Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3691

This should be the first meeting of Locke and the Lord of Glow.

The last time, the Locke’s Lord is riddhed with the remote Divine Force, and when he didn’t even see the Lord of Glamor.

Suddenly coming to this battlefield’s glory is very interesting. She is only in the battlefield of the stone giant and the seven-level edible head of Phoenice, which also fights with stone ancient giants and the Others fighting Locke Explanate great fighting intent.

and compared to the top two, the Lord, which is really glorious, should be a stronger Locke.

The boundless destruction strengthenth, with the blessing of the number World level secret treasure, let Locke’s Imposing Manner in this battlefield ventilation.

Anti-view stone ancient giant, this wandering domineering is a lot, but it is not one of the World level secret treasures used in battle.

The seven-level edible head of Phoenice has a WORLD-level secret treasure, which is a diamond ear nail wearing a Phleginal earlobe.

But compared to Locke’s Divine Spear and Ten Grade 2 Destroy Black Lotus, WORLD-level secret treasures, Phozes’s ear-type World level secret treasures appeared.

(ps: The physical main brain of Phosgene Physician, but the body structure and gender of the Ruler Level body paraffins of the main brain are women.)

The arrival of the Lord of Guanghui, undoubtedly increased the complexity of this battlefield.

After this battlefield, the Lord of Glorious is not nonsense, and she also did not give the time to Locke and the Others.

Locke has 弑 Divine Spear, Ten Grade 2 Destroy Black Lotus, 弑 Divine Spear, etc. WORLD level secret treasure, the same brilliant master’s Family Property is also not bad.

World-level secret treasure, the defensive effect of the saints, compared to the ten grade 2 of Locke, Black Lotus may be relatively inferior, but as a long-term test Defensive Treasure, Guangming Shengyi follows the glorious owner I don’t know how much experience Equal battle.

As for the other two of the two WORLD level secret treasures of the Lord, Star Ring is the relic of the Lord of Father Star, is a Genuine’s eight-level dominance to use the main Divine Item prince.

World level secret treasure predictographic, which is also a counterfeit product made of Supreme Treasure Revelation, and the value is absolutely high in the WORLD level secret treasure.

The lord of the enemy, and bringing the Locke on the battlefield, stone ancient giants, and Phizis three dominated very much pressure.

compared to ‘Friend’, the ‘hostile’ Attribute carried by the Lord of Glow is no longer more.

Because whether it is the Wizard World civilization represented by Locke, it is also a battle with the Light GOD of the Light GOD in the Light GOD.

When the Light GOD force of the Light GOD, when the LIGHT GOD force is flooded to Locke and the Others, the three dominates of Locke, which will stop the ongoing battle, and turn the respective means to the Lord of Glorious.

This is definitely a coincidence, and Locke is really not in Phomshell, the two guys in the stone giant!

The three-level fierce battle, the seventh grade, Qi Qi counterattacked, but let the light of the glory of the battlefield have just been.

The Lord of Glorious is that this level of counterattack is accompanied by the growth of the light, the history of the land, in fact, we can find that in addition to the fat of the father, the Lord’s Lord can go to this point today. More, but also rely on gliism’s own efforts and fight.

This is a seven-level dominance that kills all the way from the blood sea of ​​the corpse.

will thoroughly purify the glory of hell as the ultimate goal, after which it is promoted to the Lord God Realm, two seven-level dominates have been killed.

The rich light god released by the bright holy clothing shields the attacks of the stone giants and Phozishes, but in the face of the Divine Spear in the face of Locke, the light of the Lord God is somewhat Not enough to see it.

World level secret treasure – Star ring, start!

As the Lord Source Supreme Treasure of the Character Main God Star, this top-level World level secret treasure has played all the abilities last time after INHERITANCE is in the main hand of Inheritance, or during the ancient tree Star Domain War.

At that time, the main Forcibly used to quit the natural tree with stars and crushed the somatic impact of natural ancient trees.

Of course, the seven-level dominate the natural ancient tree is really fallen, it should be the relationship between the endless angel of the endless angel.

Without the root of the root, it provides a nutrient support, so the seven-level dominate the natural ancient trees lost, and the entire plane is re-reliable.

Otherwise, it is purely calculated by helicula and persistent force. At that time, the seven natural ancient trees of a large-scale FUSE TOGETHER, I am afraid it can be shoulder with eight creatures.

It is also Xiao Yan, why, the Lord of Guanghui, the last win in the ancient trees Star Domain war, but it is just the biggest relying on natural ancient trees, converts it to its largest shortboard That’s all.

In addition to a little neurotic in dealing with the DESTRUCTION Strength and Source of AnniHilation, the Lord of Glorious is to be self-sufficient, calm and intelligent.

WORLD level secret treasure ring started, the main replacement of the Lord lifted the deadlock that was currently siegeted by three seven-level.

World level secret treasure ring, some of the Shen Shen, the world of Idea, II, Idea, II, the world, the world, the world, the world, the world, the Finger Bone, which is a rare World level secret treasure for special fields.

A layer of Black and a shield with a fascia STARLIGHT appeared in the Lord of Glossary All Around.

After offsetting Locke, stone ancient giants, the Starlight shroud is spread to All Directions in an instant.

There is no time to react to the Locke and the Others, staying for a second, they have appeared to the shield with the Lord of Glorious.

It is said that it appears in the inside of the shield.

This is also a dark and unbreakable void, and the point Starlight is flashing in the far away from the Sky.

but understanding the surrounding environment and rules, it is known that this is not Star Realm, but a special field space created by World level secret treasure ring.

In addition to the distant void, it seems to be a bit of starlight, waiting for you to find that the essence of Starlight does not exudes light and hot stars, but only the form of special rule power in the field. .

Dark Attribute, Fire Attribute, Destroy Attribute, Ice Attribute, etc. Power’s Attribute, the mobility in the field of Stars is very difficult.

Against the glorious master opposite the Locke and the Others, the Light Power of Incomparable begins to gather to the main master, just a moment, the power of the Lord’s power has been agreed to make people feel exaggerated.

“Where is Crazy Lady? Hey, this is not within the scope of our employment contract!” The seven stone ancient giants couldn’t help but complain about Phocacy.