely crazy in the battle, they are not stupid.

Especially after the military angel Solent arrived on the dark Star Domain battlefield, he formulated a series of strategies and invitations, the most important of which was to kill the enemy on the premise of protecting himself.

If it is another wizard world or fairyland sixth-level powerhouse, this eight-winged angel may still have the idea of ​​a battle.

But if it is Locke who has a Thor suit and has reached the late stage of the sixth level, this eight-winged angel may have exhausted the strength of Faith and Light God within the body, and it is difficult to cause any effective blow to Locke , In the end, I will take myself in. (First issue in latitude and longitude)

Looking at the eight-winged angels and retreating, Locke also roughly figured out the opponent’s.


He originally arrived at this battlefield to resolve the application for help from the dead eye Demon King and Black Flood Dragon, and there is no need to ask the other side to be a deadly enemy.

At first Locke is also holding the idea of ​​helping Demon King and the others.

But at this time, when the eight-winged angel was counterattacked by the dead-eyed Demon King’s Danger Land, and his body was declining by a small amount, Locke was thinking again.

“You two helped me and let this guy escape!” Locke said to the dead-eyed Demon King and Black Flood Dragon behind him.

With the strength of the dead eye Demon King and Black Flood Dragon, they directly participated in this siege against the eight-winged angels. Their contribution was really limited, and even accidentally lost their own lives.

Therefore, Locke’s request for the two is simpler, that is, to block the back of the Eight Winged Angel as much as possible to prevent him from escaping.

In the same level biological confrontation, Locke already has the absolute ability to suppress the eight-winged angel.

But precisely because of the existence of the same level, if the eight-winged angel wants to escape, there is really no good way for Locke.

This dilemma of Locke also reflects the dilemma that high-level lifeforms above Level 4 will encounter when the life level is not much different.

It is easy to judge the high and the weak, but the difference between life and death is not so easy.

This is also since the start of the Dark Star Domain war hundreds of years ago, there are few six-level powerhouses that have fallen from both sides.

(ps: The calm wizard world level six powerhouse has not yet fallen, but on the side of the fairyland coalition forces, two Great Principle Golden Immortal level cultivators have unfortunately fallen.)

In the face of Locke’s request, Blind Eye Demon King did not have any coy delay.

This guy suffered the heaviest injuries, but his fighting style and sturdy imposing manner are even more powerful than Black Flood Dragon, a monster that is stronger than it.

More than a dozen pitch black energy balls appeared around the body of the Demon King of the Dead Eye. As the Demon King of the Dead Eye flew towards the retreat route of the Eight Winged Angel, these energy balls were also constantly emitting light beams to block the Eight Winged Angel’s retreat.

Fifth Level evil beast Black Flood Dragon faced Locke’s request, although his heart was a little reluctant, but with the dead eye Demon King acting first, this guy couldn’t figure out what to delay.

The huge dragon body has grown again. The most powerful part of the Black Flood Dragon is not the attack on the energy attribute.

It is its fleshly body strength.

The Black Flood Dragon, which has soared to the size of several thousand meters, is like a mountain in the starry sky at this moment.

And because the scales of this guy’s body surface are all black, in the dark and silent Star Domain environment, it adds a secret and terrifying temperament out of thin air.

As a late-stage powerhouse of level 6, Locke has naturally fallen.

With Black Flood Dragon and Dead Eye Demon King assisting him, he was a little bit more confident that he forcibly left the eight-winged angel.

The billowing demon flames gush out from the gaps in the armor on Locke’s body. The completely metallic Thunder God Armor seems to be unable to wrap Locke’s horrible Demon King-like.

Locke’s magic flame is different from his initial period with only emotional power. With netherworld ghost fire, Nine Nether hellfire, red lotus karmic fire and the destruction of lotus seeds absorbed not long ago, Locke’s body surface is dark. There are many different attributes of terrorist power.

And because the sources of these powers are relatively high-level, even if the fifth or sixth powerhouse is contaminated, it will have to pay no small price for it.

The blessing of Gun Gun Demon Flame and terrifying aura makes Locke’s temperament at this moment even more exaggerated than Demon Realm’s Demon King and Hell’s Demon.

At least with the strength of the eight-winged angel right now, it is absolutely not a level of confrontation with Locke.

At the eight-winged angel level, I am afraid that only the eight-winged angel Moses that Locke had contacted before is qualified to fight him.

But the shortcomings of Moses are also obvious. Because of the relationship between the two reincarnations, Moses’ soul strength is not enough to consume. If Locke is determined to fight the opponent for a long time, he can still consume the opponent alive with two world-class artifacts.

This eight-winged angel can’t even compare to Moses at level. How can he compete with Locke?

It was also when this eight-winged angel gradually felt the threat of life and inspired Light God to quickly get out of the battle, seeing the magic flame on Locke’s body instantly dispersed into more than twenty Heavenly Fire pillars.

With more than twenty Heavenspan magic fire pillars standing in all directions of this eight-winged angel, these Heavenly Fire pillars also slowly walked out of Locke’s silhouette.

Phantom Clone ability!

As Locke gradually gains a foothold in the late stage of the sixth level, he has become more proficient in controlling this skill that has a great effect on the actual combat level.