Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3537

Locke and the others brought out a lot of things, but in the end only three items were tested to resonate with the spatiotemporal channel generator.

They are respectively the jade pendant of Gongsun Xuance, the wing feathers of the seventh-level ruler Bahak, and a small bead from the fantasy magic Rael.

Gongsun Xuance’s jade pendant was gifted by Martial Saint Nangong Wenqin. If this jade pendant is used as a fuzzy positioning prop, there is a high probability that Locke and the others will be passed to the Star Domain near the Martial Dao Civilization of Lanquan.

Needless to say, the wings and feathers of the seventh-level ruler Bahak, if you use this thing for positioning, Locke and the others will soon be chased by a seventh-level ruler.

As for a small bead taken out by Phantom Rael, according to her explanation, it has something to do with a certain seventh-level demon lord in the depths of hell. If used, there is a high probability that it will spread to the vicinity of the Star Domain where the hell civilization is located.

The second option is directly excluded.

As for the vicinity of the Star Domain where the Hell Civilization is located, it is also very far away from the wizard world, so it was also removed by Locke.

Then only the jade pendant that Martial Saint Nangong asked Gongsun Xuance can use.

After arriving near the Star Domain where the Martial Dao Civilization of Blue Boxing is located, Locke can borrow the fairyland, pass the Transmission Array of the fairyland, travel to the Qingyang realm, and finally return directly to the wizard world.

Of the three options, this one is also the most enforceable.

“Didn’t expect my Thor’s Gun is not working, but Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning created a world-class treasure, and there should be enough Controller’s Seal. The damage is too serious?” In private, Locke exclaimed to Lilith.

“Not necessarily, it may be other reasons.”

“I have a Death God finger bone in my hand, but it also cannot resonate with the spatiotemporal channel generator. It seems that something is acting as an isolation in it,” Lilith said.

“Do you make sense over Gongsun Xuance?” Lilith asked.

“Well, he has agreed to use the jade pendant as a fuzzy positioning prop to return to Star Realm.” Locke nodded and said.

Gongsun Xuance can agree to use the jade pendant as a fuzzy positioning prop, on the one hand, to help Locke and the others, on the other hand, after Gongsun Xuance is not willing to crush the jade pendant, let Nangong ask him from despair fish out the world.

Even if it is a seven-level master, it is not without any price to win people from a desperate world.

Rather than asking Martial Saint Nangong to spend the Soul of Domination to take him out, Xuance Gongsun is more inclined to return to Star Realm with his own ability.

And for Gongsun Xuance, his desperate world trip is already perfect.

Not only participated in the challenge of the rules of the Peak Master in Jiuchong Mountain, but also besieged the master and obtained a soul of master.

Next, use the Soul of Domination to return to Star Realm with his own ability, and then Xuance Gongsun has achieved the achievements of Martial Saint Nangong.

This may indicate that Gongsun Xuance also has the posture of Martial Saint.

(ps: The dominator wings and feathers obtained by Locke are used to send them back to the material Star Realm, and 1/4 of the remaining part will be allocated to Gongsun Xuance by Locke, which is what Gongsun Xuance deserves Of.)

“When can you set up the spatiotemporal channel generator?” Locke asked.

“Soon,” Lilith replied.

Six months later, somewhere in the skeletal basin in the world of despair, a large pitch black cylindrical metal device stood abruptly in the middle of the skeletal basin.

This cylindrical metal device is Lilith’s transformed space-time channel generator. Compared with the original device of the Wrong Tide civilization, Lilith’s transformation is larger and more bloated.

The main reason is that Lilith is not familiar with the refining system of the Tide of the Wronged Soul civilization. The ability to transform to this step on the basis of the original features is already proof that Lilith is a genius caster.

If you change someone, you may not be able to do better than Lilith.

Gongsun Xuance’s jade pendant has been embedded in the core part of the space-time channel generator.

Once Locke and the others start the device, as a bunch of traction will be generated from the space-time channel generator, this one-time device will complete its mission and immediately collapse itself.

Even if there are other survivors or desperate people passing by here in the future, I am afraid that the entire group will use this pile of broken copper and iron devices to pull and return to the substance Star Realm.

“Are you ready?” Lilith walked to Locke and asked.

“en. “Locke nodded.

“When you pass through the time and space barriers of the desperate world, some natural phenomenon and time erosion effects may occur. If you can, you can help me record this process as much as possible. This will be of great research value.” Lily Silk said.

“No problem,” Locke replied.

Waiting to pass through the barriers of time and space to return to the material Star Realm, Lilith and the others are not traveling with Locke, they will temporarily live in Locke’s Paradise Lost.

The purpose of this is to reduce the consumption of Young Master’s Soul of Slaughter, and Lilith also wants to know whether Locke’s Paradise Lost has the ability to take people out of the desperate world.

If everything is done in an ideal state, the final amount of Soul of Domination spent by Locke and the others will only be 1/4 of the original plan.

After checking the space-time channel generator again, Lilith enters Paradise Lost, and Locke will start his return journey.

At this time, Locke, in the Destroyer’s transformation form, holds a total of four dominator feathers that are half a meter long.

Don’t look at Locke and the others. They cut off half of the wings of the seventh-level ruler Bahak, but this half of the wings is disassembled, and the wings and feathers of the soul of the ruler add up to only twenty Yugen that’s all.

On the premise that an average dominator feather can support a creature to leave the desperate world, it is enough to prove how much Locke and the others have gained in the dominance battle.

Pinch the feather in his hand tightly, and then Locke started the space-time channel generator following the steps Lilith taught him.

“shua!” The majestic energy was gathered in the space-time channel generator, and soon a semi-transparent beam shot out from this cylindrical instrument.

Locke, who has been mentally strained, stared at this translucent energy beam, and at the moment it was excited, his right hand shook forward.

It is obviously a translucent beam, but it feels like it is held tightly by Locke.

Locke, holding this traction light, flew towards the end of the desperate world under the guidance of the traction light.


The sky of the desperate world is extremely deep. This is the conclusion that Locke had drawn when he first entered the desperate world.

It was not until a few days later that Locke reached the end of the desperate world.

What appeared in front of Locke at this time was the endless blue crack network.

In the past, these crack networks Locke had absolutely no guts to touch them.

But now, as one of the dominant feathers in Locke’s hands ignites spontaneously, an indescribable high energy appears and wraps Locke’s body surface.

Driven by the light of traction, Locke rushed to the crack network somewhere.


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