Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3414

The war in the star realm has become more intense, while Locke’s ontological will continues to wander in the illusion.

After driving away the old wolf possessed by Riel’s consciousness, Locke re-takes a part of his low-level life experience in Faustin in the fantasy domain.

This is a wonderful experience. It not only helps Locke recall many things hidden deep in his memory, but it also enriches Locke’s spirit or soul.

After seeing her parents and elder sister Leah again, Locke’s mood fluctuated significantly.

Fortunately, elder sister, he thought that after so many years, he had forgotten what his parents looked like, but the result of the fact is that when he saw his parents who cared about him again in the fantasy world, their images were like this real.

If it is said, Locke and Riel are hostile in the battlefield of the astral world.

Then after she pulled herself into the illusion, Locke was a little grateful for the demon from the region.

“Locke, I’m home for dinner!” Old Locke’s voice came from the village.

This time, in Magic Domain, Locke did not follow Angelina to the Royal City, but chose to stay in Maple Leaf Village after the war.

With a straw in his mouth, lying under the blue sky and white clouds, Locke has an idea of ​​escaping from reality and hiding in this illusion for an instant.

Because Magic Domain is only a spiritual world or a memory world, but from the perspective of Locke’s subjective meaning, it can also be counted as a real world, right?

Fortunately, this idea of ​​evasion only occurred in Locke’s mind for a short time. The reminder from the ancient soul tree in Paradise Lost and the Silver Apple Fruit Tree told Locke that he has more important things to do.

Fantasy can never replace reality, although in Fantasy, he meets Xia Qian, Grace, his parents, Kane and the others again.

But the result of the fact is that the light of the soul of Grace and other women is still stored in the ancient soul tree, waiting for his future resurrection.

Locke is a selfish person. This can be proved by countless facts before.

But he can’t do anything to turn a blind eye to the woman who gave everything. Grace and Xia need to resurrect themselves, and other women in the wizard world also need Locke’s care.

Of course, to be a bit bigger, including the Wizarding World and Wizarding Alliance, Locke is indispensable for a Level 6 Peak powerhouse.

How can he keep his will here forever because of the warmth of a little illusion.

The information transmitted through Paradise Lost showed that Locke knew that his body in the astral realm was under siege, and his injuries are not light.

So Locke decided to leave, he doesn’t belong here.

At the dinner table, the old Locke knocked the smoking gun in his hand on the table. It was obvious that his body was already very bad, but he still couldn’t let it go.

Mother Tia brought Locke the biggest sweet potato, while elder sister Leia served Locke a bowl of potato soup.

Such a simple picture of a family of four gives Locke the urge to permanently freeze this moment.

But he knows after all that he has to continue to move forward and he does not belong here.

Although it is an illusion, Locke still intends to make it happen. He bit off most of the sweet potato in his hand before saying “I plan to leave for a while.”

“Where to go?” Old Locke put down the pipe that he had just raised, and asked Locke with his eyes.

Tia and Leia also stopped eating, they seemed to be equally concerned.

“Go to Felor City, that is our royal capital.”

“After I settle down, I will pick you up again.” Locke said.

Locke’s answer made the old Locke nodded.

But after a long time, the old Locke who re-ignited the shredded tobacco took a sip, and then continued, “Forget about me and your mother. We are used to the life of Maple Leaf Village. We may not be used to living in the King.

“You can bring your elder sister.” Old Locke looked into Locke’s eyes and said.

Locke is also looking at his father’s eyes, his eyes are very clear, and then he says “OK.”

After the meal, Locke came to the small river outside Maple Leaf Village alone.

The cool river water brings chills under the night breeze.

Locke is about to leave.

Taking a step forward, the surrounding colorful scenery turns to gray in an instant after Locke this step, and even the agile wind freezes in this brief moment.

The gray world, the gray breath, this place is only an illusion after all, although it is real enough to confuse the perception of average sixth-level Peak creatures.

A black and white vortex appeared in Locke up ahead, this time Locke strode towards the direction of the vortex without looking back.


In the Star Realm.

With Locke’s awakening of will, a large amount of energy is gathered in Locke within the body.

The sublimation of the spirit and the fullness of the will do not mean the improvement of realm, but it can make Locke full of fighting intent.

This trip to Magic Domain made Locke deeply understand who he is fighting for.

Do you fight for the wizarding world?

This answer is too empty and too noble.

Until now Locke, who pursues egoism and small peasant thinking, is only fighting for himself and his family.

The trauma and pain on the body surface are gradually being covered up by fighting intents.

Although the sirens of the fire source in Thunder God Armor are endless, but this time Locke is very hearty.


The magic demon Riel left.

This is just a temporary departure.

The construction of the magic domain is not as simple as outsiders imagine.

After all, it is a means that can deceive the will of the sixth-level Peak powerhouse and keep the opponent trapped in the fantasy world.

As the phantom field was forcibly broken from the inside by Locke, Phantom Rael also suffered a considerable impact.

Illusory Demon Rael will soon come. From the results of the dialogue between her and Locke in Illusory Domain, we can know that Locke is not a person who will be at her mercy.

The illusion is not the only method of Riel, although more than 95% of the enemies who have appeared in front of Riel fell into the illusion of Riel.

The various unimaginable methods this neurotic woman possesses, even those seventh-level demon princes are ultimately afraid of them.

The fierce fighting has cast a shadow over the nearby Star Domain.

The appearance of the magic demon Rael not only represents her alone, but also signifies that hell civilization has invested more power in the structure of the Star Domain battlefield.

Locke is looking forward to the next battle with Magic Rael. He has a feeling that this woman still has a lot of hidden powers that he has not used.

What I have to say is that Locke actually had a good impression of Rael.

This may have something to do with the magical Rare who asked him to see his family and old friends again.

The billowing destruction dark flame burned on Locke’s body surface, and after temporarily repelling the two annoying demon kings on the left and right, Locke did not worry about the physical injuries, but looked into the depths of the star world.