Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3417

“Bang!” A raging flame swept the surrounding area.

The strong rule turbulence tells the level of terrorism in the center of the flame.

Simultaneously with this amazing energy explosion, there was also a scream that pierced through the human soul.

This scream comes from the scream of the phantom Rael, Locke’s emotional black flame has the effect of burning the spirit and soul.

Although the red green fog of Magic Rare is extremely weird, these fogs do not have the ability to isolate emotional flames.

The chaotic mental state is a major weakness of Phantom Riel, and Locke’s emotional black flame is equivalent to throwing a lot of fire into the oil barrel.

The effect was unexpectedly good, which refreshed Locke’s spirit.

This can be considered Locke is right now. A pair of black flame wings appeared in Locke’s body. Just as Locke was preparing to win the pursuit, there was a new change on the side of Magic Rael.

The continuous burning of the emotional flames made the magic demon Rael howl in pain, but it also made her eyes gradually clearer.

Locke has only seen Riel, the magical demon in a awake state, only once, and that was when Riel was possessed by the old wolf in the fantasy domain.

The mist on the surface of both eyes gradually dissipated, and a pair of solid and soul-like eyes stared at Locke.

The Magical Demon Riel is indeed injured, and the injury is not minor.

The sharp drop in her breath proves that the power of emotion is indeed the only way to restrain her.

Although the power of emotion hurts Riel, it also allows her to recover from a neurotic state to temporary clarity.

Compared with an irregular and moody Riel, no one knows that Riel is stronger and weaker compared to Riel in a more sober state.

Prior to this, Riel had more talks with Locke.

Locke couldn’t understand what the other person was saying, and Riel was immersed in his own world. (Longitudinal first release)

But now, Riel intends to take some action.

“Exiled!” Riel’s eyes were azure light flashed, and his plain finger was a little farther away towards Locke.

Immediately afterwards, countless regular chains appeared on Locke’s body surface. The appearance of these regular chains also gave Locke the most intuitive feeling-Space Rule.

Countless chains bind Locke tightly. If he sits and waits to die, maybe the next moment Locke will appear in a different space where he doesn’t even know where he is.

The Thunder God Armor immediately emits an astonishing light, and Space Power can only be destroyed by Space Power.

Locke is not a master of Space Law, but his Thunder God Armor has the ability to jump in long-range time and space.

At the moment before the Riel Law chain was launched, Locke disappeared from the original coordinates.

When he appeared again, he had already arrived behind Riel.

“elder sister, be careful!” Garon Sol has been watching the battle here.

The elder sister’s short-lived recovery made Garon Sol stunned, but he was more concerned about Locke’s upcoming sneak attack on his back.

The bright bone spurs are stained with a slowly burning flame, which is a combination of emotional flame and destruction flame.

The bone spurs moved towards Riel’s right side of the chest, and Locke, who had killed an unknown number of demons, had a general understanding of the body structure and weaknesses of these hell creatures.

“clang!” There was a sound of metal croaking.

Locke’s bone spurs finally stayed about half a meter in front of Riel, and a solid red green energy shield appeared on Riel’s body.

This is the closest time between Locke and Riel. What Locke saw was a female demon with a white face and six colorful wings behind her.

What Riel saw was Locke who turned on the Destroyer and had a pair of scarlet eyes.

“Seal!” Rui Ersu raised his hand again.

Again, countless regular chains were created out of thin air. These chains moved towards Locke. Riel’s wrist in the realm of rules simply refreshed Locke’s knowledge of level six creatures.

This is the first time that he has seen Rule Power break away from appearance and directly present it in a chain.

There was another silhouette flash, and Locke was not interested in taking on Riel’s rules.

In addition to the acceleration and Space Jump methods that Thunder God Armor brings to Locke, Locke’s own Law of Wind is also sufficient for him to evade the overwhelming majority attack of his opponent.

The body is one into ten. In just a moment, Locke has many incarnations, attacking Riel in different directions.

This duel between the six-level Peak creatures has only really begun.

Rail, whose spirit has temporarily returned to normal, will also show Locke one after another the special abilities she possesses.


Six months later.

Fierce melee continues to occur on many planets that structure the Star Domain.

The battle between level six creatures will not end in just one or two years.

Locke has fought against Riel many times, but this time because Locke was not pulled into the illusion, although he faced Riel’s waking state, the trauma he suffered was not before. The battle was serious.

The skillful control of Law Power is the deepest impression on Locke in the past six months.

To a certain extent, the many methods of this female devil have even reached the state of ‘speaking out the law’.

The weird red and green mists are still gathering around Rare.

Locke guessed that the reason why she could break away from the appearance and directly mobilize Rule Power in a chain way is inseparable from the red and green mist on her body.

It’s a pity that Locke is a Knight, and he can’t analyze Magic Rael’s ability rationally like magician.

He can only rely on his intuition and fighting will to make an overall evaluation of the strength of the magical Riel.

In summary, Magic Rael is indeed much stronger than Locke.

Her strongest method is the magical domain that Locke came into contact with when they first met. It was the domain that Riel created based on the Divine Consciousness Sea.

Next is her application of the power of rules and her proficiency in the use of rules. Locke has only seen similar situations in Douglas.

Fortunately, the magic domain of Magic Rael is invalid for Locke.

As for her rule-based blow… that would have to be defeated by Locke.

It may also be that he found that he could not help Locke. After half a year, Riel gradually stopped his offensive against Locke.

It is strange to say that although Locke and Riel have been fighting, and both sides have no intention of keeping their hands, their emotions are quite different.

From the beginning to the end, Locke faced Riel with a curious attitude. He was trying to find Riel’s weaknesses and wanted to know what special abilities Riel had.

Rail is from the neurotic at first, to the anger of being injured later, and to the calmness of the present.

“Falling into the abyss is your only destination. If not, the only thing waiting for you is exile.” Riel said calmly.

Upon seeing this, Locke dug out his ears and replied nonchalantly. “This sentence seems to have been said more than half a year ago.”

This time, Riel didn’t continue to say something at all, but fell silent.

Also following Riel’s silence, Locke suddenly felt a bad feeling in his heart.