Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3419

Locke wants to leave, but the actual result is not that he can go straight away if he wants to.

The terrifying suction force has refreshed Locke’s knowledge of material energy. Thunder God Armor and Law of Wind run at full power, but Locke’s body is still sinking to the vortex below.

In fact, not only Locke is sinking into the vortex, but also all the surrounding elements and energy particles are also lost in this terrifying attraction.

At first, the regular array that Riel built was only blue and gray, but as more and more energy particles accumulate here, the regular array immediately turned into an exceptionally brilliant color.

The color proves that this regular array has indiscriminate attraction to all elements!

Blocks of energy element vacuum areas appeared around Locke and Riel’s battlefield.

Countless creatures who were fighting fiercely stopped their movements.

Those creatures above Level 4 are okay. After all, they have Rule Power and extremely powerful self-foundation. The emergence of the elemental vacuum zone only reduces their attack methods by a few energy levels.

But for a larger number of lower creatures, the arrival of the elemental vacuum area means that they lose at least 70% of their power in an instant.

The elemental creatures are the worst. Those sunstriders on the battlefield cannot even maintain the ability to fly.

It is the Saiyan warriors and insect race creatures under Locke, who are not affected by the elemental vacuum. Taking advantage of this effort, the demons have gained a lot.

All creatures can’t help looking at the battlefield where Locke and Riel are.

Before, they could barely see the silhouette of the two through the azure rule rays of light.

But with the influx of energy elements, the extremely turbulent torrent of elements converged into a dazzling glare, but it completely blocked the vision of other creatures looking towards here. (Longitudinal first release)

An astonishing storm appeared on the battlefield where Locke and Riel were located. However, unlike usual, this fierce elemental storm will not ravage other areas of the battlefield. It is like a wind eye fixed at a certain point. All the surrounding energy element particles have terrifying attraction.

In the middle of the storm, Locke’s calves have all been submerged in vortex.

It is hard to imagine that with the physical fitness of a Level 6 Peak powerhouse like Locke, you can’t get rid of the vortex.

The tail flame of Thunder God Armor spews dazzling blue light, but in the face of such horrible attraction, its role is really limited.

Phantom Riel is absolutely impossible to have such a terrifying ability, and the reason why this vortex has amazing attraction to Locke is more because the space on the other side of vortex is extremely special.

That is the whole different Space Power pulling Locke, rather than the power of Magic Rael itself.

The body sinks step by step, and Locke’s heart also sinks.

Although the calf that has been submerged in vortex not at all feels too much abnormality and damage, this involuntarily feeling is extremely different.

The extremely powerful rules and energy fluctuations are centered on Locke itself, but Locke’s full force only slows down his decline.

With the strength and power that Locke has today, it is not yet possible to completely resist the pulling power of this weird vortex.

Soon, vortex didn’t reach Locke’s waist.

At this time, Locke no longer cared about the face of the so-called powerhouse, and promptly called for help from Level 6 creatures in other areas of the battlefield.

The first person who flew to support Locke’s number one horse Kakarot, but unfortunately Kakarot was halfway through the flight and was intercepted by Kanon Sol’s younger brother, Garon Sol.

This is really an interesting phenomenon. Not long ago, Kakarot tried his best to prevent Garon Sol from coming to support Phantom Rael.

But as the battlefield situation took a turn for the worse, it was now Garon Sol and began to intercept Kakarot.

After Kakarot, Lilith and Andariel came to help.

Since they all belong to the Locke interest group, in the structure of the Star Domain battlefield, several people are the closest to the battlefield and it is easiest to come to support them.

At this time, the one who was fighting with Lilith was a mid-level 6 demon king. Seeing Lilith abandon him, the demon king was happily burning incense.

Lilith’s side is Knight of Death and You Ming on the right, respectively. In this Star Domain battlefield, except for the demon kings of the late stage of the sixth level and above, who are eligible to trouble Lilith, other demon kings are She stared at the beating.

And for demons, they do not mean to help friendly forces share the pressure on the battlefield.

Garon Sol took the initiative to intercept Kakarot because the magical Rael is her elder sister.

As for the demon king who is the enemy of Lilith and Andariel, the former is to let Lilith go directly, and the latter is a symbolic blockade, and there is no desire to fight to death.

Therefore, the first to rush to Locke’s location is the sixth-level dark summon master Lilith.

The extremely horrible elemental attraction made the body of Void Nether next to Lilith fade by at least 30%.

Compared with the amazing suction power of the weird vortex, the weird vortex itself, or the different space connected to the other side of the vortex, makes the void and the ghost more terrifying.

Yes, it is the will to fear.

As the contractor of Void Nether, Lilith clearly perceives the mood swings of Void Nether at this time.

That is the fear hidden deep in the memory. Even if hundreds of thousands or even millions of years have passed, the fear that is enough to swallow the soul will never be forgotten.

Void Nether seems to be familiar with the space on the other side of the vortex?

Without waiting for Lilith to think carefully, the situation of Locke at the center of vortex is even worse!

The vortex of cyan-gray color has fallen short of Locke’s chest. With such weird methods and amazing effects, Locke was unheard-of and unprecedented in his 20,000 years of life experience before this.

Also, with the life thickness of trifling 20,000 years, where can Locke come into contact with the deepest secrets of the star realm?

tentatively not to mention the nih place where Magic Rael is about to exile him, including many dangerous places and special areas in the star realm, Locke has not much contact.

The arrival of Lilith brought a hint of joy to Locke’s face, but besides the joy, Locke’s face also contained a layer of worry.

Even his level 6 Peak organisms can’t get rid of the weird vortex created by Riel, can Lilith do it?

Unexpectedly, when Lilith and the Death Knight rushed through the periphery of the energy storm and arrived near the cyan-gray color vortex, Void Nether, one of Lilith’s summon, actually violated its owner’s order. Frozen is staying outside the energy storm and dare not approach.

No one cares about the abnormality of nothingness and darkness yet.

The attention of the overwhelming majority powerhouse on the battlefield is still on Lilith, Locke, and the magical Rael.


Recently, Kavinka is so good. The later this book is, the harder it will be to write, and how to describe the battle of advanced creatures is also one of my shortcomings.

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I don’t know what I will write this book in the end, I can only say that Xiaodou will do his best.

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