Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3690

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Titan Star Domain main battlefield.

弑 Divine Spear’s appearance, making Locke One Against TWO, while facing the stone ancient giants and seven-level edible brain, it is still relaxed.

Of course, this result is that this result is also related to the relationship between the triparties that are in the battle without killing intent.

The seven-level stone ancient giants are really practical, but fighting with Locke for so long, and gradually finding the bottom and strength of Locke, it is not interested in the premise of hurting the enemy, one thousand, forcedity, Locke Deadly.

As for Locke, if only the seven-level edible head of Physicians, he may also have the idea of ​​killing a seven-level dominant.

is because there is a stone ancient giant threatened, and Locke One Against Two is already a proof of its own strength. If he wants to take Fergis, it is a bit more.

Any organism can achieve dominating, there must be a few brushes.

is only a seven-level editor of Physicians as an example, even if Locke can do it here, it is not only a seven-stage parasitic That’s all of Phoenice.

In addition to the seven parasitic bodies where this ventable Lord brain is located, Phozis must have other many brains.

A Sly Individual Has More Than One Plan To Fall Back ON features, in the human civilization, it has failed.

includes the seven-level edible brain, who has been killed by Douglas cost, Kafen, is now willing to live well in fear Demon God Diapo Withnin the Body.

If there is no accident, this three-party domineering battle will probably last for five to ten years.

During this period, the Wizard World Western Islands Director, which is directly led by Locke, completing the positive conquest and reopening of Titan Star Domain’s main battlefield.

The main part of Titan Star Domain is taken back by Wizard World, then this dominant war continues to make too much significance.

The stone ancient giant itself is to take the money, as an employment domination, he can not be obliged to be an employment contract.

The same seven-level edible ear, Phozisia is also surprised in Titan Star Domain, the seven-level edible brain, Kafun dominates the destruction, seven-level edible brain Murissat is indirectly Sexual suffering.

Although the strongest seven-level edible head of Kiraia launched Cadar Starihood Group and the seven stone ancient giants, the character is cautious and careful, Phi Nazi does not think that they still have Qualification in Wizard Star Domain occupies such a wide area.

Tentatively does not mention Wizard World Civilization’s overbearing war attitude towards the Overbearing War, just next to the Diablo Star Domain Watch The Fires Burning Across The River’s Light GOD is brought to Phoenic’s pressure.

Phozisse has not had this feeling of such as thin ice, this is his long-awaited decision-making and resistance to the strongest seven-level edible brain.

For the seven-level edible head, I will give up Titan Star Domain or a good thing.

Not only Titan Star Domain, if you can choose, Phoenic is willing to give up Chaos Star Domain, just grasp the Wizard Star Domain’s more than two hundred distals of STAR Domain.

Because this can not only pose the Light GOD’s hidden bomb to the Wizard World headache, on the other hand, it can also be closely related to the meditation, Musopoli.

The core Legion of the three-party large world civilization and the Ruler Level individual collection, even if Wizard World civilization has many foreign aid, the three-party civilization has a battle!

Unfortunately, the civility of the edible brain is not a matter of Phozis.

and, different characters are different from different angles, different classes, and thinking.

The strongest seven-level edible head of Kirraia has naturally seen a lot of problems in this civilized battle, but standing in it, give up the interests of many already pinching, is not easy to simply Make a decision.

and for the human brain civilization, the occupation of the Wizard Star Domain is longer, and their profit is greater.

Perhaps the civilization of the editor of the brain also discovered that these already occupied by them, and there is a possibility that Imposing Manner is won by Imposing Manner, such as Wizard World.

So during the occupation, these insiders, Cunning’s edible brains are excessively exploitially exploitially exploit.

Have endless parasitic as a miner, almost every place in the human civilization of the edible brain is in a state of rapid exhaustion.

Wizard World’s attitude is still good for the past, because the group of enforcements know the truth of benign circulation and sustainable development.

Many resources rich world will often be taken care of by the Wizard Alliance.

In the Wizard Alliance’s intentional resource tilt and rational mining, some planes have been developed and used for the millennium, and the final result is that the resource output and new increase of the position.

But the human civilization clearly does not consider these, not completely statistics, although the number of planes recaptured by Wizard World in recent years have been a lot, but they are in the face of the human brain civilization. There is no loss.

A large number of resources are overproduced, making the edible human civilization to leave the wizard world is a rotten stall.

To restore the vitality of these slavece, and resumed production in the future, Wizard World may pay a small price and long wait for this.

(PS: The plane is self-repair, but the speed is often very slow, especially those who are willing to strike seriously.)

This is a battle that is destined to ‘lost’, at least seven-level edible brain, Phozis, I think so.

If you spent more than half a year, he also fantasy stone ancient giants can be picked up with Locke, then suddenly suddenly hit the opponent.

So now, Phozes has already thrown the ideas of uncomfortable ideas.

Titan Star Domain let it make, but also I at least three palen, who is already in ordering it, and is ready to lend the 麾 嫡 嫡 Legion to withdraw the Preparation of Titan Star Domain.

Of course, the parasitic army who led before the 7th grade of the editor of Phoenix will also search in Titan Star Domain Fiercely.

This is an ideal process in the heart of Physicians, and this process should be done normally if it is unexpected.

but unfortunately, ‘accident’ will appear.

When a bright white stream appears from extremely far horizon, it is straight to the battlefield of the three Ruler Level Lifeform, and no one will think that the stream of this wrap is just passing by.

is also the emergence of this stream of light, disrupting the war pattern inside and outside Titan Star Domain.

To know that the main representative of glory is not just a person, she is also the will of the Light GOD.