Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3539

Locke’s hands on stealth, once again broke the silence of this battlefield.

The two sides have fought in the sky for several years, and the hatred between the two civilizations has lasted for thousands of years.

“Heaven’s Chosen” Isis, the master of the sky, the Absolute Control of Wind Element. He is the third apostle of Terra, a loyal servant of Demon God Cassoro.

He is also the main commander of the Terra Star side in this local battlefield. The Tyrant Dragon King Bakar and the stealth Locke should be under his command.

“What the hell is that? Is it a natural phenomenon that was suddenly born in Star Realm?” On the top of a giant metal battleship, a throne full of sharp blades and an iron-blooded style expounds what this battleship and civilization possess Features.

In front of the throne, Isis looked at the black hole not far away, lost in thought.

The appearance of the black hole, not at all, interrupted the battle that took place in Star Realm.

On the contrary, the hidden oppression force revealed in the black hole makes the low-level and high-level creatures on this battlefield crazy.

“hong long long!” A huge explosion sounded beside the metal battleship of ISIS.

As the opponent of the large-scale world Terra Star, the Enze Continent, which is also a large-scale world civilization, has shown a strong strength not inferior to Terra Star in thousands of years of war.

It can even be said that the strength of Enze Mainland is stronger than Terra Star.

It’s just that the powerhouse of Enze Continent has a strange behavior and principles. They never bully the weak and squeeze the enslaved corps. This makes the initiative on the battlefield more evil and has the desire to destroy and destroy Terra Star powerhouses. Mastered.

Thousands of pitch black fighters have appeared around the giant metal battleship where Isis is located. These pocket-sized pitch black fighters are manufactured by the unique alchemy system of Enze Continent.

More than 90% of pitch black fighters are not piloted by personnel. These nearly fully automatic fighters bear the burden of suppressing the firepower of the Enze mainland on the chaotic battlefield.

Only now, the target of these fighters is the third apostle Isis who appeared on top of the metal battleship.

Surrounded by thousands of warplanes, the Third Apostle Isis doesn’t have much different face.

A giant sword appeared in front of Isis, the wind breaking giant sword Dalongwei. Although it has not yet reached the level of world-class artifacts, it is a wind sword with great spirituality.

With the continuous growth of ISIS, the giant sword Dalongwei will one day reach the world

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Level level of secret treasures.

“Kelly, it’s you again, the new star of Heaven Realm in Enze Continent.”

“Although your strength is very strong, you even beat the guy Di Ruiji hard enough last time, but I am not a waste like Di Ruiji.” Layers of air waves centered on Isis, to all The around aroused, and a white transparent storm formed.

The third apostle Isis, although not the strongest of the Terra Xing 10 ambassadors, is the one with the most commanding mind and warfare among them.

Apart from this, Isis is still the most handsome character among the ten ambassadors. I don’t know how many creatures Terra Star worships Isis.

Faced with Isis’s words, a female voice came from the group of thousands of pitch black fighters.

“The black plague Di Ruiji, Heaven Realm, and the mutant viruses that appeared in many areas of Enze Continent are all caused by him. The last time he broke his arm was my mistake. This time you will feel that you can get it from me Flee?” As the voice fell, the entire surrounding Star Domain battlefield began to show faint space fluctuations.

It is not just nothing serious that Enze Continent is stronger than Terra Star. In the midst of space fluctuations, a large number of battleship, Mecha, and magic puppet troops appeared in this local battlefield.

The appearance of the Legion of the Enze Continent finally changed the face of Isis in the storm.

He himself is not afraid of these conventional combat Legion, because with the power of low-level creatures, it would be a fantasy story to kill him such a six-level Peak powerhouse.

The real cause of the change in Isis’s face is the appearance of the Heaven Realm Legion on the continent of Blessings, which will inevitably cause serious damage to his Terra Star army on this battlefield.

In terms of cluster combat capability, Enze Mainland’s Heaven Realm forces have an incomparable advantage.

“That black hole must have been created by you too? Is there any conspiracy?”

“No matter how big a conspiracy is, it will disappear under the cover of my Heaven Realm fighter!” Kai Li’s voice sounded. Recommend to read TV//

Immediately, thousands of fighters moved towards Isis and opened fire.

The warheads fired by these fighters slammed “ding ding dong dong” around the white storm on the surface of Isis.

After all, it’s just some technology and alchemy creations. Impossible really does what Isis does.

Heaven Realm powerhouse The reason why Kelly deployed thousands of fighters to encircle and suppress the third apostle Isis, in fact, mainly wanted to entangle him and wipe out the greatest victory for other Heaven Realm troops on this battlefield. obstacle.

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In addition to Kaili’s confrontation with Isis, at the same time, there are also several powerhouses of the fifth and sixth levels of Grace Continent appearing on this battlefield, flying to the fifth apostle Xi Locke and the ninth master and disciple Bakar. go with.

Chaotic and fierce battles are still being staged in this starry sky.

As the third apostle Isis, who was the protagonist of the battle, he did not at all explain to his opponents that the black hole that appeared suddenly was actually not the work of Terra Star.

Breaking the wind giant sword gleams with a dazzling white light in Isis’s hand, and then under the impetus of the storm of Isis, moved towards a dark and boundless Cutting Void beside him.

Hundreds of fighters shattered and exploded under the edge of Isis’s giant sword, but what followed was an invisible giant ship that was not much inferior to the metal battleship under Isis, slowly turning from darkness in the sky manifests itself.

This invisible battleship is the real car of Kaili of Heaven Realm powerhouse on Enze continent. As a six-level Peak powerhouse, Kaili can even connect her will with this giant ship with a unique spirit strength control method.

The unity of man and ship, this unique control method and outstanding ability, is the reason why Kaili sits on the title of the most shining star of Heaven Realm on the Enze continent.

Even including the most powerhouse of the Holy See on the Enze Continent, the seventh-level creature Mist praised Kaili’s strength and innate talent, and believed that it is very likely to reach the realm of the holy in the future.

The saint is the title of the seventh-level creature of the Holy See of Enze Mainland.

For example, the full name of the seven-level powerhouse Mister should be called Saint Mister.

The fierce battle continued to ferment as Kelly’s hidden giant ship was exposed by Isis’s attack.

Also at this time, few people noticed the faint white light appearing in the huge black hole on this battlefield.

Today’s official account has updated the introduction of Enze Mainland. The Enze Mainland introduced in the official account is provided by Yumei. Because it is too strong and does not meet the current framework, Xiaodou has weakened its adaptability a bit.

For example, the official account says that Kaili is at level 7, but in Xiaodou’s text, she is still at level 6. Other weakenings will appear one by one in the subsequent chapters, so don’t bring them all into the strength of the Enze Continent described in the official account.

Many readers know that Xiaodou is going to write a trilogy, and it is based on the development of the wizard world, so the content of Enze Mainland in the official account can be understood as the timeline after the main line.

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