Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3541

“I seem to have crushed something just now?” In the azure energy ball, Locke glanced at his right hand and couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

The majestic energy elements fill Locke’s body within the body, which makes Locke feel extremely powerful, but also reduces his perception of the outside world by several levels.

They have returned to Star Realm. Unlike the time and space channel, there will be a certain time and space invasion effect. At this time, there is no longer any Time and Space Strength fluctuation Locke, and they are convinced that they have left the channel and truly appear in Star Realm.

The brilliance of the azure energy ball is gradually dimming. Star Realm’s feedback to Locke and the others cannot be completed overnight. Now they can only say that they have just experienced the most violent energy absorption link, and then the rate is relatively normal. Improve the rhythm.

As the brilliance of the azure energy ball gradually dimmed, Locke also began to recognize the environment they are in now.

But what Locke didn’t expect was that after he and the others returned to Star Realm, the first battle they faced turned out to be a battle of nearly tens of millions of Legion surrounded by them.

And these all kinds of Legion and the dark light that penetrates through their muzzle show that these strange Star Realm creatures are not friendly and welcome to them.

Whether it is Terra Star Legion or Enze Continental Legion, at this time, they are faintly aiming at Locke and the others.

Any creature is subconsciously wary and jealous of strange and powerful creatures, and because the origins of Locke and the others are unknown, both sides in the war mistake Locke and the others as their opponents’ hidden means.

Immediately after Locke, Lilith, Magic Rare, and Gongsun Xuance also appeared from their respective energy balls.

Without exception, Lilith and the others who appeared behind her are all like Locke, showing tremendous volatility of elements and energy.

The Third Apostle Isis looked at the four Locke who suddenly appeared from the black hole with solemn eyes.

As a Level 6 Peak powerhouse, he suddenly felt a deep crisis of the powerful and terrifying power fluctuations shown by the Locke four.

This is a powerhouse that threatens his life!

What’s even more shocking is that they don’t seem to have reached the height of level seven creatures.

In Isis’s past cognition, those below level 7 can achieve a similar level, only the first apostle of Terra, which is the most powerful house of Terra after Demon God Casolo.

Just as shocking as Isis is the Heaven Realm powerhouse Kelly in the invisible giant ship.

“Better than Xin Yan and Shatai, who are they?” Kaili thought to herself.

The three most outstanding contemporary geniuses in Enze Continent are Xin Yan of Xuzu, Kaili of Heaven Realm, and Chatai of Lost Tower.

Their three people are the most shining new stars outside the powerhouse of the Holy See on the mainland of Enze. They were once identified by the seventh-level powerhouse of the Holy See by Mister as those who are likely to reach the realm of the ‘sage’ in the future.

But even Peak level six creatures such as Kelly and Isis, facing Locke and the others who have just received Star Realm’s backfeeding at this moment, they feel like they are invincible.

Stalemate and confrontation immediately occurred in this universe of stars.


“Are you sure this is the Star Domain near Lanquan Martial Dao Civilization?” While the confrontation was still going on, there was no sign of the two sides wiping out their guns, and Locke couldn’t help asking side Lilith sound transmission.

What about Martial Dao Civilization of Blue Boxing?

If a group of Martial Dao Civilization powerhouses wearing short coats or immortal immortals walking with swords appeared in front of him, Locke would not have been so surprised.

But these Legions appearing in front of us are obviously not related to Martial Dao Civilization and Xianyu.

Those pitch black fighters and giant ships are clearly products of technological civilization. As for creatures such as dragons, goblins, and cyclops on the other side, they give Locke a great sense of strangeness.

“The original function of the spatio-temporal channel generator is fuzzy positioning. After we return to Star Realm, the specific coordinates and the Star Domain where the Blue Boxing Martial Dao Civilization is located are in error, which is a logical thing.” Lilith rolled the eyes explained to Locke.

At this time, Gongsun Xuance suddenly reacted, pointing to the little brother Brin in the Legion side of Terra Star, and said, “This seems to be the Star Domain near Terra World. The map I brought back from Martial Saint back then , I have seen similar creatures.”

Since it is the place Martial Saint once visited, it means that this place is indeed not far from the Martial Dao Civilization of Blue Boxing.

“Then do you remember how to return to the route of Blue Boxing Martial Dao Civilization?” Locke couldn’t help asking.

“Uh…you should remember…” Gongsun Xuance said with uncertainty.

The main reason is that the time is too far apart, and Gongsun Xuance’s main focus at the time was on the various Star Realm’s brilliant civilizations and special planes that Martial Saint traveled. However, I don’t remember the specific travel route of Martial Saint very clearly. Up.

But it is enough to have a general sense of direction. They have been struggling in a desperate world for more than 20,000 years, so how can they miss the time to return?

When Locke and the others secretly communicated with each other, Legion of Enze and Terra Star Legion on the battlefield in front of them also gathered more and more.

To tell the truth, Locke doesn’t want to be a stranger to Star Domain.

In addition to the fact that the total number of Legion gathered on the battlefield has reached tens of millions, there is also a more important reason that he felt from another starry sky area far away from the battlefield. The breath of the seventh-level creature fluctuates.

And there seems to be more than one!

It is obvious that Locke and the others are currently on a battlefield of tens of millions of scales, but only one of the local battlefields of this magnificent Star Realm battlefield.

This is a large-scale battle where both sides have invested in battle strength above level 7.

According to Gongsun Xuance, Terra Star should possess a large-scale world level that is not inferior to the Martial Dao Civilization of Blue Boxing.

Then the other world civilization that is at war with it should at least be a large world.

Locke and the others are so bad luck that they can be transported to the battlefield of two large world civilizations.

Fortunately, they are currently in the local battlefield of the two large-scale world civilization battles. If they are directly teleported to the battle range of two warring civilization level 7 creatures, Locke might have to grab Lilith’s ass Beat it up.

“What do you do next?” Lilith couldn’t help asking Locke in front of her. Having spent more than 20,000 years in a desperate world, she has become accustomed to following Locke’s opinions on certain things.

But Lilith should not be clear about what Locke had just thought, otherwise her tone would not be so polite.

“Let’s go, leave here as soon as possible, don’t get involved too much.”

“Can your space magic be used? It’s up to me if it can’t be used. With the strength of the space barrier on this battlefield, I should be able to directly Tearing Space now.” Locke said to Lilith.

“It’s up to you to come, I’ll collect some other things first.” Lilith replied to Locke.

At this time, her eyes are shining brightly. This is the look that can only be obtained when rare specimens are found.


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