Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3688

Locke fights in the starry sky with stone ancient giants, is the penalty area that all low-level creatures are not allowed.

and the stone ancient giants appeared here, in fact, the Wizard World of the Human Brainman for Locke’s Wizard World at Titan Star Domain, the counterattack response.

In addition to the hiring invitation of Qiuri Giants, Siqi Giants, this stone ancient giants also have the meaning of gesture to Locke.

So in the battle in the battle with the seven Knight Locke, the stone ancient giants also took out their own nine-centered strength in the battle.

after half a year.

Near the starry sky, becomes a wolf under the battle of two seven-level organisms.

Shiuri Giant is a natural brute force and destruction expert, and Locke with Destruction Stregth is obviously not a good man who protects the environment.

Only by personal strength, Shiuri Giants should be the current power of the civilized battlefield, the strength of the three-party civilization, SECOND ONLY TO, the strongest human brain, Kirah’s Ruler Level individual.

(ps: before the IS segment “said that the god of the beast has seven PEAK strength, it is a small bean history, it should be the seven-stage post-strength, has been revised.)

includes the god of the same Star Realm, and should be slightly in the personal Battle Stregth, which is omitted.

In the battle of Locke, this stone ancient giant did not perform or use any world-level secret treasure from beginning to end.

The powerful body and the amazing passive evolutionary ability is the biggest reliance of stone ancient giants.

Although it is not like Martial Saint, it is the Force Prove DAO route, but the stone ancient giant in front of you also has the three-point essence of the Force Prove DAO route.

This makes Locke to fight with each other for nearly half a year, and it is hearty.

“Long for a long time, there is a good guy, you are really a good guy.” Shi Ancient giant said with his huge body, the boulder and the terabye residue rolled down from the stone giant’s body surface, This is because the battle just is caused.

Continuously fight, so that the Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth.

If you think this is a process of stone ancient giants, it is wrong!

In fact, with a large number of Earth Element peels out from the stone ancient giants, the power of this guys did not weakened, but the body was gradually flexible and slender.

can be the master of the STAR Realm for many years, no one is a simple role. Instead, it is a rare role in the seven-level edible brain of the edible brain civilization. It should be said that Star Realm is rare.

Locke gradually downsify the stone ancient giants, the stone ancient giants gradually converge a tightness.

In combat time with Locke for more than half a year, although Locke did not hurt its origin, the symptom of the synonymous stone also Didn’t Touch clear Locke’s shallow!

Yes, Shiurg Giants even Didn’t Touch in the deep shallow depth of Locke.

How is this Wizard World Knight’s breath? How deep his bottom is!

Shiurg giants have proud of this money, because Earth Element LifeForm is known as blood and long-lasting force, how is this Wizard World Knight?

This is a long Wizard World Human face, in essence, is Earth Element creature guy? Stone ancient giant can’t help but think.

I don’t know the gantry function and Locke’s destruction of Divine Spark characteristics, gradually entered a self-doubtful ring.

Yes, the stone ancient giant is not a person who is fighting.

“Your guy, what is going to hide?”

“No longer shot, I will go directly!” Shiurg Giants suddenly faced a quiet Towards in a quiet empty void scolded.

The two parties agreed that when the stone ancient giants closed Locke, it suddenly appeared in Sneak Attack.

But now, the stone ancient giant has already played a lot of half a year, but the other party is still a old dog, and there is no meaning.

It is no wonder that the stone ancient giants will not help.

With the anger of stone ancient giants, a ASH-Gray rules suddenly burst from the Star Realm void and instantly flew to the Locke.

“clang!” The gamstick of the metal is ringing.

look carefully, it turned out that the Locke’s arm has completely bone, blocking this sudden appearing Sneak Attack.

In the dark, the Silhouette of Physicians in the seven-grade edible brain gradually appeared.

It accepts the Killarian Directive to come to this battlefield to help stone ancient giants, it is true that it is scheduled to be in a moment, Sneak Attack Locke.

But the real thing is that the combat energy level of the seven stone ancient giants and Locke has gradually exceeded Phozisses.

and as a side in Sneak Attack, the seven-level edible head of Physicians wants to do it, and the opportunity to choose is not as simple as it is imagined.

I am afraid that there are not many people believe that in the process of more than half a year, Phozes did not find a Weak Spot from Locke!

either Locke has a beaten on this, or the strength of Locke has grown rapidly, and it has exceeded the expected Overwhelming Majority people!

Indeed, there are ten grade 2 to destroy Black Lotus blessing, Locke’s strength growth is fast, no extraordinary Ruler Level Lifeform can imagine.

“You finally appeared, then this farce should also end, I should take a little Ability.” One hit after the seven-level edible head of Phony Sneak Attack was perfectly blocked, Locke tone easier Two ruler level lifeforms in front of them.

The devil who is destroyed, soon swept the entire body.

is only a must-have, and the Locke, which is a skeleton MONSTER, continues to skyrocket, and gradually evolve the direction of the Moved Towards.

The body of the stone ancient giant is approximately one kilometer, which is not the body of the stone ancient giant. If necessary, stone ancient giants can completely include Earth Element giants, or even greater than INCARNATION.

But the stone ancient giant is so doing, because the millennium is the most familiar, and it is also the state that is most suitable for its own strength.

Locke’s destruction of the giant, it is more than a lot of stone ancient giants compared to the kilometers.

Unbustful destruction factor, let Locke’s punches have a bit of a bit.

Facing the transformation of Locke, the stone ancient giant is not as calm as before, the Oppression of the other party’s INCARNATION, so that the stone ancient giant is very unhappy.

A large amount of soil Elemental Power, starting with the stone ancient giant, soaring on ALL Directions.

Former moment, the stone ancient giants are only a thousand-meter-sized ordinary Earth Element giant.

but after a moment, the body of the stone ancient giant Moved Towards has risen to 100,000 meters.

Even the destruction giant that Locke has just completed, at this time, there is a kind of touch of “younger brother” in front of the real body of stone ancient giants.

However, evaluating the strength gap between the two, and cannot be an introduction to a simple body.

If the stone ancient giants in front of you are unparalleled, he wants to imagine that while maintaining powerful and vitality, it is not too realistic.