Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3416

The war broke out again, and when Locke appeared on the battlefield as a sixth-level Peak, Rael, the magical demon, also appeared immediately.

Magic Rael came to the Star Domain battlefield, initially because of the help of his younger brother.

But after she came here for real and came into contact with the sixth-level Peak Knight Locke, she began to show her keen interest in the wizard world Knight.

No one knows what the magic demon Rael is thinking about. This woman’s mental condition is good and bad.

And because it is difficult to control the many regular phenomena around her, many low-powered fourth- and fifth-level demons will be accidentally injured by her when they approach her.

Countless red and green mists appeared next to Ralph. These mists condensed into a weird arm, which constitutes the way Ralter is now showing to the world, which is very weird.

“What’s that?” Sacred Dragon Wang Yintanxisi stared at the location of Locke and Phantom Riel in the center of the battlefield.

It has enemies with the two six-level Peak demons of the hell civilization. One of them participated in the Star Domain battle. Therefore, Sacred Dragon Wang Intanius will lead the Dragon Race to find the fault, and then lead the dragon. The creatures make a fortune.

Although I have a certain understanding of hell civilization, I have never contacted the Sacred Dragon king of the magical demon.

For the sixth-level Peak creature that has reached unmatched in the passive evolution field, the usually powerful opponents are not terrifying, because those opponents may not even be able to break their defenses.

Even if it can break through its dragon scales defense, in front of the powerful life force that Sacred Dragon possesses, the damage it causes is really limited.

Therefore, Sacred Dragon King has proud capital. This is an ultimate lifeform that can meet force with force for a short period of time with seventh-level creatures without external force.

And the seventh-level creature… King Sacred Dragon is confident that he can reach that height in the future. It is still young. The long lifespan possessed by dragon creatures is enough to support King Sacred Dragon to go further.

This is also one of the reasons why it dared to brave the offensive momentum of hell civilization to structure Star Domain to seek revenge. (Longitudinal first release)

Sacred Dragon Wang Yintan is not afraid of any passively evolved creatures, but he has a deep fear of regular species.

In the long life of Sacred Dragon Wang, he has seen too many powerhouses and incredible lifeforms.

Before becoming the dragon king of the Dragon Skeleton Star Domain, Intanthios had traveled and stopped in many Star Domains in the Infinite Star Realm. It defeated many powerful opponents, and even those opponents were more than the realm it had at the time. high.

But Sacred Dragon Wang Yintanthios has also been defeated many times, and [literature building xguan.xyz] defeated Sacred Dragon Wang Yintanthias among those alien creatures, at least four of the five are The regular species and the incredible methods possessed by the opponent make it difficult for the dragon scales that King Sacred Dragon is proud of to perform its due function.

The caster of the wizard world is actually a regular species in the eyes of King Sacred Dragon. Therefore, when the wizard world was in contact with the dragon skeleton Star Domain before, Sacred Dragon Wang Mingming had super strength, but he was better than the beast kings of the star domain. Speak better.

The confrontation between Phantom Riel and Locke is an example of a battle between a typical regular species and a passive evolutionary creature.

However, unlike ordinary passive evolutionary creatures, Locke’s power is too mixed and there are too many top-level equipment, which makes him not simply use brute force when he is an enemy.

For example, at this time, Locke, who was full of black flames billowing and wrapped in an endless storm, appeared in the astral battlefield, giving people the first feeling that they were more like an elemental creature than a wizard world Knight.

“The Lord of the Old Day has fallen, and the new Source of Annihilation has been born again. Are you willing to fall into the abyss forever?” The same question was asked by Locke for the second time.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Not only did Locke fail to answer the question of Phantom Rael head-on, but the words were full of contempt for this neurotic woman.

Countless red green arms appear as if they are struggling out of the endless abyss, appearing at the right and left of the magical riel, this picture does not produce extreme cold.

But it is a pity that no matter what power Locke uses to attack Phantom Rael, his attack will be absorbed by these red green fog and strange arms when he reaches the vicinity of Phantom Rael.

‘Pollution’ is currently the most obvious Rule Power revealed by Magic Rare.

At first, Locke only thought that the other party’s pollution would only affect the substances it came into contact with. For example, Locke’s Thunder God Armor should not be too close to this guy.

But as the battle continued, Locke was shocked to discover that the opponent seemed to be able to contaminate all materials and energy!

The term ‘everything’ is used too absolute.

The Magical Demon Riel is naturally impossible to have such a perverted ability, otherwise she would not be just a sixth-level Peak creature.

However, before finding a way to restrain the other party, the magical Rael was so incomprehensible.

On the battlefield, this woman with a lot of red and green mist accumulated around her, and countless arms stretched out of it, approached Locke step by step.

The sirens of Thunder God Armor are endless, and only a medium distance contact, Locke’s Thunder God Armor has been contaminated quite a bit. Who knows if Locke’s Thunder God Armor will be directly scrapped during close combat.

“The power of the storm, Thunder Strength and the energy cannon that comes with Thunder God Armor are useless to this woman.”

“Destruction Strength can cause some damage to her, but Destruction Strength alone can hardly completely break through the opponent’s mist.” In the sky, Locke said to herself.

Through a series of previous battle contacts with the magic demon Rael, Locke has gradually figured out the details of this female demon.

In conclusion, it is difficult for Locke to win her, but the magical riel should not defeat Locke so easily.

“Then I will try the power of emotion again.” Locke thought to himself.

At the same time, a group of dark flames, which is slightly different from the previous Destroy Black Flame, appeared in Locke’s hands.

Because this emotional flame is similar in appearance to the flame of destruction, and has a slightly similar aura, not only the powerhouses who pay attention to the battle on this battlefield have not found any clues, but even the magic demon Riel itself immediately did not care too much.

“Eternal Fall in the Abyss is your only destination, if not, only exile is waiting for you!” Phantom Riel continued to press on Locke, facing the emotional black flames released by Locke, still the same Generally, the arm transformed by the red green mist actively greeted him.

According to the normal development rhythm, Locke’s black flames should be caught and scattered by those arms. Even if there is residual strength close to Riel, it will be absorbed and assimilated by the mist around her body twice.

But the final fact turned out to be that the countless arms of Magic Rael were all scratched.

When Locke’s emotional black flame passed through those countless arms and approached the weird mist around the magical Riel, it instantly ignited everything!