Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3224

With Fire Phoenix Mourinho just breaking through the sixth-level situation, it is undoubtedly foolish to defeat him.

But what is surprising is that in the face of a powerful enemy, not only did Fire Phoenix Mourinho not back down, but he was fighting intent high.

This is still the same situation that Locke faced before. Although Fire Phoenix Munirio could not beat the opponent, after a fierce battle, it was still able to withdraw in time with its extraordinary physique and speed.

And because it is located in the hinterland of the main battlefield, there are not too many wizards in the world and the six-level powerhouse on the Xianyu side.

At the time when Fire Phoenix did not perform well or was about to fall, naturally there was a nearby six-level powerhouse to lend a helping hand.

From this point of view, most of the cruelty and terrorist casualty rate of plane wars belong only to the bottom creature Legion.

Survival of the fittest.

Only by becoming stronger can we face dangerous situations in a variety of emergencies.


The emergence of Fire Phoenix, a new level six creature, undoubtedly relieved part of the pressure on the wizarding world army, the main battlefield of the Dark Star Domain.

This kind of breakthrough situation is not only performed by the wizard world and the fairyland, but also often happens in the Light God family.

At the time when the endless darkness and death are approaching, the breakthrough is completed due to the fanatical belief and the endless pursuit of light.

Light God clan angels who are promoted in this way are even far better than their ordinary counterparts

Don’t be stronger than angels.

Therefore, the war between the Light God family and the wizard world and the Xianyu coalition forces in the dark Star Domain has gradually evolved into a tug of war with the continuous reinforcement of the two sides.

Wizard World has lost the quantitative advantage of high-level battle strength before and during the war.

Even because of the arrival of many elite angels led by military angels and death angels, Legion, the Light God clan’s number of battle strength levels above level 6 has begun to surpass the combination of wizard world and fairyland.

Fortunately, the reinforcements of the Light God family are not endless. With the first wave of the strongest counterattack brought by the army angels and death angels after they arrived, they were withstood by the wizard world and the fairyland coalition forces. The war became a little easier.

The Eternal Lord led the remaining angel Legion of Sanoras Star Domain to fight the Gallente Federation, which is regarded as a respite for the wizard world and the fairy domain.

Otherwise, waiting for the arrival of the Eternal Lord and the remaining hundreds of millions of angels Legion, the wizard world really does not know how to respond.


Two years later.

The dark Star Domain battlefield, the War Zone where the Western Islands are located.

With the end of two years of fierce battle, the eight-winged angel who was the enemy of Locke finally exhausted its energy, revealing a precarious situation.

During this period, the Light God clan also tried every means to implement reinforcements to the eight-winged angel, but they were all blocked by the six-level powerhouse dispatched by Western Islands and Xianyu.

At this point, looking at the overall situation, the situation in the entire dark Star Domain battlefield is actually like this.

To make it simpler, that is, if the Light God clan does not have other large-scale angel Legion reinforcements, the battle of the Dark Star Domain will be maintained in a delicate balance.

The Wizarding World and Xianyu Coalition Forces are indeed very difficult to stop during this period.

But if the Light God tribe wants to directly take the wizard world and the immortal alliance army by this, I am afraid it is not enough.

Rolling Demon Flame has defiled the holy wings of the eight-winged angel into black purple. Although the eight-winged angel still chants the praise to Light God, everyone can see that he has reached the point of exhaustion. .


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