Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3411

A pair of red and green arms appeared next to the magical Riel, they seemed to come from an endless abyss, and they were about to drag the person they caught into the darkness.

And these red green arms are actually the product of the regular re-emergence of the red green mist around Rare.

“pa!” Locke’s arm turned into a pure black bone arm with sharp blades on it. This is the shape of the Destroyer after he has transformed.

Due to the all-round package of Thunder God Armor, it was supposed to be the pitch black blade in the Destroyer’s transformation form, so that the blade was wrapped in a silver shell, giving people a full sense of technology.

Without the slightest hesitation, he slapped the weird arms around Riel, who was trying to grab them. When he touched the mist, Locke discovered that the bright silver shell of his Thunder God Armor appeared a little gray.

The bright red warning sign appeared on Locke’s pupils. This was a warning from Thunder God Armor.

As for the fire source that is in the control center of Thunder God Armor, it is also chaotic at this time, because it was surprised to find that only a momentary touch, Thunder God Armor unexpectedly had 0.37% of the area down.

“It seems to be some kind of isolating sexual energy particles, and her power has a polluting effect on Thunder God Armor!” The urgency of the fire source reached Locke’s ears.

I lowered my head and glanced at my finger. The dark trace on the silver shell is slowly disappearing, and the fire source is being repaired.

He looked up again to look towards the other party, and at the same time, the magical Rael also fixed his blue and green eyes on Locke, and the two unexpectedly reached each other.

The picture freezes instantly!


“Huh!” The north wind howled, and Locke, who was sleeping on the haystack in the barracks, suddenly woke up from freezing.

Cheap leather armor can’t block the chilly wind at all, not to mention the leather armor is full of holes and scratches.

Inside the leather armor, the red blood has frozen into ice. Some belong to Locke, but more belong to others.

Because including this piece of leather armor, I don’t know which bad luck Locke picked up from.

I don’t know if it was because of being awake just now, Locke’s mind was a little confused. (Longitudinal first release)

For a moment, he forgot who he was and where he was, let alone what it was like.

“Clang!” A loud bang appeared in Locke’s ear. Locke felt that his ears were a little sticky. It turned out that he was slapped on the head in confusion.

Although there was a tattered metal helmet to block, Locke’s eardrums began to bleed uncontrollably.

“You actually slept on duty, which brigade do you belong to?” A sharp voice came from Locke’s ear with the cold wind, causing Locke’s body to tremble.

Locke, who hasn’t spirit slowly recovered from the confusion, once again suffered a ‘greeting’ from the officer in front of him. This time the other party still moved towards Locke’s head.

But this time, the opponent’s hand did not fall because someone stopped him.

“Boss, this kid seems to be from the Eagle Legion, and he was not on duty last night.” A kid who is only 1.6 meters tall and has a bit of shrewdness in his face said.

This person’s answer embarrassed the chief.

Because he is neither Locke’s immediate boss, nor is Locke duty-bound. This is the Tiger Legion station.

“Hurry up and get out of the fire, this weather is freezing to death!” The chief did not continue to embarrass Locke, but instead screamed and ordered the little man who had just relieved him.

The little man hurriedly left. He had just ended a bloody battle. The atmosphere in the barracks was full of clouds. He was not interested in touching his own chief.

The little man moved very quickly. After the fire was over, the guy even dropped by to the quarters camp and touched two chestnut cakes.

As the current post-war chaos is still in a state of chaos, the little man is very concealed. He slipped out of the quarters kitchen without even attracting the attention of the kitchen chef.

One bite of one third chestnut cake, the little man squatted on the Locke side haystack when he came back, and quietly handed another cake to Locke.

Seeing Locke’s expression is still a bit dull, the little man said strangely, “Eat, why don’t you eat?”

The little man’s inquiry and the slight temperature of the chestnut cake in his hand finally made Locke gradually came back to his senses.

But his first sentence is “Who am I?”

The problem of Locke surprised the little man.

On the battlefield, there will always be some soldiers who suffer from loss of heart or short-term amnesia after the fierce war is over.

The little man shook his palm in front of Locke, whispered “No way, wasn’t it okay last night?”

The little man’s self-talk, not at all, made Locke’s expression too much change.

Seeing Locke’s appearance, the little guy can only say, “You are Locke, from the Eagle Legion. You told me yesterday that you are a third-class soldier!”

“What about you, who are you?” Locke continued to ask.

“My name is Kane, and I am a servant of the 2nd Battalion of the 3rd Legion of the Tigers.” The little man replied.

Also after answering this sentence, the little man suddenly regretted it.

Because he just agreed to this crazy guy yesterday, let him go to the Eagle Legion, and even worship him as his big brother.

“Kane…” The little man’s answer caused Locke to bow his head and ponder for a while.

He seems to have an impression of this name, which is a name hidden deep in memory.

“Kane, how old are you?” Locke asked.

“Fifteen years old.”

“Huh, is it so small?”

“Damn, boss, you are one year older than me!”


Talking with Kane, Locke gradually became aware of his situation and current situation.

Although the chaos and ambiguity in his mind still linger, Locke decided to temporarily leave it behind.

Facts have proved that, leaving behind the unspeakable chaos and ambiguity, Locke instantly became clearer and more comfortable.

Locke gradually accepted his identity under Kane’s introduction and self-recollection.

He is a third-class soldier of the 7th Battalion of the Eagle Legion 2nd Corps. He comes from Cardoj, and his immediate boss is a second-class soldier named Yoshk.

This is the Gordon Heights. Due to the bloody battle a few days ago, Locke and his troops broke up. He is now in the garrison of the Legion 3rd Corps of the Tigers of the Kingdom of Faustine.

Only a small part of this information was provided by Kane, and most of it was recalled by Locke himself.

After all, he is from Cardoj and his immediate boss is Yoshk. Kane is also impossible to know.

Seeing Locke gradually recalling everything, Kane next to him was finally relaxed. He didn’t want him to just recognize a big brother, and then he was uncertain about his future.

Lowered his head and stuffed the chestnut cake in his hand into his mouth. The rough and fragrant smell of earth was enough to make a spoiled person spit it out, but it made Locke evoke some memories of deep in one’s heart.