Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3410

Magic Rael, when Locke came into contact with this name again, it was the seventh month after Locke had secretly contacted Carter Gustavo.

That’s another battlefield in the structure of Star Domain, a Low Plane full of elite mutant creatures Legion and Force Legion.

The arrival of the magical riel broke the long-standing stalemate between the two sides, and several millions of the nine civilizations, Legion, were affected by it and became nervous.

When the chaotic will becomes dominant and the clarity in the mind of each organism is no longer, it indicates that the world has become a complete purgatory on earth.

What’s even more outstanding about Rael is her influence on high-level creatures. Those millions of low-level creatures Legion are only infected by the unconscious fluctuations of rules around her.

As a force user of the Ketra Empire, who was the opponent of the magical Riel at that time, his whereabouts were unknown at the end of the war.

It is said that he was dragged into a different space by Rael, and there are also rumors that Rael controlled him and was attacked by two other demon kings on the battlefield at that time, and finally fell.

In short, the advent of the magic demon Riel has caused nine civilizations to fall down the second sixth-level creature.

Prior to this, there was only one Mecha, a six-level structure of civilization, which was blown up by the demon kings due to fierce fighting.

At this stage of the sixth-level creature, sometimes even the fall is extremely difficult.

You can’t beat at least you can run. At the beginning, the mosquitoes of Xianyu were under the siege of many powerful enemies, but they ran away.

In addition to having an overwhelming power to kill opponents at the sixth level, there is also a number advantage.

It was also after the death of the Level 6 Force user that the reputation of Phantom Riel was built on the Star Domain battlefield, and it ushered in its peak. (Longitudinal first release)

In the sky of Jingcan 4 planet, Locke recklessly appeared outside the star realm, quietly watching the movements of the opposite demon Legion.

Up to now, the specific battlefield is no longer confined to the plane.

The stage in the plane is really too small. At the level of six creatures like Locke, if they can really let go of their hands and feet to fight, they need to be a medium-sized plane.

But for the entire architecture of the Star Domain, there is only one medium-sized plane, and that is the architecture star.

Under the strenuous resistance of Mecha, the architecture civilization and hundreds of millions of architectures, the Star of Architecture is still one of the few pure land in this Star Domain, and has not been invaded by war.

In the starry sky, Locke watched the transformation of the opposite demon Legion, and witnessed a coquettish female demon with blue and green eyes coming out from the depths of the demon army.

She is like a plague god that no one wants to touch. Every step forward, the demons around her will inevitably step back a few steps to the side.

At the same time as this starry sky battlefield, there are three demon kings.

The first is the sixth-level Peak demon Garon Sol who was smashed by Kakarot with three wings. He is also the younger brother of Phantom Riel.

The other two sixth-level demon kings are quite unfamiliar, and they don’t seem to have appeared on the battlefield of the Star Domain structure before.

A haze of red and green light shining with ominous colors appeared next to Phantom Riel, which is a product of Rule Power.

These red and green hazes are not a phenomenon that Phantom Riel actively drives but is formed spontaneously.

This altogether proves two things. One is that the strength of Phantom Riel has been so strong that every move can cause the phenomenon of surrounding rules.

The second is that the magical riel does not seem to be able to completely control his own power.

True powerhouse is not like Phantom Riel. Everywhere it appears, it can attract other people’s attention.

It is like Douglas or the southern sage Artes, with a restrained breath. If you don’t deliberately explode the energy level, others will only think that these are two harmless to humans and animals, kind old man.

Just like a ‘Pest Poison’ that no stranger should get close to, when the magic demon Rael appeared in the depths of the starry sky battlefield, besides her younger brother who was closer, there were no other demons to follow.

As the main general of this battlefield, Locke will naturally not be afraid of the opponent because of his power.

Locke, who turned on Thunder God Armor, flew straight to the depths of the battlefield. Judging from the current strength of Phantom Riel, it seems that only Locke can be the enemy of this starry sky battlefield.

“Annihilation Power, I smelled the seeds of destruction germinating.” When Locke approached a certain distance from the magical Riel, the woman with six colorful wings suddenly said.

“What are you talking about?” Locke frowns asked, he didn’t understand what the woman was saying.

In fact, it’s not just that Locke can’t understand what she’s talking about. Hell civilization can understand the whispering of the magical demon Rael, and counts even one slap.

The magical demon Rael and his younger brother Garon Thor are from the endangered psychedelic Demon race among the hell demons.

This is a short-lived magical race in the hell civilization Ancient Era. Due to the inability to adapt to the bloody hell and the naked law of survival of the fittest, the psychedelic Demon clan was basically extinct 300,000 years ago.

Garon Sol and Riel Sol are the only pure-blood clansman left in the psychedelic Demon clan.

Although there are only two of the pure-blooded psychedelic Demon, the hybrid and mixed-blooded psychedelic Demon bloodline sprawls in a few planes of hell.

Due to the special power of the psychedelic Demon clan, these bloodline owners are favored and valued by individual demon kings.

Of course, for the overwhelming majority psychedelic Demon bloodline and Owner, the hell civilization is still not suitable for their development and reproduction.

The reason why Carter Gustavo said that the phantom Riel owed him a favor is that he had taken in a bloodline and a pure psychedelic Demon.

“The ruined lotus flower is getting more and more splendid. It is waiting for its new owner. You are also looking for it, aren’t you?” A pair of blue green eyes of Phantom Riel looked towards Locke.

To tell the truth, the appearance of Phantom Rael is not inferior to the wisdom of Goddess and Athena. She is a female humanoid creature that fully conforms to the wizarding world’s aesthetics.

But somehow, Locke, a big master, was stared at by the eyes of Magic Rael, and an unnatural and absurd feeling suddenly emerged.

“What are you talking about?” Locke continued to ask.

‘Destroyed Lotus’, when he heard this word, the first thing Locke thought of was the destruction of the fairyland civilization Black Lotus.

He is indeed trying to find the destruction of Black Lotus and has already obtained several destruction lotus seeds.

But the question is, how did Magic Rael know.

“The hell trembles because of you, it looks forward to your coming, and is afraid that you will bring harm to it, are you willing to fall into the abyss forever?” Ignoring Locke’s inquiry, Wanderer Riel continued to stare at Locke and said.