Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3695

If there is no outsiders, Locke and Glorious Lord’s fighting, it is estimated that you can make a for two hundred years, or even longer.

The two sides are almost infinite, which allows these two Ruler Level Lifeform to vent their power on the Star Realm battlefield.

and two hundred years of battle, just a ‘conservative’ estimate, is used to give two seven-level dominating warmth.

If it is fighting the level of death, then the leap of this master’s battle may lead to thousands of years!

Don’t think this time is very long.

The aura Star Domain War, Sanolas burner Star Domain War and Blue Diat Martial Dao Star Domain War before, involving these large-scale World Civilization, and the Ruler Level Lifeform’s battle which is not How to spend thousands of years?

I have already fallen in Wizard World, neutron Star, these two seven-level Battle Strength have had a hundred years old with Wizard World, Powerhouse.

Don’t say that before participating in the Siqi Wizard World’s parent, the Phenantu is undergoing a lot, and the soul of the master is more serious.

The battle between Locke and the Lord of Glorious, is only interrupted by the outsiders in about half a year.

arrived to this Ruler Level Lifeform, which is two Light GODs seven-level primary gods.

The realm of the Lord of the morning is also the medium-stage medium in the seven level, but it is the bottom role of the medium-term Realm, and it is not the Lockese of WORLD and the Lord of Locha.

but the Lord of another Yanyang is a seven-stage late biology that is genuine value.

In the case of the eight-level eternal owner, Yanyang’s main will temporarily act as a Battle Stregth PEAK of the Light GOD.

is just the arrival of a master of the morning, is enough to make Locke produce great pressure.

Don’t say there is a more powerful Yanyang.

Light GOD family can achieve top civilization and sitting on 10,000 faces, and the power is verified by time.

They are not a soft-hearted mematimatimatimatimator, just a strengthenth of Faith, which is so rich, enough to see the bottom of the other main gods inevitably worse.

In the moment of seeing the Lord of Yanyang and the Lord of Morning, Locke has done the retreat.

He can not like a very drunk, just in the face of a glorious master, he can be BE Eager to Have a try, but if it comes to three bright main gods, Locke is best to run how fast it runs. .

Different from the main god of the Light GOD family can be supported in time, and the current Wizard World Civilization has many seven-level helpers, but those seven Level Existence are not immediately coming to support Locke.

Leave a little careless, leaving the Lord of the Lord, Locke, even if there are ten grade 2 destroy Black Lotus, lost park, etc. World-level secret treasures, afraid that it is also to be able to defeat the death.

The body of the dominant has once again burst into energy fluctuations, in order to quickly get rid of the battlefield, Locke even used the soul of the two dominance.

Body by One Into Ten, just a blink of an eye, this space appears four Locke’s Avatar, and each contains a strong main force, as if it is true!

Forty Locke did not launch attack on the glorious owner of Star Domain, but in different directions, Moved Towards All Directions murderned.

The Lord’s Star Domain has a ban on the hustle, facing the characteristics of Ruler Level Lifeform, but as a WORLD secret treasure, it also has its own limit.

When there is only one ruler level individual in Star Domain, the Lord of Glorious may also be forcibly left the other party.

But at this moment, Star Domain has three Ruler Level Biology, which is not just the two bright main gods that have just arrived at the battlefield.

Wrapped in the destruction of Incomparable and Law of Wind, Locke Breakthrough Star Domain fled to Titan Star Domain’s deep action.

At the same time, with Locke at the same time, and the Moved Towards retreated in different directions, and there is a stone ancient giant that has been installed in half a year, and has already been treated with a small seven-level edible capsule. .

The fleeing method of them is not like Locke so flowering.

The stone ancient giant is completely a huge meteor to re-clipulate the shape, and the Moved Towards Titan Star Domain belongs to the party of the human civilization.

Seven-level edible brain Physians is surrounded by Condense, a diamond ICICLE, the flying and retreat, is just slower than Locke and Stone ancient giants.

Battle is interrupted by other principals, and the use of locke without the slightest hesitation is the use of incovion, so that the inner heart of the glory is very sour.

The Lord of Glorious Lord is not intended to make Locke so easily.

World level secret treasure predicts once again looked through the glory, the light god gathered in the light of the Lord.

“God said that the iso will be broken, the real side will be present in front of my eyes!” With the glorious master’s big prophecy launched, with the INCOMPART GOD power, Locke’s forty Avatar There are thirty-seven of the main moments who are glorious!

The thirty-seven Avatar that is seen is all fake. Only the Locke’s body and the other two have an Avatar that contains a slaughter soul, and is a big prophet that is confused.

At this time, the average person will gamble, just set the fire, there are one of the probability of One Third. The Locke body.

But the Lord, the Lord does not like to gamble, so she puts the power of the hand simultaneously at the three Locke’s body that has escaped to the far away.

“God said that the sin will usher in Divine Punishment, Heavenly Retribution Light will clean all the heresy!” With the voice of the light, the voice of the Light God, the Light God is venting from the glory, these lights The GOD force condenses the light of three Heavenly Retribution, respectively, respectively, respectively, to distinguish the Locke in different directions.

When three Heavenly Retribution light pursues Locke, the Lord of the Lord’s STRENGTH OF FAITH is also consumed.

These three Heavenly Retribution lights, each contains glorious Lord’s Full Streg attack, even if Locke has ten grade 2 destroys the Black Lotus body, Impossible is not affected after the rustle.

Sure enough, the two of the light of the three Heavenly Retribution is melted in an instant hit and the two Avatar of Locke.

The ablation of the two Avatar means that Locke’s two dominated souls are permanently lost.

As for the light of the Heavenly Retribution of the last Locke’s body, first destroy the Black Lotus to the BLACK LOTUS, when destroying Black Lotus, the slot of the slot of the Heavenly Retribution, the Locke’s body .

See your own attack in the eyes, the Lord of Glorious is a happy first, but the eyebrows of this seven-level primary god are again condensed.

Because Locke is hard to slow the light of the Light Heavenly Retribution, the retreat is not slowed down, he does not seem to have any effect on the light of the Lord Heavenly Retribution.