Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3689

The seven-level edible brain is not wrong before Inenesaki, and the combat level of these two huge missions in front of him has exceeded its own category.

The grade seven creatures of the edible head of the human brain are vocative in Battle Stregth.

Unless you reach Killaiaa, the high-end Battle Stregth, which has two complementary seven parasitic, or two complementary seven parasitic, will forever.

The true power of the large-scale WORLD civilization in the human civilization is that the endless parasitic army of the control is controlled.

How many bodies have, and the editor’s civilization can pull up more Battle Stregth in a short time, and it is not necessarily more than some top civilization in a short time.

Take the Light GOD family as an example, although the Light God family has an angel reincarnation pool, such a civilized Supreme Treasure, but wants to achieve strong Archangel Legion through the angels, it also requires a lot of energy and resource consumption, and high quality The believers soul are also indispensable.

But the human brain is not the trouble of this, the number of bottom Legion and the extent to which the cannon grade Lifeform is ignorant, and the edible brain civilization should be the most literary profession of Wizard World.

and the development model of the human civilization civilization is not completely unable.

, if it is, if it is as if it is.

If the edible brain civilization can laugh in this civilization will laugh at the end, get more than ten seven-level biological body, including desperate spool, Heavenspan Cult Lord, the role of the bodies …

Cough Cough, I am afraid that since then, the edible brain civilization will usher in civilization and have the qualifications of the frontboard Light GOD!

Of course, this situation occurs, it has lowned to the extent to which it is not calculated.

Where to That Many is like, the seven-level organisms will not be like Chinese cabbage, and they will be killed.

On the occasion of the barbarism of Locke and Shiurg Giant, he suddenly refused to ask the seven-level edible brain, Phozis, Murissar, how to be in the civilized battlefield for this long time. I saw him. “

Lisa asked Murlesat, is the seven-level edible incomplete, which is a hammer, a hammer, is a seven-level edible incomplete, a hammer, a Wizard World.

The true battle strength of the other party should be opened with the seven-level edible brain, Physicians, but this is Physicians to participate in the besieged Locke, not with the Locke, Murissat, IS IT Possible That guy was shadowed by Locke?

For the problem of Locke, Impossible answers in Physicians.

The seven-level edible head Murlesad may really have a shadow of Locke, but the other FOR A Long Time does not have a real factor in the front line of the civilized battlefield, but it is from the seven-level biological epidopause of the civilization. The fallen of the ancestors.

The ancestor and Murleszat are symbiotic relationship, so the fall of the ancestors, the impact and negative effects caused by Murlesat.

and more letters of the human brain, there is a bit can’t touch the head. Murissat is clear that the vitality has fallen once because of the fall of the ancestors, how many years have long been sluggish and the strength status.

The editorial civilization is temporarily unclear that the civilization is in Murissatt, and trying to resurrect the inheritance through the door of the murder.

seems close and united tripartite civilization, there have been many differences and distrusts internally.

is also a short-term Golden Light in the seven-level edible head of Physicians.

The sudden appearance of Golden Light, not only brought to the seven-level edible head of Phozers, but also the stone ancient giant opposite the Locke!

Good guy, this Wizard World seven Knight in front of him, there is a backhand!

The stone ancient giant thought that he had more than half a year before, even if he did not force the strength of Locke, at least 80%.

But there is a situation that has occurred, but there is a kind of impulse that the stone ancient giants will go directly.

World level secret treasure – 弑 弑 枪!

as a Life Source Spirit Treasure, the Great Desolate World, the Monarch, who had hurt the Zhu Hongjun in the past, and it is enough to prove that this is different from the weapons.

Despite the gun tip of the gun, there is still a certain damage, but this battle is enough!

and Powerhouse’s flesh and blood will accelerate the self-recovery speed of the moon.

Seven-level edible brain Phkiazis has been trying to avoid in Immediately, but his shoulder is still in caves in the gods!

The flesh and blood of the seven-level creatures, let the gods make a burst of humming, which is satisfied.

and revealed that Phocacy of Physicia was obviously corrupted, and there was an obvious corrosion injury.

This Evil Artifact actually swallows the flesh and blood of Phomande, Physicians!

Does Physicians have reactive, just eat full of gods, and then fly to the seven-level edible head of Physicians.

Don’t be required for Locke, this fairy Evil Artifact can also be independent!

The appearance of the gods, lapled the current status of Locke One Against TWO after the seven-level edible head of Physicians.

It has three high rank world secret treasures, which is Locke at this time, the capital of this civilized battlefield.

弑 弑 主 主, Ten Grade 2 Destroy Black Lotus Main Defense, the lost park provides Locke to provide Continuously’s vitality and energy supplements.

does not exaggerate, the one Against TWO in front of you still doesn’t force the Locke’s own potential.

This is an amazing thing, the focus, Locke has exceeded Douglas, becoming the current Wizard World Not Just in Name Only, But Also In Reality’s Number One Person!


When Locke is in the main battlefield of Titan Star Domain hinterland, when the seven-level edible brain, Phoenice and seven-level wanders, the Light GOD family in the edge of Titan Star Domain, obviously also found this The energy level fluctuation of the battlefield.

Titan Star Domain is just a medium medium medium STAR Domain, and the battle fluctuations between seven-level domains are dramatic, the Light GOD family, since Chen Bingtan star Domain, naturally IMMediately perceive the specific battle of Titan Star Domain.

Although there is no clear to see the battlefield in the battlefield, just judge the battle level of the battle, the main gods of the Light GOD are also derived there to be three seven-level creatures in the fight.

“is DESTRUCTION Strength, and it is also the pureness of this Level …” The Lord of the Glory looked at the Titan Star Domain hinterland, can’t help but hold the fist.

Despite the eight-level eternal main three, the main gods are required to be calm, and there is no warning between Wizard World Civilization and the Three-Party Civilization until there is no suitable shot.

But at this moment, this strong destruction strengthenth gathering, and the Lord of Glorious is unable to endure.

World level secret treasure predicts in the glorious master “hua hua” ring, accompanied by Continuously pages, Illusory Shadow, which is engraved with Locke destroyers, gradually appeared above the predictographic.

is also the moment of seeing Locke’s destroyers turned into a gesture, and the Lord is no longer hesitating.

even greessing, including an angel of one soldier, the angel of the one, is not used. This seven-level main god is so direct to WHITE stream, and one person rushed to the main battlefield of Titan Star Domain.


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