Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3534

At this time, Locke is in a miserable state, and he is not even conscious.

Half of her body was held by Elise in this way. If it weren’t for the faintly discernable life fluctuations still rippling on Locke’s body, Lilith and the others would think that Locke had fallen.

Somewhere behind the Bone Mountain, in the cave of the mountain stream, Lilith looked at Locke in front of her and couldn’t help asking the spider girl Iris, “What’s wrong with Locke?”

“Most of his body has been digested by Fehmton, and his consciousness has also fallen into darkness in the infinite weakness and paralyzed degeneration factor. To save him, in addition to allowing him to rest and recover slowly, the powerful life force perfusion can also be accelerated His recovery.” Elise said.

Speaking of life force, the life force contained in Locke’s Paradise Lost is not cheap.

It is a pity that in the more than 20,000 years of the desperate world, the energy in Locke’s Paradise Lost has always been unable to make ends meet because it has never been able to return to the material Star Realm.

The previous battles that Locke has experienced have drained the only remaining energy in Paradise Lost.

Right now, I just want to continue to extract energy from Paradise Lost, but it is difficult to do because energy is not born out of thin air.

In addition to the majestic life force perfusion, there is actually another thing that can save Locke-the soul of the master.

As the highest level energy body that can only be bred and used by lifeforms above level 7, the Soul of Domination possesses incredible powers that make low-level creatures incredible.

It is just the simplest and most common way to use the Soul of Domination to transform the Soul of Domination into life energy in order to make the flesh and bones of the dead.

When Bahak, the seventh-level ruler, fought with the eighth-level creature Fehmdun, he was able to finally escape the battle without much trauma. In fact, the soul of the ruler is playing a healing role.

Bahak, the seventh-level ruler, consumes more of the precious soul of rulership. On the other hand, the eighth-level creature Fehmdun, at best, only consumes physical strength that’s all.

The loss in the desperate world is not even as good as one-tenth of the seventh-level ruler Bahak.

So the ultimate winner of this battle is the eighth-level creature Fehmton.

Locke has enough souls to dominate him—the half of the wings of Bahak, a seventh-level creature that he captured.

However, Bahak’s wings have been put into the Paradise Lost by Locke as Locke’s exclusive world-class treasure. When Locke is seriously injured and unconscious, no one can bypass Locke and open the Paradise Lost.

And even if the Soul of Domination can be used to recover from the injury, I am afraid no one will do that now.

Because the Soul of Domination is related to whether they can return to Star Realm in the future, only if the problem of returning to Star Realm is solved and there are enough souls of Domination, Lilith and the others will consider using the Soul of Domination to restore The injury is such a wasteful practice.

“Life energy?” Lilith was shocked, and then a glowing ball appeared in her hand.

“Can this thing work?” Lilith asked.

The thing in Lilith’s hands is exactly the essence of the seventh-level master Bahak.

The life force contained in the essence is so prosperous and immense, even seven-level creatures can cross the boundaries of time and space and be attracted by it, which can be seen from this.

It is naturally possible to recover Locke’s injury with Jingyuan.

But this may involve other people’s interests, such as Gongsun Xuance.

This essence was won by Lilith, Gongsun Xuance, and Magic Rare. Among the three, Gongsun Xuance contributed the most. It was him who drove two and a half steps in a spurt of energy Peak creatures, and force other desperate people with great strength and dare not act rashly.

Since the battle of Jiu Chongshan, this essence has been put away by Lilith in the name of research, but this does not mean that the essence has become Lilith’s possession.

Most of the casters emphasize a fair and equivalent transaction principle, so in order to decide the ultimate use of this essence, Lilith has to obtain Gongsun Xuance’s consent. TV mobile terminal/

Seeing Lilith’s questioning gaze, Gongsun Xuance showed a wry smile on his face.

This guy still knows the priorities, and compared to a single essence, Locke, who has been fighting side by side for several times and getting along for tens of thousands of years, is indeed more important to him.

To put it bluntly, Gongsun Xuance is the kind of person who values ​​loyalty and neglects property.

This may also have something to do with Gongsun Xuance’s relatively positive contacts in the Martial Dao Civilization of Lanquan, and he has not lacked any cultivation resources since he was a child.

Gongsun Xuance’s answer was nodded to Lilith’s satisfaction.

This dark summon master doesn’t know when it starts, she will sell other people’s face, so she patted Gongsun Xuance’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, when this guy wakes up, I will tell him personally.”


“He owes you a favor, a great favor!” Lilith said.

Faced with Lilith’s relief, Gongsun Xuance ignorant scratched his head.

He doesn’t think Locke owes him a favor. We are all brothers, and Gongsun Xuance will not force Locke to return him something good in the future.

Not to mention, Gongsun Xuance has been eating and drinking for free here at Locke these years, and the number of times he has played the autumn wind is not small.

Just the silver apples, this guy has eaten many of them.

Although they are all low-end resources, in the desperate world, even an ordinary fruit is a rare treasure, even more how it is Spirit Fruit.


Under Lilith’s design, Locke’s remnant body was quickly placed in a crystal tank.

A large number of magic inscriptions appeared around the crystal cultivation trough. This cultivation trough is Lilith’s possession. Unfortunately, there is only a cultivation trough, but Lilith does not have enough energy spar to activate those magic inscriptions.

So in order to speed up Locke’s recovery from injury, Lilith artificially input her own magic power into the training tank.

Apart from this, Jing Yuan was also put into the training trough by Lilith to help Locke recover from his injuries.

This essence does not require Lilith to do extra operations. Locke’s seriously injured and weak body will spontaneously absorb the majestic energy in the essence.

And the crystal training tank designed by Lilith has another function, which is to reduce the energy spilled from the essence and avoid excessive waste.

Although there are still some Refined Origin Energy that inevitably produces waste under the special rules of the desperate world, the overwhelming majority Refined Origin Energy is still successfully absorbed by Locke.

Two years later, Locke, who was seriously injured, finally slowly recovered.

When Locke woke up, he saw his naked body and appeared in front of Lilith.

This should be a secret room. From the bone fragments on the wall of the secret room, Locke learned that he and the others are still desperate in the world.

It is embarrassing to be seen by others. Fortunately, Locke has a thick skin and Lilith has no different colors.

“You finally woke up.” Lilith said.