Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3540

In the space channel, the incomparable feeling of fullness and comfort fills Locke’s body within the body.

This is the breath of Star Realm, which is full of elements and energy particles.

More than 20,000 years of suffering in the desperate world has made every Avatar cell of Locke full of thirst for elemental power.

Before completely breaking away from the space-time channel, Locke’s body began to suck the traveling energy particles that appeared in the space-time channel.

Travelers who have lived in the desert for a long time will understand the preciousness of water. At this time, Locke, who has just left the desperate world, perceives that Star Realm with such abundant elements and energy is so beautiful.

At this time, together with Locke appearing in the space-time channel are Lilith, Magic Rare, and Gongsun Xuance.

The state of their three people at this time is similar to that of Locke, and they are all already activated to suck the surrounding energy element particles.

At this moment Locke is turning on the Destroyer Transformation, but because a large number of Wind Element, destruction energy and elemental factors gather around Locke, Locke looks more like a huge cyan ray ball from a distance. .

Lilith, Huamo Ruier, and Gongsun Xuance are also in the same situation as Locke.

Lilith is a pitch black energy ball.

Phantom Riel is a rare golden energy ball.

Gongsun Xuance is a gray energy ball.

The surging elemental power surged around the four of them.

If it is an ordinary Star Realm lifeform, I am afraid that my body will collapse first under such intense elements.

But the Locke four will not. In addition to the fact that their bodies are already in a state of extreme lack of energy elements, there is also the degree of passive evolution of their bodies that is enough to ignore the tearing force of energy elements of this scale.

Including world spellcasters like Lilith, who is known for her weak body, and female demons with extremely poor melee combat capabilities like Phantom Riel, the level of passive evolution possessed at this time is also sufficient to make overwhelming majority Star Realm creatures The point where blushed with shame.

Over 20,000 consecutive years of passive evolution in the desperate world is enough to make a weak physique 6th-level spellcaster achieve at least the level of passive evolutionary creature wrestling with Star Realm Fifth Level.

Note that this refers to pure physical power, not to borrow other elements or energy.

Not to mention, apart from the normal training in the desperate world, the body refinement potions of Lilith and Phantom Riel have never stopped.

If you count the two women and still have the means of self-sealing…After the outbreak, even if someone says that they are Level 6 Knights, I’m afraid someone will believe it.

Both Lilith and Magic Rael have reached such a point, and the changes between Locke and Gongsun Xuance are naturally greater.

The longer they stay in the desperate world, the greater the reward and promotion Star Realm will bring them.

The balance rule runs through everything. In the desperate world, with only physical strength and passive evolution, Locke and Gongsun Xuance can reach the point of Peak despair.

Now returning to Star Realm, with the perfusion of incomparable energy and elemental power, to what extent these two people can reach, let us wait and see!


“hong long long!” The terrifying energy pressure began to converge in this starry sky battlefield.

This is an energy fluctuation far beyond the limits of ordinary creatures of fourth, fifth, and sixth level!

If it weren’t for Terra Star and Enze Continent to have their own seven-level powerhouses, so that the high-level creatures on both sides of the battlefield would have a more familiar understanding of the use of the power of dominance, otherwise everyone would think that there were seven powerhouses. Grade creatures are coming here soon!

“What’s the situation?” A Heaven Realm powerhouse from Enze mainland couldn’t help but say.

Just now, the overwhelming majority equipment on his body failed temporarily.

Although it was only a momentary failure, it also made this Heaven Realm powerhouse with Fifth Level Life Level startled in a cold sweat.

Unlike the powerhouses of the Holy See and the Tower of Lost, the battle of Heaven Realm powerhouses on the Enze Continent is more dependent on equipment and equipment.

If all his equipment and equipment fail, it means that his combat effectiveness will be almost zero.

Inside the invisible giant ship, Heaven Realm’s sixth-level Peak powerhouse Kaili also felt a moment of loss.

It was a weird scene in which the entire hull of the ship lost power, as if…as if something was just now, it sucked up the energy elements in the nearby space in one breath.

The third apostle of Terra Star, Isis, is also surprised by the surrounding situation like Kelly.

Although he is not likely to have a temporary failure of his own equipment like Heaven Realm powerhouses in Enze Continent, he still feels that the elemental vacuum that occurred just now is indeed real.

Someone drained the energy elements in the nearby starry sky in one go? Although this elemental imbalance in a local area quickly returned to normal under Star Realm’s self-regulation mechanism, the suspicion and unbelief it brought about was not so easily eliminated.

In the battlefield, almost all the creatures that are more sensitive to energy and elements can’t help looking at the location of the giant black hole.

Various signs and the flow of energy elements in the surrounding starry sky all indicate that the weird thing that happened just now was caused by that huge black hole.

A magic dragon with a body size of nearly 500 meters took the lead to fly to the black hole.

It is the right-hand man of Tyrant Dragon King Kabal, and possesses the strength of Fifth Level Peak.

Facing the ‘reckless’ move of the dragon, Tyrant Dragon King Kabal did not at all stop it.

Because it also wants to know what the hell is inside the black hole, or contains other secrets?

The Fifth Level magic dragon flies very fast. I don’t know whether it is due to other factors such as timidity or caution. After approaching the giant black hole, the magic dragon spontaneously increased its size to more than a kilometer.

It seems that its huge size and hard scales can help it offset the unknown danger.

The Fifth Level Dragon is close to the edge of the black hole. With its physique of more than one kilometer, it is as small as a sesame in front of the giant black hole.

Just when the magic dragon was going to go deeper, mutation suddenly happened!

Four giant energy balls shining with dazzling elemental light, one by one, gush out from the black hole!

No, that’s not an energy ball! It should be said that there are four suns of different colors!

Under the strong tearing force of the energy element, the Fifth Level magic dragon that just stick one’s head around to look for is ready to go deep into the black hole and explore it. It didn’t even make a whimper, it was pulled by the powerful elemental power. Down, was annihilated into the most basic particle!

The Fifth Level magic dragon suffered a spike, and the powerhouse eyes shrank on the surrounding battlefield.

The third apostle Isis retracted his giant sword. After the battle with Kelly, the sixth-level Peak powerhouse was wary of the four elemental energy balls that suddenly appeared.

The Heaven Realm powerhouse on Enze Continent is similar to Kaili. Thousands of fighters are centered on the hidden giant ship, and the muzzle is faintly aimed at the four light balls.

Farther away, more battleships and magic puppets began to gather at the location of the black hole.