Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3533

Locke’s final consciousness stayed in the white carcass.

He didn’t know what happened after that.

1 month later, “oh la la”, the spider woman walked out of the dark-green deep water.

It really wasn’t Locke’s dizziness, but the spider woman really changed her form, from the spider torso to the human body.

And I don’t know if it’s because of the transformation into a human form. I haven’t paid much attention to it before. Now, after careful observation, I can find that the spider girl Iris has several points of similarity to Mistress.

It’s a pity that Locke doesn’t know this anymore. He doesn’t even have enough eyes for the attractive carcass of Spider-Woman and completely loses consciousness.

On the side of dark-green deep water, Spider-Woman looked at Locke in front of her with a complex look.

At this time, Locke is in a miserable situation.

The body was completely corroded and melted from below the thigh, and even the upper body had an arm that was melted and disappeared directly.

Since Locke was lying reclining on the side of the dark-green deep water before consciously falling into a coma, his wings are the first to suffer.

The entire pitch black wings are completely corroded, only a trace of stubble remains at the root of the wings.

But looking like this, it shouldn’t take long before all of Locke’s body tissues will be digested by the eighth-level creature Fehmton and become a part of its body.

Locke has become such a tragic situation, and the spider woman Iris has an unshirkable responsibility.

Because she asked Locke to keep moving towards the location of the Jing of Death, and Spider-Woman did not tell Locke in advance that the environment around the Jing of Death was extremely harsh.

In just one month, Locke’s body has been corrupted several times more than the previous three months. This is all because of his special location.

And Locke finally fell into a coma, because the essence of death contains a lot of paralysis and degeneration factors, even Locke like Peak desperate people can hardly resist.

After a long time, Spider-woman sighed, she still couldn’t leave Locke here after all.

No matter what, Locke is kind to her, and if Spider-Woman wants to return to the Death State Civilized Star Domain in the future, Locke’s help is indispensable.

As soon as he lifted his hand, a layer of light green radiance appeared on Locke’s body surface. These brilliance successfully isolated Locke from the external environment. At least the corrosive factors of Fermton within the body will not work on him anymore.

Compared to a month ago, Elise’s imposing manner, which has been irrigated and nourished by the essence of death, has changed a lot.

Although it will not reach the seventh-level breakthrough barrier, with the foundation of being a seventh-level creature, the spider woman Iris can already use some methods that only seventh-level creatures can use in advance.

As for its real breakthrough level 7, it has to wait for it to return to Star Realm.

Bringing on Locke’s half body, Elise flew away from the dead Femton’s body.

Compared with the slow progress when Locke came, this time from Yili Ribbon Road, the speed is much faster.

After only half a month, Elise took Locke to a gap in the body of the dead Femmton.

The battle outside has ended, the seventh-level ruler Bahak has long been gone, and the battlefield below is a mess.


This is a skeletal cliff far away from the Jiuchong Mountain settlement area.

Standing on the top of the cliff, although you can’t see the nine peaks of Jiuchong Mountain, you can vaguely see Femmton, a behemoth in a static state at the top of the sky.

The eighth-level creature Fempton, a mountain that is difficult to move in the vicinity of desperate people.

After driving away the seventh-level ruler Bahak, and swallowing and digesting an unknown number of survivors and desperate people, now no creatures dare to challenge it madly.

On this day, Gongsun Xuance, who was sitting cross-legged on the top of the skeletal cliff in a cultivation state, was full of surprises and unbelievable looks as she watched Yili Ribbon successfully return with Locke.


Recently, several veterans have offered rewards, but Xiaodou has been unable to come out even more. It is quite guilty. Today, the liver has been on for seven hours, and the live broadcast of the liver is still live at station b. Hhh seems to be in a good state of the live broadcast, but my waist is a little sore.