Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3536

Lilith’s ‘leave’ means not only to leave the vicinity of the Jiuchong Mountain settlement, but also to leave the desperate world completely.

The Domination Wing was given to Lilith by Locke when he first awakened.

This period of time has passed, and I don’t know where Lilith’s research process has reached.

“Have you researched a way to leave the desperate world with the Soul of Domination?” Locke asked.

“If you simply leave the desperate world, you don’t need to study it. It directly stimulates the power of the soul of dominance, and the soul of dominance envelops us, and we can break through the space-time barriers of the world of despair and return to the material Star Realm.”


“But if it is a directional transmission, we will be sent back to the designated Star Domain of Star Realm… it will take some time to study and ponder.” Lilith replied.

Star Realm is vast and boundless. So far, the breadth of the Star Domain explored by the Wizarding World civilization has not reached 1% of the entire Star Realm.

Let alone the wizarding world, it is the Death State civilization back then. To let the three True Gods of Death State civilization tell how vast the Star Realm is, or how big it is, I’m afraid Mistress and the others will also answer Does not come out.

Death State civilization was invincible at the time, only invincible within the scope of its own exploration and exploration of the Star Domain.

The war strategy of vertical and horizontal void may be as absurd as a low-level organism trying to reach Level 9.

If it is really invincible, what should the civilization of Death State encounter in the desperate world?

The civilization of the injustice wave brought heavy damage to the Death State civilization and caused it to fall into a powerful civilization of True God.

But at the beginning of the Death State civilization exploring the desperate world, in Star Realm, the masters of the Death State civilization and True Gods, but I have never heard of any evil spirit civilization.

Therefore, even if Locke and the others have the key to returning to Star Realm at this time, it may not be easy to return to the Star Domain where the wizard world is located.

If Locke and the others return to Star Realm, they appear in a distant and different time and space that they have never heard of before. The actual distance from the wizard world is so long that even level 7 creatures might despair .

So what is the difference between this and time and space exile?

Rather than that kind of result, it’s better to stay in the desperate world for a while and think about how to return to the parent Star Domain.

Lilith’s answer is obviously that she has not found a way to accurately locate the Star Domain where the wizard world is located.

The magician is a seeker and seeker of truth, not an omnipotent God.

Even if a genius is like Lilith, it is impossible to solve all the difficulties that appear before him.

It can only be said that Lilith will try to solve it and make a rational decision that a spellcaster should make.

“Well then, let’s leave the territory of Jiuchongshan first.” Locke said.

When the entire group left, Locke’s actions attracted Locke.

This female demon with several colorful wings is playing with two things, one yellow and one white.

The white translucent crystal is naturally the psychedelic crystal obtained from Ancient Ruins.

As for the yellow ball, it gave Locke an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

“This was given to me by Iris, and it seems to have been found in the eighth-level creature within the body.” When he noticed Locke’s gaze, Phantom Rael responded actively. TV first @@@

It is also this remark of Magic Rael, which made Locke immediately recognize the bottom line of the yellow ball.

“This should be an eye of the second Peak Master Bhavnev, and I don’t know where Iris found the remains of Baknev.”

“Since it has not been digested by Fempton’s horrible body fluids, this eye must have its own uniqueness.” Locke said.

Upon hearing this, Illusory Demon Rael nodded replied, “I plan to return to hell in the future and integrate the two into one piece of equipment.”


When Locke and the others left Jiuchong Mountain, no one was disturbed, and no one even discovered that they had temporarily lived in this bone mountain.

Keep moving forward to unknown regions, and it was not until six months later that they stopped their progress.

For Locke and the others at this time, it is meaningless to continue to find rules or ancient ruins in a desperate world.

Now that I have obtained the Soul of Domination, the next focus will be on studying the precise positioning of the Star Domain where the wizard world is located.

Three hundred years later.

Another storm of terrorist energy swept across the desperate world.

The amazing energy storm of power is definitely not something creatures below level 7 can resist. After hiding somewhere in the underground space, Locke prayed that this energy storm would end soon.

He once asked Spider-Woman if she knew the origin of the desperate world energy storm, but she didn’t know about it either.

Perhaps her master, Desperate Mistress, knows some real secrets about the desperate world, but these secrets are not the information that the spider woman Elise can access.

After all, in the Death State civilization tens of millions of years ago, the identity of the spider woman Elise was just a pet of the desperate Mistress.

Locke also asked how the spider girl Iris looks like Desperate Mistress after her transformation into a person.

Spider-woman’s answer is that she is not only a servant of Desperate Mistress, but also a loyal believer of Desperate Mistress, so in the matter of transformation, she is more inclined to move towards Desperate Mistress’s face evolution.

“Hey, I don’t know when I will return to the Wizarding World, let alone the geometry of the Time Flow Speed ​​of the material Star Realm.”

“If it is equivalent to the desperate world, nearly 25,000 years should have passed by now.” Locke looked at the boundless energy storm above the crack above his head, and couldn’t help but sigh again.

The duration of this energy storm is very short, only two hundred years.

It was also after the end of the energy storm that Locke finally got a piece of good news from Lilith.

“This is the space-time channel generator we got from the civilization relics of the Wrong Soul Tide. This device is not enough to support our return to the material Star Realm, but it has a certain fuzzy positioning function based on my research and improvement. “Lilith said after calling Locke and the others to her laboratory.

“You mean we can go back?” Locke excitedly said.

Lilith shook the head calmly when she heard it, saying, “Fuzzy positioning is not accurate positioning. It can only be said that with some items with special imprints, we can roughly return to the approximate range marked by the item.”

“The problem before us now is that I don’t at all have enough imprinted items that can resonate with the space-time channel generator.” Lilith said.

It can resonate with the spatio-temporal channel generator and send Locke and the others back to the nearby target Star Domain, at least to dominate the remaining items.

In the next period of time, Locke and the others gave Lilith to Lilith to try everything about himself.