Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3412

Kane recognized a big brother, and this spread among the low-level soldiers in the Legion brigade where Locke was temporarily staying.

Soldiers in the barracks are used to such things.

The new recruits must move closer to the veterans, otherwise they don’t even know how they died during the war.

But Kane, you are a servant of the Tiger Legion, and you are mixed with the third-class soldier of the Eagle Legion. What’s the matter?

Also on the 2nd day, a third-class soldier, Legion, who was self-sustaining and half a head taller than Locke, took the initiative to find fault.

“Bang!” The Legion third class soldier, with most of his shoulders exposed, fell down.

Locke was able to knock down his opponent with one punch. Not only was the group of soldiers onlookers stunned, even the Small Captain behind the group of soldiers was also a little surprised.

Small Captain often represents the rank of second-class soldier in the Kingdom of Faustine, not to mention that it is not a problem to deal with two or three people at the same time.

But even for him, it is difficult to knock down a third-class soldier.

“Boss, you are amazing!” Kane’s excited voice echoed in Locke’s ear.

On the fourth day when Locke woke up, the troops were deployed.

The war in Gordon Heights, not at all, stopped because the weather became colder.

On the contrary, it is the senior leaders of Legion of the two countries who want to take advantage of the arrival of the First Stage snow in winter to fight a battle in this late autumn.

Locke, known for his great power and bravery, has gradually gained fame on the battlefield.

Not only did Captain, a member of the Tiger Legion, specially come to win, he also expressed his willingness to introduce Locke to an aristocratic Knight as his retainer.

But Locke refused. His refusal not only surprised many soldiers of the Tiger Legion, but even the newly recruited younger brother Kane did not understand what his big brother was doing. (Longitudinal first release)

“We have to get back to Eagle Legion.” Locke said to Kane.

The bloody battle in Gordon Heights was extremely chaotic. Until the battle went on to half a month, Locke didn’t know how many battlefields he moved with the Tiger Legion before he finally returned to the Eagle Legion.

When Locke returned to the 7th Battalion of the Eagle Legion 2nd Corps, Yoshk, who had been promoted to the middle Captain and first class, personally greeted him in front of the barracks.

“You brat, I know you are not that easy to die!” The strong Yoshk gave Locke a bear hug. Locke, who was only 16 years old at the time, was only on Yoshk’s shoulder.

“Uncle Yoshk.” Locke said with a slight smile to the beard man in front of him.

“Locke big brother!” At the same time, another wide-faced soldier who was about the same age as Locke, but slightly stronger than him, said immediately.

“Hans, let me introduce you. This is Kane, our new brother.” Locke pushed out the clever boy behind him and said to the wide-faced soldier.

Locke’s return made Yoshk very happy, because they came from a village, and Locke is the descendant of his growing up.

But after the excitement of the reunion passed, Yoshk later realized that there was a circle of wooden tokens around Locke’s waist. It was the soldier’s badge of Shalor, and it was also the proof of himself by the soldiers of the Kingdom of Faustine. Merit.

“These all are you killed?” Yoshk pointed to the wooden token on Locke’s waist in surprise and asked.

“en. “Locke nodded.

The shock in Yoshk’s heart cannot be compounded, and his heart also developed the desire to promote Locke and help him promote to the second class.

The return of Locke has little impact on the Cardoj soldiers of the 7th Battalion.

The war is still going on. It may be that both parties in the bloody battle in Gordon Heights were angry. It may also be that the Shalor Kingdom was not reconciled to its failure. The war continued to be delayed. The two sides even continued the war until the winter. Two months.

After ten thousand li of heavy snow and ice, the war on this land is finally over temporarily.

In the war, Locke proved through practical actions that his military cards were earned by ability, and he also received more attention in the Cardoj camp.

It was also the second year after the bloody battle in Gordon Heights ended. At the beginning of the spring, in order to commend Locke for his outstanding achievements in the war, Baron Cardoj exceptionally promoted him to be a Captain and First Class soldier. He was only 17 years old. year old.

“It seems to be early.” When he was awarded the honors in the camp, Locke did not have much joy on his face, but frowned muttered to himself.

“Locke big brother, what did you say is too early?” Kane, who had a very good ear beside him, heard Locke’s self-talk and couldn’t help asking.

“It’s okay.” Locke said with a calm expression.

In this regard, Kane is a little bit strange.

In the past six months, his big brother always talks to himself.

At first, Kane also felt that Locke had lost his mind.

But afterwards, there were more contacts, and Kane became accustomed to it.

“Locke big brother, when you learn Battle Qi, must cover me.” Kane said.

“Good.” Locke replied.

In the second year, the battle between the Kingdom of Faustan and the Kingdom of Shalor was still fierce.

However, because the bloody battle in the Gordon Heights ended with the tragic victory of the Kingdom of Faustine last year, the battle line finally advanced from the border between the two countries to the border of Shalor.

After the war started again, Locke continued to write his own myth in Cardoj barracks.

But this time, his innate talent and strength have been reduced compared to last year.

Although it is still awe-inspiring, it is still not considered a monster.

Baron Cardoj has agreed to accept Locke as his retainer. The rookie noble of the Faustinian Kingdom does not at all care about Locke’s commoner background. He is even willing to have lunch with several Captains under his account.

Another year has passed, and Locke is eighteen years old.

The battle between the Kingdom of Faustan and the Kingdom of Shalor has already been decided in the eyes of some senior officials.

Shalor was defeated like a mountain, while the army of the Kingdom of Faustan invaded all parts of Shalor.

On this day, Locke came to Giza Town with the army.

The Green Palm Tavern in Zhenkou made Locke stop his horse for the first time.

When seeing a beautiful young woman walking out of the Green Palm Tavern, Locke’s eyes were a little moist.

“Boss, what’s the matter with you?” Kane asked.

“What’s the matter? Locke big brother must have taken a fancy to someone else!” Hans, who had been playing in the same village and had grown up, roared.

The laughter of a group of enemy soldiers made the young woman who had just walked out of the Green Palm Tavern hurried back and ran back.

It can be seen that she is quite afraid of these soldiers from the Kingdom of Faustine.

In this regard, Locke accepted his armor and uniforms and said, “Let’s continue walking, the barracks are at the entrance of the town, and the baron asked not to disturb the people, are you all clear!”

“Clear!” the young men under his staff said in unison.

Locke led dozens of soldiers under his command to continue to move forward. After a long time, the young woman hiding in the tavern poked her head out and quietly watched the people who had gone away.