Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3535

At this time, the Locke in the training cabin is an ordinary person-like body that relieves the Destroyer’s transformation posture.

The majestic life energy possessed by Jing Yuan not only repaired Locke’s injured body, but also greatly nourished his body and life essence.

Until now, the essence has not been completely digested, but the volume is much smaller than two years ago.

Now it turned into a walnut-sized ball and appeared near the extinguishing soul grid on Locke’s chest.

Destruction and life are two more extreme opposite energy attributes.

Under normal circumstances, two energy substances are close to each other, which will inevitably produce some violent regular reactions, such as explosions.

But in the past two years, there has not been any natural phenomenon on Locke.

The reason for this is that Locke itself and Paradise Lost are one.

It looks like Locke is absorbing the power of the essence, but in fact it is the Paradise Lost on Locke’s arm that first absorbs it, and then Paradise Lost re-infuse the life energy after the secondary purification and filtration into Locke within the body. Assist him to recover from his injury.

The most correct measure Lilith took during this period was not to move Locke’s body into such a closed magic pattern training cabin, but to not take the ring of Paradise Lost from Locke’s only remaining arm. Come down.

Paradise Lost, Jingyuan, and Locke perfectly form a closed loop of life energy. This is the main reason why Locke can quickly recover his body and become sober.

“What’s the situation now?” In the airtight training cabin, Locke pinched his eyebrows and couldn’t help asking Lilith in front of him.

Due to the absorption of too many paralysis and degeneration factors within the body in Fempton, Locke has no impression of what happened after he sent the spider girl Iris to the deep water where the spirit of death is.

He didn’t know how he finally escaped from within the body of Fehmton, he didn’t even realize that his body was digested and absorbed by Femmton.

At this time, all the parts of Locke’s body are very complete. Except for the mental sluggishness, there is nothing unusual about it.

Although he is a human body, Locke feels that he is full of power within the body.

Even if you don’t turn on the Destroyer Transformation state, Locke feels that his power has exceeded the original by several times.

In Locke’s curious inquiry, Lilith slowly explained to him what happened before and the changes in recent years.

Femdun, the dead descendant, is still a nightmare that the desperate people near the desperate world can hardly erase.

This guy has been sleeping on the dangerous place of Jiuchong Mountain since the battle ended several years ago.

The Jiuchong Mountain settlement area where there used to be many desperate people is now occupied by the parasites on its body.

Of course, in recent years, survival from other places has not rarely challenged him, trying to rob Fehmton from the soul of dominance.

But the final fate of these survivors is either being eaten by the parasites surrounding Fehmdun, or absorbed by Fehmdun’s umbilicus.

It may be that the previous battle really consumed a lot of Fehmton, and this big guy is still sleeping. Even if those Fourth and Fifth Level survivors attacked it, they didn’t mean much to wake up.

As for the seventh-level master Bahak, the seventh-level master has never appeared since he was beaten away by Fehmdun.

Lilith guesses that the guy has returned to the material Star Realm, because the desperate world has nothing to attract it. As for the half of its wings, as Locke was within the body at that time, Bahak defaulted to being absorbed by Fehmton.

Having given away a bride, to lose one’s army on top of it, refers to Bahak, the seven-level master.

This guy, like many previous masters who strayed into the desperate world for the first time, was extremely impressed by this strange and distorted end of the dimension.

After another two months, Locke’s body has completely recovered.

The essence located on Locke’s chest has completely disappeared. It is not that Locke has absorbed all the majestic life force contained in the essence, but a large part of the essence has been divided by Locke’s paradise lost.

Paradise Lost has had a hard time living in the desperate world these years. Except that Locke received a large amount of Soul Crystal during the period, and the ancient soul tree gave back to Paradise Lost a part of the energy for consumption, other times Paradise Lost Is in a state of making ends meet.

In addition, Locke has drew life energy from Paradise Lost in several successive battles, making the current situation of Paradise Lost also very bad.

A large number of bottom organisms and plant populations are beginning to disappear. Although Locke has not made detailed statistics, it is impossible to calculate that the number of plants in Lost Paradise has been reduced by one third in recent years, and flesh and blood organisms have been reduced by as much as half!

These all are the visible loss in Paradise Lost.

As for the invisible loss, it is the substantial drop in the concentration of energy elements in Paradise Lost, which is a huge change that affects the overall apple juice of Lost Joy. Remember “→m.Biqugom” in one second on the mobile phone to provide you with wonderful novel reading.

If you still cannot leave the desperate world and continue to stay here for tens of thousands of years, or even more than 100,000 years, maybe Paradise Lost will really degenerate into a common product.

“We have to leave here as soon as possible.” It was also on the day Locke’s body recovered completely, Lilith came to Locke and said.

“What’s wrong?” Locke asked.

“Some time ago, a desperate man with Level 6 Peak strength came. It tried to challenge Fehmton and then successfully awakened Fehmton.”

“Although the desperate man was finally swallowed by Femton, it seems that more and more desperate world survivors and despairers are coming here admiringly.” Lilith replied.

More and more desperate people and survivors are coming to Jiuchong Mountain, which means that the occurrence of variables.

It’s still a desperate creature. I believe that Peak and Peak desperate will come all the way in a short while.

It is indeed not a wise move to stay near this area, anyway, Locke and the others have already got the soul of dominance, and even more so, they have also grabbed the essence.

The right answer is to leave early.

And Locke and Lilith don’t think that those desperate people in the desperate world can give the eighth-level creature Fehmdun. If a seventh-level creature enters the desperate world, it may leave covered in dirt, but absolutely Does not contain level 8 creatures.

Locke guessed that in order to pose a threat to a top lifeform like Fehmeden, at least 30 or more Peak desperate people must be pooled.

But the desperate world, even though it is vast, how can we make up 30 Peak despairs in a short time?

And even if they make up enough, whether these Peak despairers are willing to risk nine deaths and still alive to fight an eighth-level creature is still unknown.

Compared to hunting for the master, there are indeed other ways to leave the desperate world.

Although the success rate of these methods is not high, some do not even have much credibility.

But there are still some desperate people who are full of nostalgia for life, or do not intend to fight with a master, hoping to use those methods to leave this World.

Hunting for the master, only those creatures who are really crazy, or individuals who are extremely confident of their own strength, will do this.