Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3415

Locke was injured. His injury did not come from the attack of the phantom Riel, but from the besieged body of many demons when he was immersed in the illusion.

The continuous life force provided by the Silver Apple Fruit Tree in Paradise Lost is the most important support for Locke to survive the attacks during his conscious journey.

In the space fortress, Locke lay horizontally in the training cabin, feeling the recovery and reorganization from the cellular level, while slightly closing his eyes to think about something.

Locke had many thoughts flashing in his mind at this time, including his warm memories in the fantasy domain, the gains from the previous battles, and the guesses about the power of the magical Rael.

“Are you injured?”

“It’s incredible, who hurt you?” Just as Locke was still remembering his feelings, the door of the laboratory suddenly opened, and a slightly playful voice came from the star beast.

It is not an easy task to injure a Level 6 Peak powerhouse.

Although Locke will not be seriously injured, but looking at him at this time, he is only one step away from being seriously injured.

Laughing Feng knows how rich Locke’s family property is, and through the way of his Demon Realm friends, he knows that Locke has brought another world-class treasure besides the three world-class treasures he showed him. A Wind Attribute world class secret treasure.

Four world-class secret treasures! Laughing at the wind dare to say that even for certain seven-level existence, it may not always have four world-level secret treasures.

Under this premise, Locke can be injured, which shows how tough his previous opponents are.

In the face of the ridicule, Locke in the training cabin sat up, and the nourishing fluid on Patted’s body said, “It’s a guy named Phantom Riel.” (The first issue of Vertical and Horizontal)

Locke’s answer made the mocking expression choke in an instant.

He had heard of the female devil’s name. Once, a close-connected sixth-level Peak customer of the Alibaba Chamber of Commerce was said to have a conflict with that woman, so that she disappeared.

For this kind of existence that can pose a threat to the sixth-level Peak powerhouse, the ridicule always keeps away.

It would be nice to say if the other party is a good dealing person, but the neurotic character of Magic Rael is destined to have no friends.

No one wants to get along with a strong and moody guy for a long time, and accidentally my life was accounted for. Thanks.

“What are you doing to build Star Domain this time?” Locke asked.

He is not a tourist for the establishment of Star Domain by mocking the wind and unprofitable character.

“Of course I am here to help you, my friend.”

“Apart from this, I will also introduce some high-quality mercenary partners to nine civilizations.” Laughing wind said with a smile.

“The second is your real purpose. Let’s talk about which powerhouses you brought this time.” Locke said.

“The Star Domain of Ten Thousand Beasts, the Star Domain of Dragon Skeletons, and the Star Domain of Every Day are all interested in the war here.”

“It’s not that they are hostile to the devil, but as long as the nine civilizations can afford them, they will come to help.” Shaking Feng replied.

“Daily Star Domain?” Locke surprisedly said.

Both Star Domain and Dragon Skeleton Star Domain Locke are in contact, but it is the first time that Locke has listened to Star Domain every day.

“Daily Star Domain is a medium-sized Star Domain that our Alibaba Chamber of Commerce has recently come into contact with. Those who follow the day are very easy to deal with.”

“They love the Fire Attribute energy spar, riding on a kind of strange beast called Fire Sparrow, and the entire Star Domain is theirs.”

“In terms of strength, although those sunstriders are slightly inferior to the dragon-like creatures of the Dragon Skeleton Star Domain, they have a lot more than the Ten Thousand Beast Star Domain.” Laughing wind introduced.

After listening to the mocking introduction, Locke immediately clicked nodded.

Day by day Star Domain is also far away from Wizard World’s control of Star Domain, and there is basically no possibility of war and conflict between the two parties.

It is some daily trade, which can be tried in the future. The Alibaba Chamber of Commerce will serve as the link between the early-stage communication between the two civilizations.

“Okay, I won’t bother you to rest.”

“I have to go to fire source 0 planet next. I hope the nine civilizations can give me a suitable price, otherwise I can persuade those Beastmasters and Sunstriders to join the war.” Shrugged said.

Locke doesn’t care about the specific transaction content between Liaofeng and Jiujia Civilization. Before Liaofeng left, he asked what happened to the Star Domain war.

“If nothing else, the Krypton Star Domain war will be completely over in about 20 years, and the Gallente Federation dispatched their Ilopaus-class Titan ship.” said Xiaofeng.

This is also the main reason why he gave up his ‘business’ in Krypton Star Domain and instead came to build Star Domain in advance to seek ‘business opportunities’.


The nine civilizations eventually left the foreign aid battle strength brought by the ridicule. Locke doesn’t care how the Nine Civilizations can make up for the high employment expenses, he only cares that his full payment is enough.

A large number of mercenaries from Dragon Skeleton Star Domain, Ten Thousand Beast Star Domain, and Sunstrider Star Domain began to appear in every corner of the battlefield.

Under the invasion of the hell army, the precarious structure of the Star Domain front has already begun. Stupefied by the arrival of these foreign aid forces, it has stabilized.

Among the three hired Legions, Locke is the most cited Dragon Legion led by the Dragon Skeleton Star Domain, the sixth-level Peak creature King Sacred Dragon, followed by the Sunstrider Legion, and finally those who are mainly passive evolution. Beast Star Domain Beast Kings.

The Sacred Dragon King is an extremely powerful sixth-level Peak creature. If the sunstriders and the beast kings of the Star Domain are frightened by the ridiculous wind, they come all the way to build the Star Domain to make extra money, then Sacred Dragon King Intanius is entirely because it has an old gap with hell civilization.

Regarding personal strength, Sacred Dragon King is afraid that he can meet force with force with the Star Beast family.

What’s more outstanding than Jairan is that this guy has more than half of the Dragon Beast of the Dragon Skeleton Star Domain for him to drive.

The Sacred Dragon Wang Yintaniusi did not use any world-level artifacts in the battle. The dragon scales defensive power it owns does not belong to the overwhelming majority world-level artifacts.

Not using world-class secret treasures does not mean not having them.

The greed of dragon creatures is obvious to all. That many dragon creatures of the Dragon Skeleton Star Domain are willing to follow King Sacred Dragon to the establishment of the Star Domain battlefield. Their original purpose is not to seek revenge from the hell civilization.

Locke also had a certain amount of pressure when facing the Sacred Dragon King. The guy’s strength was enough to match the Netherworld River Old Ancestor mention on equal terms before the breakthrough.

Everyone thinks that the arrival of these foreign aids will definitely help the nine civilizations block the offensive from hell, but only a few people know that this is not enough.

Including the star beast ridicule, when it replaces the Sacred Dragon king and others, when signing employment contracts with nine civilizations, they are all signing contracts with extremely free rules.

Once the situation is wrong, these foreign aid Legion can run away at any time without paying any compensation.


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