Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3413

Locke took a woman, and the other party was a landlady in the town.

This incident does not need to be spread deliberately, it will soon spread in the barracks led by Cardoj.

If it was a year ago, Baron Cardoj might still scold and punish Locke.

But now, with the magnificent achievements of Locke and the relatively stable war situation, Baron Cardoj has only turned a blind eye in the end.

In order to determine his sovereignty over the woman, Locke even sent several men to kill the woman’s husband.

Yes, she is a married woman.

Two months later, the Battle of Frans was revived. Locke, as the first soldier on the fortress, said that Baron Cardoj could satisfy one of his conditions.

All soldiers thought that Locke would choose to ask for treasure, land, or even noble rank.

But Locke only asked for three women.

When seeing the three women in the city, Baron Cardoj’s eldest son Sauron blew a whistle.

“You brat has a good vision!” Sauron teased Locke.

If it weren’t for Locke’s respect for his father, Sauron would want to bring these three women over. Especially the mature woman among them, even his aristocratic Young Master, who has been in bloom for a long time, had a moment of heartbeat when she saw it.

Several months have passed.

A paper dispatch order from the military department required all the soldiers led by Cardoj to enter the outskirts of Morphy Forest and receive a group of Shadow Guard.

In the depths of the forest, dozens of Shalor soldiers in scarlet armor defeated the Shadow Guard of Faustan Kingdom.

The critical moment, Locke has arrived.

By the strength of oneself, the elite ‘blood red’ who swept through all the Shalor kingdoms, the battle strength he showed, even Sir Lane, who is the Shadow Guard Captain, was a little stunned.

Just when the battle dust settled, and everyone thought it was over, Locke, who had cut off the enemy chief’s head, picked up Princess in a white skirt and ran deep into the jungle. (Longitudinal first release)

Locke’s performance, the scene fell into a short period of silence.

But soon Sir Ryan, who came back to his senses, ignored his physical injuries, and screamed, “What are you doing, why don’t you chase me!”

It was also Sir Lane’s reminder that these Shadow Guards from the Kingdom of Faustan and the Cardoj soldiers who had just supported them also hurriedly chased deep into the jungle.

Being held by Locke in her arms, Princess is a little unclear about what is going on now, she can’t help but look up and look towards Locke “Where are you taking me?”

Wearing dark gray armor, Locke only spit out two words “jump off the cliff.”


Only the soldiers of the Faustan Kingdom who chased to the edge of the cliff looked at each other in blank dismay.

“Pump!” There are three zhang high splashes, and the salty fishy flowing to the mouth tells the two who fell to the bottom of the cliff that this is a salt lake.

More than ten large palm crustaceans with eight legs are crawling around the lake, and one of them is crawling towards Locke, waving one big and one small pliers and a pair of baring fangs. and brandishing claws.

The life at the bottom of the cliff is not easy. Given the breadth and depth of the Morphy Forest, it is up to the soldiers of the Faustan Kingdom to find the two of them.

At first, Princess still had no good expressions on the domestic soldier who held him hostage.

However, as time went by, the two of them were everywhere, and they ended up in a bed.

The bastard Locke, Princess is only 16 years old!

When the salt crab in the lake at the bottom of the cliff was eaten by the two and almost extinct, Locke finally walked out of the forest with Princess.

This time, they ran into an old wolf.

“You go and hide behind the tree.” Locke said to the side Princess.

Princess did not violate Locke’s request in the slightest. When she hid behind the tree, the battle between Locke and the old wolf had already begun.

A gray mist flashed in the eyes of the old wolf, so fast that most people could hardly notice it, but Locke noticed it.

It was originally a duel between low-level creatures below Level 1. When Locke also quietly floated a layer of black energy particles in his hands, the expression in the eyes of the old wolf immediately changed.

“How did you wake up…” As soon as the voice of the old wolf’s will came, its solid wolf head was blasted through a hole by Locke.

But the weird thing is that the old wolf didn’t fall down because his head was blasted through a big hole.

On the contrary, a thick gray fog and blue green light appeared in the eyes of the old wolf, and the scene was extremely strange in an instant.

Also in this brief moment, the surrounding scenes suddenly freeze.

If you look closely, you will find that everything around you is cast with a gray shadow, including Princess who just hid behind the tree.

Wan Lai is quiet, only Locke and Old Wolf are the colors in this gray world.

“Worthy of the son of destruction, he woke up from my illusion so quickly.” The old wolf’s voice was obviously feminine.

At this moment, it is no longer a battle between a demonized creature-level old wolf and a soldier of the Kingdom of Faustan.

It is to return to the battle between a sixth-level Peak demon and the wizard world sixth-level Peak Knight!

“Where is this place?” Ignoring the sigh of Magic Rael, Locke lowered his head and solemnly asked.

“This is the fantasy domain. You can understand it as a spiritual space created by me, and it is also my domain.” Replied the magic magic.

Compared with the neurotic performance and nonsense in the astral battlefield before, Riel in the illusion field now appears to be much more normal.

Although she still wears the appearance of a dead wolf at this time, it feels weird.

“You are the third person to take the initiative to wake up in my fantasy domain. Can you tell me how you did it?” The blue and green light in the eyes of the old wolf grew stronger.

There is a glimmer of glory in Locke’s hands. It is pure Soul Power and also rich Life Power.

“You can still contact your world-class secret treasure?! Are you special in the secret treasure, or are you special?” Phantom Rael couldn’t help cry out in surprise.

“This World is very good, it reminds me a lot of the past.”

“But there are still some things and people I haven’t seen again, can you not bother me next?” Locke looked up and looked towards the eyes of the magical Rael.

Obviously it is her own fantasy domain, but for a moment, the magical Rael has the illusion that she is an outsider, and Locke is the master here.

Without waiting for the magic demon Rael to say anything, a majestic Soul Attack came out of Locke’s hands, and Rael’s consciousness instantly escaped from the fantasy domain.


In the Star Realm.

Riel, who was facing off with Locke, suddenly shook his body.

In the fantasy domain, Locke has spent several years, but in the real star realm, time has only passed a few hourglasses!

“The Son of Destruction pursues his fate in the cage, and the door of the illusion has been opened for him.” The magical Rayel eyes opened, slowly said.

To be honest, there are not many demons who understand her remarks.

Fortunately, there is a demon next to me that I understand, he is the younger brother of Magic Rael, Garon Sol.

“Hurry up, he will wake up soon!” The sixth-level Peak demon Garon Sol shouted, and rushed to Locke first.

At the same time, more demon kings heard the sound and killed Locke.

On Locke’s side, although Locke himself is still completely motionless.

But Super Saiyan Kakarot, Spiteful Queen Andariel, Level 6 Darkness Summon Master Lilith, and the others all rushed up to defend Locke from the enemy.


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