Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3538

The package with the Soul of Domination poses a great threat to Locke’s body through the crack network, and Locke was eventually passed through without injury.

The crack network is not as simple as its external manifestations. In the process of traversing, a stream of light traces appear around Locke. Under the background of these streamer traces, Locke continues to move towards the unknown depth.

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Those blue streamers are replaced by layers of black and gray barriers that represent nothingness. Locke can’t see the bottom of these black and gray barriers, but from the pulling force emerging from the light of traction, Locke wants to return to matter Star Realm has to cross these barriers.

The process of passing through the black and gray barrier is not as easy as Locke’s previous walk through the streamer backtracking.

A strong rebound seems to be trying to suppress Locke back to the desperate world, but the special energy of the Soul of Lord on the surface of Locke still helps Locke to pass through the barrier slowly and firmly.

The body was immersed in the gray black barrier little by little, and stopped suddenly when it reached Locke’s finger.

The appearance of the Dark Spider Ring prevents Locke from continuing to penetrate the barrier, not because the Dark Spider Ring is a world-class artifact, but because there is a living life in the Dark Spider Ring.

Eyebrows slightly frowned, the energy body of the Soul of Domination on the body surface has been consumed in the process of getting stuck here. If it continues to be consumed, I am afraid that the Soul of Domination will be exhausted.

A scarlet vortex appeared. In less than a second, Locke quickly threw the dark spider ring into Paradise Lost, and then closed the passage of Paradise Lost.

Sure enough, after there was no dark spider ring, Locke’s body continued to penetrate the gray black barrier with difficulty and slowly, until the barrier began to touch the ring of Paradise Lost on Locke’s arm.

Different from being stuck there directly when touching the Dark Spider Ring. Due to the special attributes and isolation of Paradise Lost, the gray black barrier also has the effect of resisting Locke Paradise Lost, but it is not as obvious as the Dark Spider Ring .

A slower penetration speed than before is happening, but fortunately, Locke is still passing through the black-gray barrier. No matter how slow, he at least does not stop there directly.

A large amount of the Soul of Domination energy body was consumed in this process, and soon, the Soul of Domination contained in a feather was completely consumed.

“shua!” Another dominator feather is ignited, and the majestic and profound soul of dominates once again

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Wrap Locke’s body.

It is not easy to take people out of the desperate world with space equipment.

As a world-class secret treasure, the Dark Spider Ring cannot escape this loophole.

Only Locke’s Paradise Lost can barely pass through with the foundation of a complete world, but this will also cost more Soul of Domination than before.

Soon, the soul of dominance provided by the second feather was also consumed, and Locke’s body was submerged to 2/3.

The third feather ignited, and when the last trace of the soul of dominance was exhausted, Locke was finally completely submerged in the gray black barrier.

The three dominator feathers. Because of the relationship between the dark spider ring and the Lost Paradise, Locke spent a total of three dominator feathers before crossing the gray black barrier.

Holding the last feather in hand, Locke moved towards the pitch black channel that appeared in front of me and flew away.


In space channel, there is often no definition of time.

Because the Time Flow Speed ​​in the space channel is different from the substance Star Realm.

Many times, organisms only stayed in the space channel for a while, but the substance Star Realm has passed for several months or even longer.

Locke doesn’t know how long he finally flew in the pitch black channel. It may be several decades or hundreds of years.

Because the time is too long, and there is no marker control object, Locke’s original concept of time is fuzzy again.

While crossing this pitch black channel, Locke suddenly remembered how he entered the desperate world back then.

At that time, there was also a channel with no end in sight, but the energy channel at that time was clear blue, and this energy channel was pitch black.

What’s different from the time is that the pitch black channel that Locke is passing through does not have any energy suction or other dangers, and even the last dominator feather that Locke is holding in his hand has not been inspired by him.

Silence, darkness, and nothingness are the main theme of this dark passage.

Fortunately, Locke has been tenacious enough in the desperate world over the years, and the trifling silent channel not at all caused significant fluctuations in Locke’s mood.

He is like a calm and calm machine, under the guidance of the traction force in his hand, he firmly moved towards the deeper part of the pitch black channel.

It is also traction

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The existence of power allows Locke to know that although the surrounding environment has not changed much, in essence, he is getting closer and closer to the material Star Realm and his home.


In the deep starry sky, a fierce war is going on.

This is a battle of unprecedented scale, even if you look at the entire Star Realm, battles of this level are rare.

Because this is a war between two large world civilizations, and in a corner of this magnificent battlefield, a huge black hole suddenly appeared.

The appearance of the black hole caught the belligerents on the interstellar battlefield in this area off guard.

Heaven Realm people wearing white robes, goblins holding hammers, hordes of dragons, and whistled past fighters, whether high-level or low-level creatures, all turn their attention to the location of the black hole at this moment. .

There is no other reason. The black hole is too huge, and there is an indescribable oppression force in the dark and deep black hole.

“What’s that?” Among the dragons, one is the most massive, and it is full of hot flames. There are even dragons with bursts of lava bursting on its body can not help but ask.

This monster with an amazing body shape and an imposing manner is Bakar, known as the blasting dragon king. The good people also call it the flame-breathing one, and possesses six-level Peak battle strength.

It is also one of the three commanders of one side in this local starry sky battlefield.

No one answered the doubts of the Dragon King Bakar. When there were many powerhouses in this local battlefield, there was another movement of the fall of the fourth and fifth level creatures.

Locke is the stealth person. This is an invisible person with countless faces.

Assassination is the job of Locke. Unlike the Dragon King who likes to shake his opponents on the frontal battlefield, Locke prefers to use assassinations to solve the battle cleanly.

And I hope Locke’s mind is very clear. This may also be the quality that a Peak assassin should have. She knows how to maximize the benefits on the battlefield.

Obviously possessing level 6 strength, it can even threaten the lives of level 6 Peak creatures at some point, but it is hoped that Locke will target fourth and fifth level creatures more.

The dignity and bottom line of powerhouse?

Hehe, what is that!

I hope Locke only cares about the thrill of blood spitting out when the tip of her knife strokes her opponent’s neck.

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